La Boheme Manila

Scenes from Act III.

La Boheme is all set for the Gala Opening on Oct. 3 Friday 8pm! We were able to watch the run through of Acts III and Acts IV of La Boheme. The voices of the La Boheme cast were solid even without microphones. The love songs were beautiful even if you don’t understand the lyrics.

The biggest complaint from first time Opera watchers is that they don’t understand what is going on. Before watching the show, it is your responsibility to read the synopsis of the 4 acts and the translation of the songs to english. Here is a helpful site to learn more about La Boheme.

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Check out the Tony Awards performance of La Boheme. They performed the Musseta scene in Act. 2 with English Translations.

Mimi’s Death Finale Scene in Act IV

Congratulations to the following people who commented on the post: 10 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Watching La Boheme in Manila! You just won 2 tickets to the gala opening night of La Boheme on Oct. 3 8pm! You can claim the tickets by texting me at Anton +63 917 5683 627 or email me at

1. Comment Posted by: Frugal Pinoy | Sep 24, 2008 1:03:36 AM

I’ve been meaning to watch this, especially since my partner and I are having our second anniversary that week (on the 4th to be exact)! Ang alam ko nga, may afternoon showing.
I actually have the mp3s of the songs in my computer, and they make good background music when I’m writing. But thanks for the video clips! It’s much more emotional seeing the songs acted out.

2. Comment Posted by: heidi morales | Sep 24, 2008 12:02:15 PM

Can’t wait to see jennifer perform mimi. Naiinip na ako. 1st time ko watch opera thanks for posting the synopsis and songs. Been reading on it nga eh para may idea din. Gonna borrow the best of Opera Music from my dads CD collection, to hear more.

3. Comment Posted by: Posted by: travelgirl11 | Sep 29, 2008 8:57:23 PM

my lola started humming bits of the famous scenes after we saw the trailer from lifestyle network. she’s a big fan of the opera, having loads of classical CDs in her small library! too bad we don’t get to watch shows as they are really pricey. hope we get a chance this time through your kindness! 😀

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4 thoughts on “La Boheme Manila

  1. hey anton! I watched the gala last night of la boheme! we loved it so much! the cats were amazing and they really gave a show last night! thanks for your link! (the synopsis)i understood the opera well! 🙂

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