The Stock Market Flying High in Boni High

The first time I heard about The Stock Market (TSM), the Philippine Stock Exchange popped into my mind. TSM is the newest restaurant at Fort Bonifacio High Street beside Fridays. It is owned by Del Monte Philippines (who has offices on the second floor of Boni High) and operated by the TOSH (The Old Spaghetti House), Grilla, Chilly Willy’s Restaurant group. It is called “Stock Market” because it is a place where Del Monte intends to sell its stock of products which include Del Monte drinks, fruits, and its own line of salad dressing.

They are still on Dry Run phase so you still get less 10% on card and 15% on cash purchase. The grand opening is set on October 15, Wednesday. This is the perfect time to go since they have stabilized their operation for 2+ weeks now and you still can get the discount. Please share your experience in the comments section.

The Stock Market Menu
4S Soup, Starter, Salad, Sandwich | Beef & Lamb, Chicken & Pork, Seafood, Pasta | Drinks and Desserts

Some of the interesting things on the menu are the Pan-Seared Roast Beef and Prime Burger which use the famous pineapple-fed premium Australia Beef from the Del Monte Lodge, Bukidnon. You can also try the dishes with mashed sweet potatos (Kamote) like the Pan-Fried Catfish or the Pulled Pork Barbecue. You can also try the fresh stock market salad with the unique pineapple vinaigrette.

The prices are a bit on the expensive side. Even the Del Monte Drinks are priced at P85. I was disappointed that I can’t even get a pineapple juice at a lower price.

Cream of Porcini Mushroom Soup with Truffle Oil (P260)

We savored every bit of this soup. I think you won’t go wrong with truffle oil and mushroom. Although, we are still guessing if this mushroom has a little bit of Campbell mushroom soup…

Prime Burger with Grilled Pineapple, Bacon and Caramelized Onion (P380)

It tasted like ground beef packed into a thick burger without the use of other ingredients to artificially make it big. I like the sweet combination of pineapple, caramelized onion, and tomato. I was trying to see if there is a noticeable difference in the taste of a pineapple-fed Australian beef but it tasted just the same. Is there really a difference or is this just a marketing tactic?

Fork-Tender Beef Short Ribs with Sauteed Beans and Corn Risotto (P420).

This was the best seller recommended by our servers. The beef tasted like corned beef and my wife didn’t like it. We both fell in love with the risotto which we ate slowly to last throughout the entire dinner.

Cornmeal-Crusted Salmon with Horseradish Hollandaise and Rice Casserole (P490).

We were wondering what a Rice Casserole is and we joked that it is rice from the two days ago cooked in machang style. The salmon was a bit bland and mushy inside but it complemented the crunchy and salty crust.

Our waiter recommended Creamy Banana Trifle and Key Lime Pie for dessert but the description was just too boring for me. The dessert display didn’t look appealing either. Let me know if you tried the desserts and what you would recommend?

The Stock Market
Beside Fridays in Bonifacio HighStreet
Telephone:    +632 8566300    , 8566301


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

18 thoughts on “The Stock Market Flying High in Boni High

  1. wow i really cant believe how expensive restos are now in manila.. its almost the same, if not the same price as restos here in singapore.. the last time i went home last april i was taken aback how expensive italiannis is already and no wonder they were not as fully-seated (unlike before where u have to fall in line)…

  2. the desserts dont look appealing at all… dropped by today to have a look at the place. ended up eating at racks magallanes.

  3. I had both the Banana Trifle and Key Lime Pie – both were fantastic! We asked for second servings, but they had run out.

  4. My friends and I had dinner at the Stock Market at High Street 3 weeks ago. I had brunch a few days prior with another good friend and ordered one of their specialties, Roastbeef, since the rib eye steak wasn’t available. I was glad that this time around the rib eye was available and requested for it to be cooked medium. Before our food arrived, I was sharing with my friends about an amazing experience I had during my late brother’s birthday which made me a bit emotional so I decided to change topic. When my steak arrived, I noticed that it had a lot of “litid” (beef ligament). It was tough and I felt as though I was chewing rubber. I decided to cut the middle part of the steak to check if this was cooked medium. It was on the beige side inside and barely pink. Mica told me to call the waiter to return it and ask for it to be changed. I followed her and ten minutes later this arrogant Chef Jose came out telling me that he cooked my steak the way I ordered it to be cooked and this was his “medium”…then he asked me “so what is the problem?”. I was in complete shock and I didn’t know what to say. Mica, the lifesaver and the fighter, told me “Go ahead, tell him that it’s tough and filled with litid ( gummy beef ligament)”. So I did…and Arrogant Chef goes “ok, I’ll change it” turns and leaves. I really didn’t notice the rudeness til my friends brought it up. Customers are always right but regardless…he was mean and rude in every way. I’m rarely left speechless but this guy was just so aggressive that I didn’t see it coming. Oh… and it wasn’t just my steak I had problems with, Mica’s husband’s seabass was still raw! And they kept serving super iced bottled beers that were overflowing. Geez!!! I understand that they were on dry run but that was just horrible service overall. Not to mention that I noticed their managers giving us the “look”. So this is what their guests get for complaining about their food and service? they would rather we shut up and swallow their uncooked and rubberized meat? I regret eating there and even suggesting it to my friends. Although the waiter was very polite and he even apologized for the way the Arrogant Seemingly Neophyte Chef acted.

