1,000th Blog Post and the Next 1,000

After 1,000 blog posts in 3 years and 10 months, our family is thankful for the 4,000+ OAP friends who read our family’s food and travel adventures. We are honored and blessed for achieving this blogging milestone.


An AWESOME THANK YOU to all our OAP Friends!

I want to take this milestone opportunity to share with you the results of the OAP survey conducted last June 2008. A total of 543 OAP friends responded to the survey. I read each one’s comment and reflected on how I can apply them to take OAP to the next level. I’m committed to constantly improve Our Awesome Planet until the day I have to pass it on to Aidan and Joshua. Based on the readership’s candid feedback, I would like to share with you my strategies and plans for OAP 2.0!

The Next 1,000 Blog Posts

1. The Mission of Our Awesome Planet:
” To use my never ending curiosity to discover new things and my internet marketing experience to inspire the minds and touch the hearts of Filipinos to live an Awesome Life in the Philippines! “

One of the secrets of OAP success is our desire to give as much value as possible to our OAP readers. OAP will continue to be the story of our family’s adventures. It will continue to be the number one source of food and travel insider’s secrets in Manila shared through word-of-mouth.

Our Awesome Planet will NEVER …
be formatted or written like a lifestyle magazine. I want to keep the content fresh, honest and most importantly, fun.
spam our readers with advertorials. I have a policy of not accepting any freebies from restaurants and hotels before or after I review them. I’m committed to remove any bias and perceptions of any conflict of interests in my posts.

OAP will continue to support blog advertising through Blog Bank, Google Adsense Network, and Red Sight Media. I will let the Blog Advertising Networks to talk to advertisers and create a firewall between us.

2. National Geographic Photography, Conde Nast Traveller Writing Quality and Doreen Fernandez Food Writing Caliber

I am committed to “kaizen” or continuous improvement. OAP is a historical view of my professional development as a photographer, travel writer, and food critic. I am happy that 82% of the readers are either Very Satisfied (50%) or rated OAP as Awesome (33%). The Photography is rated highly at 84.5% (44% Very Satisfied/ 41% Awesome!) – my photography classes have paid out. The Articles are rated 78.6% (58% Very Satisfied / 21% Awesome!) overall because they are relevant, engaging and honest.

For the next 1,000 blog posts in OAP, I’m focusing on improving my Writing. I aspire to write Philippines-related articles for Conde Nast Traveller. I’m inspired to write as good as Doreen Fernandez when it comes to food reviews. In order to achieve that dream, I need to improve the way I write. I already mastered writing from the heart, and I will master editing with the mind. I tried to get an editor for the blog but with the fast rate I am writing my blog posts, the editors cannot keep up. Releasing timely, relevant and engaging articles is key to the success of OAP.

I get the message loud and clear from the comments. Thank you for the concern and I can only return your love with noticeable improvement on my grammar and writing style.

3. Focus on New Restaurants and Travel Destinations in the Philippines

I tried to experiment with a lot of topics in the survey and most OAP readers love the blog posts on New Restos and Travel Destinations in the Philippines. I will focus 80% of OAP’s content on these topics. (20% will be focused on Aidan and Joshua and other cool topics.) To be specific, I will write more on proposed itineraries and budget travel deals. I will describe better the taste of the food. In order to do this, I plan to attend culinary classes and learn the ins and outs of the cooking process. I will also learn more about wines — watch out for it.

I got comments to make the blog less personal by not showing posed pictures of my family in the restaurants and places that I review. I acknowledge this comment but at the same time I cannot help featuring my family in most of my blog posts. What I can do is make the shots as candid as possible and less on the posed shots.

Culture and arts scene in Manila will always have a spot in my heart. From time to time articles on these matter will be seen in OAP. It is a personal advocacy to show the world the best of the Philippines.

As for the other topics in the survey, I decided to create separate blogs for them. I will announce them in due time. I promised not to write anything about blogging, internet marketing or IT related stuff in OAP. I agree it is not appropriate and I’m launching antondiaz.com soon to tackle these topics separately.

