The Biggest Bargain Blog (BBB)

I’m doing a soft launch of The Biggest Bargain Blog (BBB). I’m separating all my blog posts about Manila’s best bargains and deals in the BBB Blog. This is where I also put some of my commercial posts and attractive promotions from different companies that are worth mentioning.

Check out my first few blog posts:
The Mango Outlet
Delifrance’s My Secret Santa
Free Nike Running Clinic

If you noticed, I’m launching sub-blogs under the Our Awesome Planet franchise. As promised, I am keeping the Main OAP blog focused on Food and Travel Secrets. You can subscribe separately for The Biggest Bargain blog. I also put a link on the right sidebar for easy access to the blog.

Please feel free to let me know if you have feedback or other suggestions.


Text and Photos by by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

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8 thoughts on “The Biggest Bargain Blog (BBB)

  1. congrats for the new blog will visit that one.
    u have mango outlet there? do they have here in KL? not sure..never heard.
    send regards to ur family…
    Love this blog(even i am not in Manila)

  2. (after clicking BBB) I want to stay there(in manila).
    my friend said, Christmas in manila is awesome and fun and totally different experience. I love the fact that you can get to see church everywhere..(not here) its very easy to be a happy christian there.
    i love the Mango Outlet.

  3. Hi Anton!
    Bubba has been asking me to go visit this Mango outlet but haven’t found the time to go. 50-70% is a good deal. Is Rache size 10?
    Speaking of Secret Santa, are you going to dress up as Santa for Aidan and Josh? 🙂
    Between Bites

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