Camp Sabros: Tree Rappelling – The Latest and Most Raved About Experience in Camp Sabros

The latest addition to the zip line adventure in Camp Sabros is the 80ft. Tree Rappelling. Most of the people I met who tried it, raved about it more than the longest zip line ride.

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At the time that we did this, the attraction was only 2 weeks old. First you have to zip seated on your harness to the _________ tree.

The adventure is to rappel down the swaying 80-feet high tree via the Freefall Rapelling technique.

It looks so easy from this photo of Rache rappelling midway down the tree with no hands on the rope.

To go down, you grip a rappel device by your right hand which releases the rope steadily while your left hand guides the rope behind your waist.

Then you are hoisted back up with a machine. This is the scarier part of the adventure because at one point, you would feel as if the rope was cut loose.

A sigh of relief once you are back up in the tree.

Animo La Salle sign while wearing a blue shirt amidst a green pine tree background.

Finally, zipping back to the cable car ride….

As we walk to the cable car, we reflected on how awesome the adventure was at Camp Sabros ( which stands for SAcdalan BROtherS ).

This was the final cable car ride back to our normal reality.

On the way back, you get to appreciate the entire Mt. Apo view and the view of the trees below.

The best part of being the last person to do the rappel for the day is you get a chance to ride back with Edwin Sacdalan — the maverick behind Camp Sabros.

Once Aidan saw us walking back, he started to run to meet and give us a warm celebration hug.


Text and Photos by by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

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  1. Hello Sir,
    Thanks for sharing…Me and my husband together w/ some friends will try the zip line this coming Dec7. May I know their address? Do we need a reservation or just walk-in? Do you know how much is the rate for van/fx rental from davao city to Camp Sambros?
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  2. of i forgot the way pls send me a contact number and your email add as well so that we can schedule or booking in your office.thanks a lot and more power! pls send it through my email add thanks.

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