4. Give Back to OAP Readers by sharing knowledge on Photography, Blogging and Building an Online Business.

As a way of expressing my gratitude, I am going to honor OAP readers by giving exclusive deals! The first batch of my Internet Marketing School will be offered solely to avid OAP readers. I will teach photography, blogging and how to build an online business to aspiring internet mavens. OAP readers will get a very good offer for those who want to be in the pilot group. This is my own way of saying Thank you!

5. Actively contribute to shaping the History of the Philippines in 2010.

The year 2010 is a historic milestone for the Philippines. I am excited because for the first time we will have a chance to shape the history of the Philippines. There are three events that will dramatically change our lives in the Philippines:

1. For the first time, the young will select the best President for the Philippines. Traditional Politicians should be scared. Don’t ever underestimate the collective power of the youth.

2. For the first time, Philippines will be in the Tourism Map of the World when Chocolate Hills in Bohol and Underground River in Palawan win as one of the seven natural wonders of the world!

3. For the first time, Internet Marketing businesses will boom and change the business model of the different industries in the Philippines.

I am sharing with you my personal predictions and I’m excited to see what will happen in 2010.

May You Live an Awesome Life,


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.
Blog: www.OurAwesomePlanet.com
Mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627)
Email: anton@diaz.ph

27 thoughts on “1,000th Blog Post and the Next 1,000

  1. congrats, brother!
    so does this mean it’s your treat at our Ultimate Tours meeting this monday?
    more power to OAP!!!
    and yes, i can be your part-time editor, anytime.
    just say the word!

  2. ….chocolate hills of bohol philippines is no doubt a ‘curiousity’ but aidan is still a scene stealer lol!….congratulations on the first 1000….

  3. perceptions or ideas that should inspire independent minded filipinos to do more to help keep their country stronger wiser inspired aware healthier valuable world renowned enviromentally friendly even way educational than the rest of the world the word inferior in qualities was attached to the philippines in the past as third world country but not anymore since filipinos in the past obviously had a limited mind works limited available awareness including how the minds in the philippines governments works it used to be foreigners feel free to run the philippines for a price of a small pizzas or a house a car even just a sexual favors if bars are raided or a new barangay laws needed but it all turned around for the better in philippines and that is because of wide openness in all types of awareness programs now in the past media t.v. used to be just crimes thrashy arts & cheated deals here & there some in architectures gossips sexual inuendos in movies comedy scripts komiks social jokes but now coz of awareness programs filipinos are fighting for their enviromental costs for greeneries of spaces and the world thanks & love the pilipinos for that so good luck to more new worldwide ideas and maybe not a perceptions at all BUT A FUTURE REALITY coz perceptions can used to put you back in the past not the future my sister gmmahoney once mentioned an anti filipinos strategies to pull behind productive projects ideas that solves problems in the future but always challege by the ‘threatened’ foreigners who spread a sort of reverse psychology awareness to possible socially ‘insecure’ might see the perceptions as do not want to be seen as the not so originals that prevented ideas to become a reality that helps a dozens first then hundreds then a thousand filipinos who needed jobs placements so they stay has no need to go suffer emotionally abroad coz of homesickness family divided maybe lol

  4. Congrats on this huge milestone, Anton! I’m so happy for you!!! 🙂 Here’s to many more blogs to come! 🙂

  5. congratulations anton!
    may all your endeavors be successful especially in making known how beautiful the philippines is thru your blog. like you, i’m a follower of the concept of “kaizen”–there’s no way for us to go but to learn and improve =).
    happy weekend!

  6. Congratulatons to you on bringing a lot of energy and passion to making OAP what it is today. 1000 blog posts, a lot of travel, good food, and great family memories are an achievement few people get to experience.
    By the way, Joshua is such a cutie!

  7. congratulations! you may not be aware of it but you inspire us, your avid readers. family moments are truly priceless. more power to you, idol!

  8. Congratulations, Anton! I really admire your dedication to this blog and commitment to your readers. Your determination to continuously improve is laudable. I wish you lots of luck on your next 1000 posts! 🙂

  9. congratulations anton! it’s been 2 yrs now since i discovered your blog and since then I was hooked! i hope my husband and I can join OAP tours when we go home in April…i would love to meet u and rache! more power and God bless!

