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Pink Kitchen is one of the foodie events of the year you shouldn’t miss. The first Pink Kitchen last year was a lot of foodie fun. Here are some tips for an awesome Pink Kitchen experience on Oct. 18 and 19, 2008:

1. Expect a lot of foodies. The rockwell tent will be packed with people so expect that it would be hot and there will be a constant battle for seats. Since there are a lot of foodies, expect to see a lot of people from the foodie community from magazines and blogs. Also, you’ll get to meet the chef and people behind the food. Unfortunately, I’ll miss this event because I will be traveling at that time.

2. Have a foodie plan of attack. You will be overwhelmed with a number of options you can buy from. I included the complete list of vendors and their specialty so that you can plan what you will order. Pink Kitchen is great because there are chefs that you can only have access to during the Pink kitchen event. For example, you should must try Rob & Sunshine Pengson French cuisine and WynnWynn Ong Burmese Cuisine. Also, don’t miss to pay a visit to Margaux Salcedo, the infamous Food Writer of Sunday Inquirer Magazine, as she personally serves you a hot Nana Meng Tsokolate.

3. Best time to visit is Saturday Lunch. It is best to be there as early as 11am for the Saturday lunch opening day. You can easily reserve a clean table and ensure that you won’t run out of the best-selling food. If you are a blogger, it is best to be the first one to blog about it. I wonder if there is wifi in rockwell tent where you can live blog about pink kitchen 🙂

4. It is best to eat in groups of 5 or more. You should try as many cuisine as possible. You can do that by sharing the food family style between groups of 5 or more. Try to celebrate your special event in Pink Kitchen so that you can experience all of the cuisine. Also, if you are a big group you can reserve a whole table for your group.

5. P200 is to support women with cancer. Some people might be turned-off by the P200 entrance fee per day. Think about it as your contribution to the ICANSERVE foundation. In fact, most of the foodies I know would go back on both days to support the foundation and eat good food that you cannot find anywhere else.

I do hope through this blog post, I’m able to help the foundation in my own little way even if I’m not available on the actual pink kitchen dates.

Pink Kitchen 2008 Vendor and Their Specialty
Bambina Herbosa Tapa / Bibingka Galapong
Bettina Legarda Mediterranean
Boyd’s Coffee (Robert Francisco) coffee & tea
Buddy Trinidad desserts
Café Juanita (Boy Vasquez) Asian, Filipino
Chariya Thaikupt Thai
Chelsea Deli sandwiches
Chocolat Bakeshop Mini cream puffs
Cristina Santiago Rivera desserts / Strawberry Charlotte
Dely Fernandez Tuscan Provencale
Dimpy Camara Frozen Brazo de Mercedes
Enderun Salad & Smoothies Station
Estrel’s Caramel Cake
Fina Quimson Mexican
Everybody’s Café (Poch Jorolan) Kapangpangan
Galileo Enoteca (Vanessa Vitrano) cold cuts and cheeses
Ipe Cruz & Mariko Jacinto Italian & Japanese
Jaemark’s Tuna Panga, Belly & Buntot
Jasmin Magallanes Healthy Cuisine
Judah Liu Spanish
Kai (Chef Gilbert Pangilinan) Neo Japanese
Kanin Club (Tony Cancio) Crispy Dinuguan
Karen Young Red Velvet Cake
La Tasca & Pazzo Gelato (Marilou Senn) Spanish & Gelato
Maj Lazatin Italian
Malu del Rosario pastries
Mara de la Rama desserts
Maricel Cunanan Cunanan Ensaymada
Michele D’Orival French
Minnie Puno Wraps
Mona Valdes Indonesian
Myrna Segismundo Beef Belly / Continental
Nana Meng (Margaux Salcedo) Tsokolate
Offie Benavides Filipino
Old Swiss Inn (Katrina Limcaoco) Fresh Corned Beef
Pauline Gorriceta Banusing Iloilo Specialties
Picole Healthy Pops (Candy Mejia) Healthy Pops
Quito Jose Thai
Rob & Sunshine Pengson French
Roselyn Tiango Desserts
Suman Gogna Indian
Susie Quiros Lasagna
The Farm at San Benito Macrobiotic Cuisine
Tippi Tambunting Continental
Vargas Kitchen Comfort Food
Wendy Ozamis Singapore Hawker Style
WynnWynn Ong Burmese
Happy Living Wines wines
Premium Wine Exchange wines

6 thoughts on “Pink Kitchen Tips

  1. hi anton, thanks for the tips! i actually wanted to go to the pink kitchen event last year, but was unsure of how it actually works. i had this odd idea in mind that we pay 200 then we can sample all the food inside for free! it is good to know it doesn’t work that way or i would have made a fool of myself. can you give me an idea on how much the food prepared by the chefs will cost and the serving size as well? so that i can prepare a suitable amount of cash before heading to the event. thanks again! =)

  2. As I can remember, most are in the P100-200 range for the main meals but the desserts and sweet goodies would be below P100. So budget a total of P500/head (P200 Entrance Fee and P300 for the food)

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