Meralco Theater Views

Click here for the full Meralco Theater Seat Map Version.

The most frequently asked question when buying West Side Story tickets is what is the best seat to buy. This is a matter of preference based on eyesight, company, status, and budget. Most of the views are generally OK for me except for the extreme A334 in Orchestra Left and A101 in Orchestra right which have a blind side. As an OAP exclusive, here are the different views of Meralco Theater based on the highlighted seats in the West Side Story seatmap above. Enjoy!


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

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Meralco Theater Views

Orchestra Center H225 View

Orchestra Left H343 View

Orchestra Right H101 View

Balcony Right X101 View

Balcony Center V217 View

Balcony Left X311 View

Loge Center O234 View

Loge Left N350 View

Loge Right P101 View

Orchestra Right A108 View

Orchestra Center A218 View

Orchestra Left A336 View

Orchestra Center K224 View – Best view for me.

Orchestra Right A101 View

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