Maruchan Dining – Seryna Japanese Food with Chinese, Korean, and Western Dishes?

What happens when the owners of Seryna learned their lessons from their first restaurant and decided to open a new one? Welcome to Maruchan Dining! It is owned by partners Mizushima and Sachu Maru. I guess instead of the name Maru-san, they used Maru-chan instead (as in Jose Mari Chan? :).

Maruchan Dining is much bigger and can hosts big groups and families versus the Seryna location. It is a big two-story restaurant with the first floor as non-smoking, while the second floor as an entirely smoking floor. So don’t be surprised if most Japanese would eat in the second floor. The main elements of its interior design are geographic patterns mostly of squares and rectangles. Wood is often used to soften concrete and the open ceiling. The tables are arranged in a formal setting for big groups of 4 or more.

Maruchan Dining Menu: Appetizer, Sashimi, Salad | Tempura Fried, Grill | Donburi, Gohanmono, Korean Food | Chinese Food | Fish, Vegetables, Noodles | Ramen, Ala Carte, Western Food | Drinks | Kaisen Menu

(I now understand my Japanese friend when he said that he did not like this “Japanese” restaurant. It is like finding a Filipino Restaurant in the US that also serves Thai and Vietnamese Food. The menu is not focused and I also find it weird to see Chinese, Korean and Western Dishes in a Japanese Restaurant.)

Chyashyu Men (P300). All Meat Ramen with Shoyu Sauce.

Thanks to Tim who recommended this Chayashyu Men in Maruchan. I personally like the dark but clean taste of the shoyu broth and the al-dente noodles that slides off your tongue. The four big pieces of meat slices surrounding the ramen are composed of layers of lean meat with the right amount of fat in between.

Kani Salad (P240)

Their Kani Salad differentiates itself from other Japanese resto by using more of the Shoyu Sauce instead of covering the entire salad with Japanese Mayonnaise. This salad is definitely healthy with Lettuce, Tomato, Egg and strips of Kani (crab meat).

We are happy that Aidan is showing more independence these days. He would insist on getting his own share of the salad and feeding himself.

Negima (P40), Bara (P50), and Toriniku (P40) Grill. (order Japanese rice to go with it)

Here is a simple guide to navigate your way through the Grill choices:

Tebasaki – Chicken Wings
Toriniku – Chicken Meat *
Negima – Chicken Meat with Onion Sleek *

Nankotsu – Chicken White Bone
Sunagimo – Balun Balunan
Lever – Liver
Kashira – Pigi ng Baboy
Torikawa – Chicken Skin
Tan Shio – Beef tongue *
Bara – Pork Liempo *
Shiro – Pork Intestines

* Recommended 🙂

2282 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City
(across Kikufuji or Makati Cinema Square)
Telephone : +632 759-7777

Open Daily
11.30am – 2.00pm Lunch Time
6.00pm – 11.00pm Dinner Time

Happy Hour (Monday to Saturday)
11.00pm – 4.00am
3 Pilsen + 1 for P150 Only
Ladies Set (Fish or Meat) for P180 only


Text and Photos by by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

Mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627)

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