  5. that’s what happens when you’ve got unsupervised KIDS cooking in the kitchen. these guys aren’t used to not getting baby sat the way they were in school.

  6. Two weeks ago my friends and I tried this new restaurant, the Stock Market. I saw this place beforehand and I fell in love with its homey country interior. It’s super clean!!!
    Anyway, we had a great time!
    We started our meal with the Tomato Fondue with Mozzarella and Parmesan Croutons. Then we ordered Grilled Angus Rib-eye Steak, Cobbler Pie, and the Smothered Pork Chops as our entrees. I super love the Rib eye! I think it’s one of my favorites. It was cooked the way I wanted to… well done! No pink at all. 🙂 My friends ate their food to the last bite. We ended our dinner with Flourless Chocolate cake, Key Lime pie and Creamy Banana Trifle. I liked the Banana Trifle a lot! 🙂
    We agreed to eat there at least once a month! Next weekend I planned to bring another friend there! I can’t wait for her to try the food and feel the country ambiance of this newbie resto, The Stock Market. The Staffs and Crews are all very nice! Hail to the Chef! Thanks!
    I’m sorry for those people who don’t know how to appreciate good food.

  7. after reading your blog, i asked my friends if they wanted to try stock market, and we did last weekend. headline – food is GREAT –> MOST especially the KEY LIME PIE, it was super good, we had to have seconds! not sure about why the other comments are negative, our experience was very pleasant. spent 3 hours in the restaurant just gabbing with friends (while eating and drinking sub-zero beer), atmosphere is great for food and conversation. anyway, the roast beef is a must-try, it’s really tender and great value for money (P995 good for 2). the mushroom soup was fantastic (seriously doubt that there was any campbell’s in there!). my friend tried the fork-tender short ribs and she loved it too! looks like they brought down some of their prices – del monte juice drink was at P65 not P85. btw – try buying sausages from the deli, quite good and priced reasonably (lower than the treffpunkt ones i buy at the supermarket). didn’t get to buy the salad dressing, heard the pineapple vinaigrette is tops. so, overall – a great experience!!!

  8. I just came from Stock Market restaurant in Bonifacio High st. just to have a snack of their gourmet Burger and I have to say it was damn good. No extended flavorings added to the patty but only pure lean beef and beef fat mixed together to make a delicious juicy burger. But I personally don’t like grilled pineapples on my food especially on my hamburger because it reminds me of some fast food joints Hawaiian interpretation of a hamburger. . . please take it out next time you do your menu again. I also had a glass of their iced tea also flavored with pineapple. I’m guessing that their theme is pineapple inspired hence their logo. But my guess is because the restaurant was conceptualized with a certain brand name there are some things that you can never take out of their company image.
    For me their interior is very cozy, casual and contemporary not because its just new but it was well thought of having the correct ambiance for their guest. My hamburger experience was the right choice for me that afternoon rather than going to that other hamburger joint in the same area that also serves one of the best burgers in town. I needed a place to hang out and wait for my gf to arrive from work. So while I was there I never got that feeling that all of us I’m sure have experienced, the feeling of they don’t want you there hanging out after your meal not ordering something. In fact the food attendants was very nice and attentive asking me for another glass of iced tea or keeping my water glass filled. I was there just enjoying my smokes, after every meals of course!, Not having the feeling that they would want you to pay your bill and get out!
    After my gf arrived, We had dinner at another place in the same area but decided to go back to Stock Market for some dessert. The food attendants was quick enough to remember me dining there a few hours ago and greeted me with a smile. We walked around their retail area where they also sell fresh produce and good quality kitchen equipments at a good price none the less. We had ice cream! the restaurant does not make their own but they carry a good brand of ice cream which in fact one of my favorites. During my dessert Chef Wendel approached my table and asked is there anything else that we are having . I think because it’s just because that we only had ice cream and nothing else that he was concerned. I just told him that we already had dinner and I commented on their burger and the pine apple thingy inside hehehe He told me next time that I wont have to say anything and he will just remove it when my order comes. With that kind of promise I would definitely would come back again to that place. . . I also hope he takes out the pine apple in the drinks hehehehe 🙂

