THE Ultimate Tagaytay Food Tour

Southern Secrets by the Spoonful!
A Tagaytay Culinary Tryst
We are excited to finally open this tour to everyone. This is the Tagaytay Food Tour everyone was raving about. Join us for the first Ultimate Tagaytay Food Tour!

Date: October 12, 2008, Sunday
Time: 7am – 7pm
Meeting Place: Starbucks 6750

Up up to the highlands!
Let’s us savor a smorgasbord as we explore the BEST international kitchen
From the best Buko Pie to the tastiest Banh da Lon,
let us cruise along this city by the ridge, taking in her scenic views,
mountain weather and best of all, indulging in her UNDISCOVERED culinary delights!
More than the food, let us meet the people
behind some of Tagaytay‘s most DELICIOUS dining establishments
as we share the stories and behind the recipes
A tour to nourish your stomach and spirit!

Tour Route: Ilog Maria Bee Farm * Bawai Vietnamese Kitchen * Chateau Hestia European Garden Restaurant * Yoki’s Treasures and Hydroponic Farm (upon availability) * T-House Dining
Tour Fee: P2,800/ Person inclusive of tour, lunch, snacks and surprises. (Maximum of 30 people)
Tours brought to you by: Ultimate Philippines Travel Experiences in collaboration with Our Awesome Planet, Ivan About Town, Ivan Man Dy of Old Manila Walks and Spanx Manila Boy. See the Awesome Beauty of the Philippines!
Contact me +63917 (5683-627) to reserve your slot!


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

15 thoughts on “THE Ultimate Tagaytay Food Tour

  1. Hi anton I’ve always wanted to join your food tours but there’s always sched. conflicts. Hopefully I can join this time, Should we provide our own transpo or is this included?

  2. >>> miguel,
    on behalf of anton,
    let me answer your question:
    the package cost is all-in,
    including transpo to and from makati
    to pampanga; we’re using 6750 as our
    rendezvous point because it’s very
    easy to park there on weekend mornings,
    and it’s very safe, and the
    whole day parking fee isn’t so bad.

  3. ….there should be a divided & separate monthly tours IF NOT week end travels-visit tours to all places featured here in anton rache aidan joshua OUR AWESOME PLANET blog corners….now i know ‘more’ why philippines-filipinos are going-seeking employments abroad coz the filipinos are not seeing the ‘full’ scopes in EXCITING FUN FILLED entrepreneurships in TRAVEL ESCAPADES where OAP can tap state of the art air conditioned buses{rentals first then buy them later}plus some new hired staffs-employees{employments}only after finding out how many friends people tourists would like to go on your firsts few travel ventures then as the number ‘increases’ then increase the number of air counditioned buses rented plus hire more employees to generate national local ’employments’ also check with dept. of tourism if they are willing to hire advertisement travel SCHEDULES spaces here as an extension of tourism travel trips packages or just transport that is fine coz viewers just need all their daily/weekly scheduled prices places to go to etc. etc. c’mon filipinos be daring be merry be adventurous be unconventional sometimes like i want to know daily/week-end excursions travel to places like just going swimming o parks sight seeings bird watchings high end shoppings low end prices shoppings ice skating fun trips nature ricefields & rivers trips sunset open cruise lunches/dinners oil paintings boulevard sight seeings arts appreciation trips museum educational tours tribal visits mountain trips hills-valleys trips local towns main athletic meets-sports events provincial food trips high ends lunch-dining trips picnic grounds trips shooting target range trips golf trips nightly dancing trips fruit orchards climbing & picking trips horseback riding trips even group trips to a certain movies to watch a high end-low end concert event trips a fiesta tours or a beauty pageants trips etc. that would be really convenient & fun to have & include all provincial town trips{just name of the provinces towns where to meet the time TO & FROM} OUR AWESOME PLANET fun filled future travel trips should really encourage all can afford filipinos to TAKE TIME OUT to released all their past businesses & social stresses coz it’s worth it….educate make filipinos aware that taking at least once a month trips alone or with family members are a healthy approach to a better long lasting happy relax convenient educational fun filled lifestyles….remember all human beings are immortal WE LIVE ONLY ONCE so make sure you experienced the travel-trip of your lifetime ‘before’ it is too late to have one…. MOTTO:….TRAVEL!…. experience relax good fun filled LIFE before NEVER….lol….

  4. >>gmmahoney,
    I know you mean well by your words of optimism towards the growth potential of our domestic tourism, but your post was just tooooo tiring to read. Run-on sentences have a way of turning off the reader to what may be a very meaningful subject. Try breaking your post into sections and indent your paragraphs. Just a touch of constructive critizism ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. ….lol!….thank you communications 101 chico:
    youre right good points i am not a stubborn person but i have VERY MANY GOOD REASONS why i write this way only dr. einstein would know why lol….maybe i can give you one simpliest reason….’SEARCHED{in reading boring unimportant seem unattractive comments} & YOU SHALL FIND'{only deserving ones lol}….

  6. my sister gmmahoney loves foods plus tagaytay views she also knows perfections unfortunately dr. einstein do not exist anymore to explain my sister’s condition she is also a naturalist also an individualist so she does & say thing a little different than majority of people around the world just be happy that filipinas from a poor family grew up the way she did just read her
    comments here in OAP under modern maria clara sala restaurant proud to be a pilipino MOA mall of asia trinoma adventures etc.etc that woulexplain further her character lol thank you guys

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