  10. congratulations anton! i really enjoyed reading your blog and i even recommend it to my friends. more power and looking forward to your next 1,000 posts. =)

  11. ….2010 shaping philippines history for the better….it is possible coz of philippines lady president’s non stop implmentations of all that can be done in 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days but it will take more than a year or two to rehabilitate a rotten third world country’s MENTALITIES….it is irrational unrealistic twisted misimformed even dangerous if filipinos or foreigners ‘actually’ believed that making all poor filipinos or all other poor people worldwide rich just fine dandy & perfect by just throwing all the country’s social welfare like national taxes as handouts wealth sucking dependance
    means that changing philippine government before 2010 just like some religions wants now means going backwards coz all other philippines presidents & government officials that was changed everytime some powers behind shadows put filipinos in the streets protests loosing time workdays were restless and still poor after all those changes in the past coz there is no guarantee filipinos will not corupt coz obviously almost all filipino public officials have done corruptions or are corrupt in some ways be it collecting money from their pupils paperwork bureaucracies lines or police in traffic rules etc. so those past changing after changing protesting after protesting did not GUARANTEE that next filipinos in powers wont do it again so instead of scandals after scandalous filipino traits publicly displayed in news in internets where filipinos showed how many thieves robbers criminal minds carnappers drug addicts hustlers scammers terrors illegal traffickers public corruptions money sucking opportunists associations whores-prostitutes mentalities filipinos has & practices everyday CAN BE BEST SOLVED IN EDUCATING THE THE PUBLIC THE IRRESPONSIBLE PASSIVE PARASITE LIKE DEPENDANT POOR FILIPINOS AND ALL OTHER NATIONALITIES thru awareness programs like reading our comments here to check which ones we ‘missed’ in straightening our lives to better philippines-the world….poverty should not be used to ‘heigntened’ peoples EXCUSES why they are in poverties coz no matter how much money o millions you will give as a hand out to poor ones without the right framed of right minds it be a waste coz ability to know where money should go to multiply is a need to know if not old habits comes back like drug used if not educated first or awared gambling vacations spree ripped off coz of ignorances NO AMOUNT OF MONEY WILL LAST IF JUST HAND OUTS WITHOUT THE CONDITIONING OF THE MINDS coz donating thier amassed wealth in every sunday religious o social mass o functions can be good but
    but will not guarantee those who will benifits will take care of them once the poorest are poor again….meaning read all my awareness also so we can all chack & balance each other as citizens of peace not street chaos o misinformed….do not blamed others on your own imperperfections past corruptions coz filipinos in the past had been living in these old cultures but had been doing well NOW under lady pres.but not enough but must give her time to complete unless you can guarantee a perfect GOVERNMENT no problems no complains filipino societies cultures….those who are angry & keep saying that pprograms of lady phils. president is pulling the philippines down coz they are not as competitive as other asian countries well do not expect too much yet coz philippines cannot be the same just like nay other countries coz the MENTAL STATE OF THE MINDS of the filipinos must be ‘educated’awared’ to be comfortable first of who they are coz filipinos is one of those last countries who loved their own people cultures country more than any other asian countries{not all filipinos but most}in europe o maerica or anywhere thank god filipinos saw how great talented smaet creative fun loving they are from seeing hearing reading how non filipinos ’embraces’ admire acknowledge filipinos like charice pempengco arnel pineda lica de guzman pacquiao pres. arroyo in united nations etc.they read OUR AWESOME PLANET OF FILIPINO FAMILY DIAZ etc….i have defended filipino cultures just like how i defended all others in the past but what MUST BE SAID MUST BE SAID like a mother like a wife like a friend like a neighbor etc…..so those who are angry & some misinformed filipinos once you make a mistake in judgements now if you cannot wait for 2010 i cannot help you GET o RETURNED BACK WHAT MISTAKES YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE BEFORE 2010 but good luck to all caring fun filled filipinos anywhere you maybe lol!….

