Bawai Vietnamese Lunch (Ultimate Tagaytay Tour 4 of 8)

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I always love to go to Bawai for the best vietnamese meal I ever tasted in Manila. Also, I love to hear the love story of Bawai on how they courted each other via sign language and how they ended up in Manila. I would like to share the experience to more people via the Ultimate Tagaytay Tour.

The secret to Bawai’s success is that she personally prepares the food with love. They don’t want to expand the operation because they don’t want to commercialize the taste of Bawai.

Everyone was raving about this vietnamese salad which hits the right vietnamese notes and tunes.

The salad was followed by the vietnamese lumpia, chagio and barbecue with the sweet patis sauce and peanut sauce.

My brother Rommel is the one taking the pictures during the Tagaytay tour and he would often take care of Aidan as well.

Aidan loves to go with me during the tours. He often promised to behave and entertain our foodie friends. The entire family is joining the Ultimate Pampanga Food Tour tomorrow.

The main meal is the vietnamese beef soup or the pho. I prefer the pho and I took a mental note to serve rice in the next Tagaytay tour.

Aside from the salad, most people rave about these chicken dogs as the finale for our Bawai lunch.

Bawai was kind enough to serve us a complimentary serving of banana pie dessert with cream sauce.

Ultimate Tagaytay Food Tour Souvenir Photo!


Text by Anton Diaz and Photos by Rommel Diaz. Copyright 2008.

13 thoughts on “Bawai Vietnamese Lunch (Ultimate Tagaytay Tour 4 of 8)

  1. Thanks for you nice post and I, a Vietnamese, am very happy to read this post. Great job!
    I love travel too. See you at mine too !
    Have a nice weekend !
    Dinh Trung

  2. I really enjoyed this Tagaytay food tour from the first minute to the last. Or should I say … from the first to the last bite. Those chicken dogs were like chicken longaniza to me …. yum …. maximum calories ! The fruit drink was very refreshing. I can’t recall what it was. Definitely, made with love. My seatmate reckon it to be similar to an Aloe Vera drink. Quite an excellent experience. The proprietors behind Bawai was such a gracious host to all of us. Their home was very welcoming. The cross ventilation was a great way to kick off a nap but we all had to go to our next bite : )
    And I thought I had been everywhere there was to go to in Tagaytay. Thank you for putting this day together. With much appreciation.
    I now look forward to joining your next Pampanga food tour. Hope to see the post of the trip’s details soon.

  3. oskie,
    thanks again for joining the tour,
    and we look forward to having you
    with us in pampanga this december
    for Ligligan Parul (giant x’mas lantern)
    festival and food tour “,)
    the “green drink” at bawai,
    according to the servers,
    was green iced tea.
    maybe bawai put a little of her magic in it,
    because i’ve never had green tea that goooood!
    (i had 4 glasses!)
    mang ver’s quite the raconteur,
    bawai is still very beautiful, and
    i can only imagine their courtship
    in saigon back in the early 1970s,
    when the french-vietnamese beauty first met
    our dashing Pinoy hero!

  4. Hi Anton,
    I am a regular reader of your blog and I always take your advice in choosing
    restaurants. Thank you for introducing me to Chelsea and In-Yo which is now
    on my list of my fav restos. I also love Vietnamese food, can you please post
    the address and contact number of Bawai in case it needs reservation. Thanks
    a lot! More Power!!!

  5. Hi Anton,
    I ABSOLUTELY love Vietnamese food! It’s my most favorite cuisine. Thank you for sharing this gem of a restaurant with us. It makes me want to go to Tagaytay right this second. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Could you give us directions please so we know how to get there? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks.

  6. when did you had this ultimate tour at tagaytay anton? i could have invited you at our place
    ๐Ÿ™‚ or could have joined you heehee

  7. and where is bawai’s as well? do tell please. = )
    i’m also excited to know about your pampanga foodie tour.
    we just went last week at kusina salud at san pablo. i seldom eat pork but the binagoongang baboy there was so fine. and their turon halo-halo is another thing. all the sweet stuff of halo-halo in a crispy rolled sheet topped with macapuno slivers. pako salad is crunchy and had a nice jade color that i kept coming back to the buffet table for more….
    Yes, where’s bawai again?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. hi anton! thanks. gerry, phoebe and i went to bawai’s after reading your blog. you are right.. they have the best vietnamese food in manila/tagaytay. will be going back there. the tatlonghari’s are a great couple too.

  9. Hi anton! These posts are from some years back; any update on how Bawai has been lately? We’d like to visit this christmas break. Thanks.

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