Chef Peter Ayson and Raymund Magdaluyo’s Texas Smoke ‘Em

Texas Smoke ‘Em Menu: TSE Smoke house, Wraps, and Lucks | Small Blinds, Bonus, Drinks and Cocktails

Texas Smoke ‘Em (or TSE for short) is the newest BBQ/ Mexican Fast Food Restaurant in town by Chef Peter Ayson (of Red Crab fame) and Restaurateur Raymund Magdaluyo. I’m not really a fan of any of the restaurant chains of Red Crab, Claw Daddy, or New Orleans. We decided to give this a try because we are looking for a good barbecue and mexican place in the Metro.

BBQ and Jalapeno Nacho Platter (P355 + SC)

We saw most of the tables ordering this Nacho Platter. We were intrigued by it, and decided to order it too but with the toppings on the side (for Aidan’s sake). The choices of the sidings are interesting which includes jalapenos, black beans, cheese, cream, slices of chicken, and lime. It would have been better if we mixed it.

Two Pair. Jumbo Beef Reefs and Mixed Texas BBQ Sausages (P488+SC) with Black Beans Rice, Mexican Chorizo Rice, and Beans Soup

You can either choose from four types of BBQ: Baby Back Ribs, Quarter Chicken BBQ, Jumbo Beef Ribs, and Texas BBQ Sausages. Individually, they would cost around P300+ each so if you are two or more, it is better to order the Two Pair combination or the Full House meal (see: TSE Smoke house, Wraps, and Lucks ) It comes with exciting side dishes but we decided to stick with the small cups of rice. I love the black beans soup which reminded me of Beans in a sinigang broth.

You’ll love the Texas andue and chili sausages which always come as a pair of long and short sausages. We were disappointed with the Jumbo Beef Ribs barbecue because the BBQ taste is only skin deep. Most of the orders are delivered immediately so you don’t have to wait.

Overall, we think that it is over priced for a fast food type of barbecue place. If we were to go back, we will check out their mexican offerings. Please let us know what you think about TSE.

Texas Smoke ‘Em
(located in the Cinema Area of Greenbelt 3 near the Red Box Side)
3/F Greenbelt 3
Ayala Center, Makati City
Telephone# +632 728-3056


Text and Photos by by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

Mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627)

13 thoughts on “Chef Peter Ayson and Raymund Magdaluyo’s Texas Smoke ‘Em

  1. Hi Anton,
    Funny enough, The first pic you took is me with my friend and boyfriend eating. Haha. We weren’t that impressed with the barbeque either, as the flavors didn’t sear to the meat. Not sure if we’ll be back. As lots of other places have better ribs. As for mexican, I have always liked mexicali. 🙂

  2. Anton-
    I can’t help but feel that this is a most “stunted” food post. By “stunted,” I mean that it’s terribly lacking: you only had two dishes, one of which is a starter. As a reader, I feel that you didn’t even begin to touch on the vibe much less the food of this restaurant. All you really proved with this post is how good you are at being the first to write about new restaurants.

  3. Thanks Lori for the comment! We really came to TSE to try out the BBQ which is the main offering of the restaurant. I’m really not trying to prove anything except that I want to share the experience to those people who would have a BBQ craving just like us 🙂

  4. Hi Anton,
    Hmmm…I am a fan of your blog, but would have to disagree with you on this one… just ate at texas smoke ’em… and their bbq is really good… not your usual fall-off-the-bone since they smoke their bbq texas style… most restos serving ribs in manila boil their ribs or just use fake, liquid smoke…. i also like the energy and concept the resto is trying to project… you should have tried their other sides… really cool and yummy…. i don’t think ray and pete’s is a fast food, fast-casual maybe, but not fast food….
    i met their chef as well when i was there, very nice guy…

  5. Im glad you didnt put “Best BBQ” in the Metro on this one because you always seem to do that. Best this…best that.

  6. nope… another fancy/experimental restaurant of those guys. better stick to their original crustacean dishes where they are known for.

  7. we ate there last week…i also tend to agree that its a bit overpriced… and this is an american style restaurant so the servings should be big but it aint and service could be better as well. When we ate there, the other table full of foreigners coouldnt stop whining because their food took a long time to arrive.

  8. I had lunch here today with 3 very close friends. I am always crazy about baby back ribs.. so I had to bring them here.. Guess what, I loved the fish and chips.. The sausages were also good.. But the baby back ribs were disappointing. The price was ok.. but it was tough.. I’m just glad we had enough fun chatting, not seeing one another since last Christmas… My friends are more forgiving.. But I noticed we were always left alone in the restaurant while the servers were outside trying to get people to come in. We literally had to holler to get someone’s attention.. Price of 2,500 for 4 people was ok… But I won’t go back for the ribs.

  9. Whoa was that Lori of Dessert comes first? You took that very well anton. But just out of delicadeza maybee she shouldn’t attack other bloggers so openly like that. I mean, how would she feel if you left a nasty comment on her blog as well diba? What is she, the self appointed judge of what blogs are and aren’t good?

  10. i find it surprising that people say that the ribs are dry cause I just went there for lunch, and man was the ribs good….it held itself but fell off the bone when i bit through it, great natural smoky flavor that went through every rip and tear and the barbecue sauce tasted pretty good and wasn’t too sweet. maybe they changed there staff cause i noticed the comments are all from 2008.
    to people reading this right now, try the 2009 Texas Smoke ‘Em. you guys are missing out!

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