  12. my sister told me about those articles of some religious leaders in the philippines ‘best solutions’that they wanted the philippines government corruptions to STOP so they are calling for gm arryo’s early oust call coz they see that reasons why filipinos are still in poverties OR AS NOT AS COMPETITIVE AS OTHER ASIAN COUNTRIES ARE ALL POINTING TO ONE CAUSES-REASON SO INSTEAD OF SEEING THEIR OWN IMPERFECTIONS-CONFLICT OF INTERESTS IGNORANCES OF THE NATURE OF FOREIGN ‘INTELLIGENCE STRATEGIES’ AS TO WHY UNITED STATES UNITED NATIONS EUROPEAN UNION AFRICA ASIA THE BETTER KIND OF PHILIPPINES THE WORLD HAVE THESE KINDS OF OUTCOMES was not even looked upon as to why IF IT IS POINTING TO all ONE DIRECTION WHY THEY JUST KNOW ABOUT THESE TODAY? lol!….ALL POINTING TO ONE DIRECTION BUT ONLY FINDING IT NOW
    how can anyone NOT SEE DECADES AGO as if united states central intelligence agencies NATO north atlantic treaty org. united nations ‘security councils’ HAS NO WAY OF FINDING THESE ALL ONE DIRECTIONS on the first day it exist lol!…. filipinos WAKE UP coz lady president gm.arroyo is not that MYSTERIOUSLY POWERFUL or can physically challenge u.s. central intelligence agencies NATO u.n. security councils or even terrorists leaders world wide SO HOW CAN FILIPINO RELIGIOUS LEADERS ASSUMED IT IS PRES. GM. ARROYO’S DIRECTIONS of course coz she is working with united nations she had visited american president in the white house & the c.i. a. director gates whom was ‘intentionally’ misinformed put later in his positioned now by few white americans in powers coz c.i.a. director gates was once in the u.s. european bureau americans in government are so secretive that they screwed up their own people instead of admitting their policy of secrecy in the past was
    was flawed it created so many american government like an organized crimes every american agencies to make themselves bigger & more important disregard THE IMPORTANCE OF TRANSPARENCY coz united states government was in a way running themselves like an organized crimes for all other white men they are involved and they have black men as their present buddies
    now to help cover themselves coz asia is had been a money making-sucking areas of interests so now philippines gm arroyo BY THE HELP OF ANOTHER INTELLIGENCES VICTIMS FOUND A NEW ‘NEST’
    to dwell filipinos the world must understang lady pres. gm arroyo do not even carry weapons as a person gm arroyo do not owned weapons of any destructions gm arroyo was never a member of any violent o radical organizations gm arroyo is not physically mentally socially economically powerful to be even consider as a threat to anyone let alone all those international powerful agencies MEANING STOP USING FILIPINOS AS CAUSES OF ANYTHING COZ IT IS ALWAYS THE CHAIN OF EFFECTS chain reactions OF UNITED STATES POLICIES OF PAST SECRECIES of u.s. national interest{self interests too}that divides put the world in global crisis so to chain of rections passed to philippinines after they have been detained arrested visited foreign countries but never before ONLY after ABROAD travels so why do you think it’s like that? lol lol! filipinos cannot be that stupid o naive just be honest asked yourself why it is always after filipinos had been in foreign countries but not before? lol! so STOP harrassing all other filipinos if they are not as economically socially powerful coz it is really embarrassing HUMILIATING that filipinos HIT THEIR OWN HEADS WITH THEIR OWN HAMMERS check & do not judge and put the whole world in ‘circus’ again and again filipinos should asked spiritual help from religions to help them become better persons better citizens since churches job is spiritual not radical stance or waging civil wars not as private religious power kingdoms thru social control thru self righteous international callings coz if you will do then filipinos are victimized again & again a never ending social political wars any new mistakes again will always complicate world futures later it is a human cycle it is by nature kinda twisted in a way coz humans will always have IMPERFECTIONS so be careful in dragging the world coz SOME powers OF THEM MAYBE ARE dreaming HOPING FOR IT so just pray with people let new elections in 2010 peacefully go through..be ‘overly’ righteous TODAY is good for just a few think of what is good for the peace of the country as a whole not just for a few instead think deeper that is what i meant