  9. I don’t want to be a snob but since I live in the east coast here in the states, and ok I’m immersed in the food scene here, I can’t help but say: that is not risotto! I grew up in California and lived in NYC, and now I live in Jersey where Italian food is king. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting the queen of Italian cooking Lidia Bastianich. I’ve had dinner at her restaurant Felidia in Manhattan and unless you’ve tasted authentic Italian cooking, everything is a hoax. Why can’t Filipinos invest in good Italian cookbooks and use real Italian products? Please folks…don’t mess with IItalian cuisine unless you’re going to be true to it.
    I have a cookbook written by a prominent American food writer. He included a recipe on chicken adobo but in the recipe, he had the gall to include baby corn in the dish!?! And he called it authentic!
    C’mon, corn and minced Baguio beans in risotto…and I hope they used Arborio rice and real chicken stock!

  10. You can actually mix anything you fancy with risotto. My favorites are spinach risotto and asparagus and pesto.
    And also, adobo is different in some parts of the world. I’ve had mexican adobo which is different from filipino adobo.
    Whenever I passed by Stock Market, it always seemed empty. So I never tried it. HEHE

  11. i have eaten at TSM twice, once was last Oct. while they were still on a 3 week dry run. the place looks cozy & i have been intrigued by the on going construction which took forever, i work in the BHS area so i have tried every restaurant there, so i was really intrigued by TSM. When they finally opened i have to try their food ASAP.
    i ordered the signature peach drink (which the waiter recommended) pls. don’t try this… you’ll just waste your money… it tasted like raspberry flavored cough syrup w/ soda water! & after taking our order, the waiter immediately gave us big plates (like the ones for main dishes), i initially thought he would be serving us bread which is a common practice with restaurant nowadays, but NO, the plates we’re just there for our main course.
    we ordered the herb roasted chicken with risotto & penne pasta… we informed the waiter beforehand if he could ask the kitchen to split the 2 dish into 2, as me & my friend would be sharing the food, so we wont have a mess with it, but the waiter informed us that they dont allow it “masisira daw kasi ang presentation” i was a bit irritated at this point, but still, i hold on to my seat & wait for the”presentation”. when the food arrived… i didn’t bother to take a picture, because it look the same as other restaurants, what presentation? we even had their 2 desserts which didn’t look appetizing at all.
    & to top all of this… the waitress handed me my change in a total of 900 ++ peso bill… the shocking part was… i was waiting for my card… so the change was not for me.
    now the 2nd time was just last month, i had a dinner meeting but t was initiated by the other party.
    i was feeling a bit hopeful this time around & i noticed that they added some new dishes in their menu, wanted to try the lamb & a pasta dish… but not in 1 go… good thing my colleague was willing to split w/me…. the same thing happened again, their chef refuse to split a meal into 2, in this instance the Lamb… as our waiter informed this to us that the chef finds it difficult to do so, because the lamb has a bone, i immediately blurted out “i debone nyo muna yung lamb tapos i serve”… super funny thing was my colleague gave a detailed instructions on how its should be done…. funny hearing a customer gave instructions on how life could be much easier if you could be more accommodating.
    there’s also a funny incident regarding the Fresh Orange Juice we ordered, we literally saw 1 guy not that far away from our table, using all his might squeezing the juice of an orange in a juicer as in yung old school juicer.
    im definitely not recommending this to anyone!!!

  12. I believe I have ordered the new ones in the menu that pull down my assessment on this place.
    On the bright side, the soup and salad and beef are worth it. Tomato fondue is our favorite — the whole family likes it but would be nice if we can get free croutons refill. (Just like the concept of having free refill of freshly baked bread in other establishments). The french onion soup is the best that I have tasted so far — it’s just atrociously too little in amount, in my opinion. The boys in the house provided good marks on the beef specialty of theirs – tender and lean meat. Yet, I still question the 900+ price tag.
    On the down side, my fish (must be new since it’s not in the menu link above) is so salty that I have to return and ask it to be replaced. The return was still salty but not as much and is bearable. The flatbread white cheese is too depressing. We tried all means to make it tastier/edible – dip it in with whatever is left from the tomato fondue but it did not work. We finally ended up putting as much as Tabasco as we can and it tasted better.
    I also have qualms with the portion of food versus the price. It’s just too little.

  13. Will not go back to this place again. 450 pesos for a salmon burger and we couldn’t taste salmon at all. The ravioli was hard plus filling’s very very few. Not worth your money. To top it all of, service was very very poor. It took a long time for the waiting to approach us to get our order and it also took a long time to get our bill. The yogurt at the ice cream bar’s good though, although you can get better priced yogurt at Frutti Froyo.

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