The Biggest Bargains This December in Manila!

Check out the Biggest Bargain Blog for Bargains you surely don't want to miss! I tried to collect the awesome ones and some cool Christmas Campaigns on the internet. Please share with me your biggest bargain secret in Manila! Email me at

7 thoughts on “The Biggest Bargains This December in Manila!

  1. Hi Anton,
    Just went there yesterday and the guard informed us that they are closed during sundays. We are very disappointed that they are informing the public about their sale for December 4 – 7 and are not open for the said date. However, the guard also told us that they are open on mondays – fridays and are extending their sale till this friday. I would just like to know if this is true so that we will not waste our time going all the way to bulacan just for nothing. Thanks you very much!

  2. hi anton.. your wife might want to check out my friend’s bazaar on rockwell.. she’ll be selling branded items at really low price (coach bags, nine west, shoes and bags, etc.) you may check out her site here:
    btw, i love hairspray.. thanks for the tickets and the follow ups! 🙂

  3. Hi Anton,
    Just want to inform you that the sale has been extended until December 19. They are open from Mondays – Fridays around 8AM – 6PM. Their contact number is 2996120 and membership card is available when you get there.

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