  13. yeah kindergarten department we are much happier now for the philippines coz gloria arroyo are doing somethng good for the filipinos first: when gloria arroyo KEEPS talking about her new pprograms on filipinos ENTREPRENEURSHIPS to push forward the nation into a nation of an adventurous filipinos globally as she help tackles ‘corruptions’ in her administrations if the philippine government can only read filipino family diaz OUR AWESOME PLANET BLOG CORNER then filipinos has nothing to worry about coz in every election year they can always ‘removed’ those bad selfish unpatriotic filipino politicians and place those who are nationalistic & has huge ambitions NOT personnal GREED that way filipinos CAN HELP BETTER THEMSELVES FILIPINOS CAN UPGRADE THEIR COUNTRY’S INFRASTRUCTURES IN QUALITY IN QUANTITY IN SELF PRIDE not thru ‘cheating’ on their national projects ‘overall’ there can be no better president to uplift the philippines than gm arroyo coz pprograms are designed to succeed NOT to fail and that is partly her job descriptions as president while the the churches religions are to guide help humans spiritually to be a better good good human being to their families & to others while collecting monetary donations to help themselves coz the only way religions churches can build their personnal kingdoms of churches are only trhu collecting donations invests those money they collected and buy properties to help them MULTIPLY by hundreds by thousands by millions coz only that way they can possibly build their personnal kingdoms and assets coz GOD son jesus’s kingdom is only the streets and GOD has spaces as kingdoms as cjurches not palaces no golds no air conditionings no assets no properties only his voluntary sermons his own personnal AWARENESS PROGRAMS TO ALL HUMANS TO ALL HIS SUPPOSED TO BE CHILDREN OF THE true real GOD in heaven but only if it is the truth then we should see samples of how true god ‘reall’ lives just my own personnal human opinion about the reason why there must be a separations between religions and government coz if any local government cannot be strong enough good enough to handle their local society it will mean later that religion is a better government a reason to removed all government and put all churches as the main ruler as the main government if religions are truly that good great and the truth that no government are needed anymore meaning government one day can be an obsolete form of the society coz they are sinners and no independent enough to RULE..meaning MOST FILIPINO WOMEN WILL ONE DAY ASKED WILL BE OBLIGATED TO HAVE A circumcisions[female cuttings of genetalias} also women will have to cover themselves from top head to bottom
    feet depending which religions they belong to but since a possible government system can be obsolete women will have no choices but allow themselves to marry women and man to marry men or swapping of spouses again depends which religions you will later belongs so christians must be careful about the separations of religions from churches ESPECIALLY if one’s religions carry guns in their churches or for radical stances that finances rebels that could turned into terroristic agenda’s since majority of world poors are hardly educated and mature enough ince educations awareness pprograms are a no no in ‘corrupt’ lands coz the more ignorant the more uneducated their citizens is freat good good for the individual selfish greedy ‘politicians’ or even government system where only their ‘kinds’ benefits reasons why social conflicts are ‘CYCLES’ of human lives coz of HUMAN IMPERFECTIONS BY ITSELF SO MEANING CHANGING AND CHANGING PEOPLE who are non violent but just around corruptions IN POWER is never the best solutions coz it only changes the people in powers to recieved another new form of corruptions what best solutions is investigations of corruptions but in privacy and removed those are found guilty but in right timing coz a possible ‘MISINFORMED’ STRATEGIES FROM THE OUTSIDE to create havocs chaos o scandals to benefit those with selfish interests so be careful of the timings too overly righteous can mean lose to something far greater than the any petty crimes that only benefits a few not the problems by itself so good luck as to what every countries or the philippines wants there future would be coz the world needs philippines strenght right now for their own future

  14. now you know why some non asian americans has those needs to DEPRIVED filipinos or asians of their own talents in past decades ..to keep you in the dark but not anymore IF filipinos if philippines are only ALLOWED ‘EVEN JUST’ TO READ FILIPINOS COMMENTS HERE in OUR AWESOME PLANET BY FILIPINO FAMILY DIAZ log website corner filipinos must learned must read these NOT just be used and abused by others

