My Ultimate Day

(I am attending the WakeUp Productive Class of Eban Pagan and this is one of the class exercises I wanted to share with you. We are encouraged to create Our Ultimate Scenario 90 days from today)

My Ultimate Day

I wake up at 4.00am. I feel refresh knowing that I got 8 hours of sleep and I had quality time with my wife and kids at night. The very first thing I do is thank God for the new day and for all the blessings I received.

I already prepared all the things I need to do this morning. I wash my mouth with water and drink half liter of water from my Sigg. I proceeded to our clutter-free bathroom and start to floss and brush my teeth. I clean myself and prepare for my morning exercise routine. My exercise outfits and gadgets are ready for my morning exercise. I’m happy that I am able to follow my triathlon training schedule. Before 5am, I am off either running or biking around Bonifacio High Street. After an hour, I end my exercise with lifting weights at the gym or having a good swim. By 6.00am, I am ready to eat my breakfast of fruits, oatmeal and milk. After breakfast, I’ll do one blog post for the day and finish it in 30 minutes.

By 7am, I am ready to play with my youngest son, Joshua and waiting for my other son, Aidan to wake up. I would greet my wife “Good Morning” and “I Love You” which sets the happiness throughout the entire day. I dedicate the entire morning playing, reading, and spending quality time with my sons and my wife. I live for this morning every day and each day is the best day of my life. By 11am, we either have healthy lunch at home or go to the newest restaurant in town. By 12.30pm, Aidan is excited to go to school and we will drop him off to the best pre-school in Manila.

By 1pm, I start to work on my internet marketing business. I prioritize working on the items that suck the most energy out of my day. These are items that are urgent this week, or obligations I need to fulfill. I allot the first 90 minutes to complete this. At 2.30pm, I take a break and eat another healthy snack to prepare for the next 90 minutes. At 3pm, I am studying either photography, writing or internet marketing training to take myself to the next skill level. At 4.30pm, I start to work on my blog posts and answer all my emails for the day.

At 5.30pm, my son arrives from school and we celebrate this moment by jumping around and giving each other a warm welcome hug. This is the time for either reading, playing, swimming or watching the sunset together. At 6.30pm, we eat our healthy dinner over good conversations. By 7.30pm, we are cleaning up and preparing all my things for the next day. We perform our nightly ritual of brushing teeth, sharing bedtime stories, and saying our goodnight prayer. Before 9pm, we are already asleep ready for the next day ahead.

I sleep contented knowing that I spent 8 hours of my day with the family, 4 hours on my internet marketing business and 1 hour for exercise every single day.


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

16 thoughts on “My Ultimate Day

  1. wow!
    I wish my dad had done the night prayer ritual or bed time stories. Aidan and Joshua so lucky to have a dad like you!
    very rare i meet people do what matter most!
    keep up.
    God bless

  2. Sleep at 8pm and wake up at 4am??? My hat’s off to you, Anton! I know I could NEVER do that. Sleep at 4am is more like my style! 😉

  3. Sleep at 8pm and wake up at 4am??? My hat’s off to you, Anton! I know I could NEVER do that. Sleep at 4am is more like my style! 😉

  4. wow sarap naman po ng buhay nyo sana ganyan din sakin at sa lahat ng Pinoy parang wala kang kaprobleproblema sa buhay ah!:)

  5. “Before 5am I am off either running or biking around Bonifacio High Street”.
    Hi Anton, lets meet one day after your 5am run and let’s have a power breakfast in Pancake house together. My treat.

  6. Hi Anton. That is a great exercise. I am also a fan of Eben Pagan. When you mentioned attending his class, do you mean that he is here in the philippines conducting seminars right now? Thank you for sharing your ultimate day. I was inspired also to create my own and Im hope to attract it soon. God Bless!

  7. I live for this morning every day and each day is the best day of my life. – I love that line. That’s a great way to motivate people as they go through each day.
    My history teacher once asked me,”If you die tomorrow will you live forever?”. Considering I was only 19 then, I answered “no” since I still have this career I want to get into but after a few years, I realized that I can answer “yes” just as long as I live each day to the fullest. 🙂

  8. I didn’t know nag-quit ka na pala sa P&G. I guess your ultimate day is our ideal, where we can also spend quality time on daily basis with the family without worrying too much about work. 🙂 Good luck sa pagiging internet marketer, pati na rin sa pagiging good dad/husband.

  9. Oh my gosh… I’m turning GREEEEN with envy… Hahaha! Someday, ako rin, I will live my ultimate day!!! That’s a promise!

  10. hi anton,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences about this Awesome planet of ours.
    Kudos to you!
    I wish you and your family well. We all want to live a life like yours and I know we only need to DECIDE to really do it!
    How does one become an internet marketer like you? i opened some sites in your blog re work at home millionaire and I’m a little apprehensive about it. Could you enlighten me on this.
    God bless you and your family always.

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