  15. 2010 ‘a chance to change the history of the philippines coz the young will choose the best president of the country’..depends on who the youngs belongs to coz if they are children of former renegade extremists policemen soldiers who are rebels members of organized crimes offsprings of violent families or juvenile criminals run by terroristic minds involved in past crimes like drug dealings bank robberies carnappings illegal human traffickings or protectors of filipinos prostitution rings or from wealthy parents running gay sex slavery rings o scammers in the past so depends where the young filipinos belongs to.. i do not blamed some religions who financed past rebels but are non violent coz of how the former philippine government run their country to the ground to the dirt if i see filipinos being mishandled i will be rebelling too but i will ‘not’ be joining any VIOLENT activities at all coz violence is never the best reason to fight the bad guys unless of course it is a self defense one on one attacked but no one wins in anything that hurts i was upset decades ago coz it was mostly law enforcements who were the bosses of the bad guys while the law enforcements here in america are under the payroll of businesses or the media so anywhere there are injustices any colors any socio economic stands just depends where how bad those future young filipinos will come from to set the new modern and advancing philippines i know gmmahoney will ‘never’ join politics for real and firmed sya ayaw nya ng pulitika at walang privacy but yung tulad nya kahit ilang milyon bilyon ang i bribe sa kanya ay hindi pwede magagalit pa yun kasi yung bribe insultong higante sa pagkatao nya yun
    kaya yan si mahoney mas gusto nya ang bahay na maliliit at medyo may kapangitan sa labas pero syempre yung loob ng sobrang maliit na bahay eh kabaligtaran din naman ng laman lol naku eh mabait yang apo ko na yan hanggang sermon at paalala lang yan sa tunay na buhay tahimik at nakatingin lang yan sa mga tao sa computer lang yan nag re-release ng mga sama ng loob nya sa mga magugulong pamamaraan ng mga gobyerno at nalulungkot yang apo ko pag sobrang pananakit na sa mga tao na inosente at mabuti dapat kasi daw yung sobrang mga salbahe ang mawala sa pwesto huwag yung mabubuti lol

  16. 1,000,00 blogs or forever lol philippines is forever a place where ‘first love’is treasured eternally with or without the lovers of dreams and fantasies ‘just the love’ where those sincere lovers eternal feelings are with all of us anywhere in the world wandering in spaces touching feeling sensing us unseen only tears are felt without sounds without limits but somehow reminds us of that happy birds humming almost singing but never heard but somehow it stays in our imaginations that this enternal lover’s feelings of being inlove is right here is right with all of us..therefore it is forever not just a few hundred blogs but eternal blogs thru those ‘first love’ feelings wandering in spaces thru those humming birds almost singing like his heart like her forever thoughts thanks to him

  17. wow! i just saw in charice/celine dion topic here in OUR AWESOME PLANET BLOG WEBSITE that we can now buy or order{just click charice name above or journey of arnel pineda}and all kinds all types of filipino movies of sharon vilma nora etc. music cd’s tapes even gift items such as filipino made books magazines food desserts cakes lechon flowers clothings{divisoria]i saw charice songs dvd’s we can now also order here in OAP website lol! wow wow more topics to go

  18. ….1000,00 or more blogs will be great coz i hope that white united states chief of police-sheriff from more than a decade ago who threatened to personally see me break my door threatened to drug me in my own home will read this blog the white u.s. chief of police-sheriff tormented me with the help of his irish-american thug police-sheriff by passing calls of who which one will come first i was experiencing hostilities in some white americans who ‘scolded’ verbally combative with me as to why i have a need to used a telephone ‘operator’ in my own place-home..strange? kaya nga i have to complain more than a decade ago as to why as to what was that for coz of all the person no one can be more transparent than i am..most americans law enforcements or not if they will not make money from it not do not will not tell the truth americans like i mentioned are not honorable people as they present themselves united states in cases i said is also extremely decietful no one can win from the u.s. coz it is also a decietful country who also help other countries but depends what our american country can get from those they’re going to help when u.s.americans in power violated rights of foreigners other countries it can also mean those who suffered can be used to terrorized other people other countries just wait and see as to who where when are the targets it is sad but i saw how i am not related to this white men but they must have power over me of what i can say and do in the past reason why i must give awareness public awareness programs coz of what lies in the future it is unseen coz u.s. separated year by year their overly aggressions that makes people around the world suffer stresses coz americans turned the world up side down to create tensions aggressions for later targets so even as a fictions it must be said to warned the world that chain reactions will create big waves coz of the that was twisted up side down to protect u.s.national interests of our own united states my country now..i love the caring u.s. sides not the mean sides i must forgive what these white men in powers who felt threatened by a simple was quiet housewife i cannot have my vacation in the philippines i will go home to europe 6 months instead to write thousands of short stories to help shape a better america coz it is important i must see the good that can be done here in u.s. to minimized u.s. stressful local chain reactions so the world will have less reactions but i do it in a corner of my laundry room ‘meditations’ lol….by the way i am insignificant i am an individualist i am responsible in everything i say & do i do not belong to anybody but myself i am my own coz i am an adult….2010 hopefully the world is as quiet as i see it but full of worldwide happy activities as i believe it will get better after 2010 in particular lol….

  19. 1000,00 blogs or more is good good..gmmahoney’s relatives in the future should file lawsuits in her behalf of all the harrassments torments she was subjected to from more than a decade ago from the malicious twisted ‘abusive of power’ u.s. non asian chief forgiving is for peace of mind gmmahoney do not like the suing american like habits in solving problems but she lost happiness time freedom for more than a decade gmmahoney lost more than $ 10,000.00 u.s. in airfare paperworks calls in u.s. dollars just to find out what was the harrassments all about

  20. for an awesome OAP blog sites filipinos should blogs comments more often to help inform other filipinos who maybe subjected to hostilities circles of social meanness by some ‘disturbed’ social predators maybe by less standard of justices maybe denied cheated of their own civil social economic human rights but not in mean o scandalous just in a form of helpful social awareness DO NOT BE AFRAID o intimidated o EMBARRASSED when harrassments ‘intimidations’ happens to you{anyone}for reasons like hey! i am a priviledge person or a GOD like in my families friends places country{social status-titles-high end incomes-stars etc.}so harrassments-unfavorable incidents must not happened to me lol coz it happens to presidents of countries monarchies teachers scientists lawyers to millionnairs-billionnairs etc. reasons why they hire assistants ‘bodyguards’ lol! coz if you do then they have REALLY REASONS TO HARRASSED YOU{anyone}coz that is sometimes the reason why some women-men{in any colors}didnt mind harrassing-abusive-malicious intimidations on anyone coz they CAN..yes! just because THEY CAN! so they do it..americans always say “but who said life is fair” lol!.. oohhh also to all filipinos.. harrassments-intimidations-malicious social interactions ‘actually’ meant those behaving so are VULNERABLE individuals if not ‘disturbed’ meaning must have some ‘twisted’ o loose screws in their heads otherwise what was the ‘disturbing’ behaviours all about lol! meaning do not let anyone intimidate you in expressing ‘frustrations’ heartaches coz the ‘stresses’ can turned in you can turned agaisnt you healthwise it is also cheaper to express some worthy{depends on one’s assessment} unwanted discomfort than let it affects you up to go through divorces loss of fun filled social lives medical aids hospitalizations living in discomfort or even fear meaning if some mean strong o powerful guys wants to intimidate-harrass you tell them o.k. fine{if obsessed}but lets go do it in a ‘fair grounds maybe like to a remote rugged jungles o warzones like middle east o african conflict infested zones or in the jungle of the philippines where some ‘extremists’ muslims-wacko christians has a culture of beheadings coz ONLY in those places where both the harrassers-villain and the wanted innocent victims-bystanders can honorably can have a ‘fair’ ground to settle differences filipino styles lol!

  21. Congratulations Anton! You definitely are one of the most credible, driven and talented Filipino bloggers. Keep up the great work. More power!

  22. blog more more more millions more to help shape the philippines mababang klase na mga tao lalo na yung mga walang integridad na mga pulisya o maliliit na pulitiko
    na nag iimbita ng mga mabababang klase na moralidad o pagkatao lalo na yung mga mumurahin at mabababng filipino na nag bebenta ng mga babae at baklang prostitutions yung mga gumagamit ng mga batang inosente para maging runner ng maruruming gawain negosyo ng mga mumurahing kalse ng filipino either magnanakaw mamamatay tao scammers or drug runners to ruin good creative talented fun filled kinds of filipinos also to share explore the beautiful healthier enviromentally friendly richer local cultures and arts 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help the world the philippines forever

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