4. Leisure Farms Adventures


10 Best Places to Bring Your Toddler Series

Leisure Farms Adventures is the first agricultural theme park in the Philippines. This 13-hectare theme park features a butterfly garden, coffee farm, herbs garden, hydroponics farm, fresh and organic produce, and mini-rice terraces.

The butterfly garden gives you the chance to show your kids the life cycle of a butterfly. In the herbs garden, you get to see the different textures and smells of a wide variety of herbs. You can discover how fresh and organic vegetables are produced from plants without soil in the hydroponics farm. The farm produces interesting hybrids, like the round eggplant (instead of the usual long one). For added fun, show your toddler the different worms used for the organic fertilizer of the farm. You can even plant rice in their rice terraces (prior arrangements have to be made though). The usual kiddie attractions are also available in the park, which includes a play area, horseback riding, fishing, and even a hanging bridge for the more adventurous youngsters.

It is better to do the tour in the morning and end in time for lunch. Don’t miss their fresh grilled fish and the sweetest corn. Afterwards, you can shop in the Village store for their organic fruits and vegetables at farm prices. Average budget would be P500/head, including lunch. Make sure that you are in comfortable clothes and don’t forget to bring extra shirts and towels.

Address: Barangay Payapa Ibaba and Masalisi, Diokno Highway, Lemery, Batangas
Telephone Number: +632 836-5111
Mobile Number: +63 918 907-7047
Email: info@lfti.ph
Website: www.lfti.ph
Entrance Fee:
Php 240 Regular The Farm Lifestyle (includes Fun at the Farm tour, Butterfly Garden and Evolution Garden),
Php 300 Farming is FUN (includes Regular The Farm Lifestyle plus Rice Planting Activity),
Php 350 The Farmer’s Challenge (includes Regular The Farm Lifestyle plus The Farmer’s Challenge Game),
Php 350 E-I-E-I-O Package (includes Fun at the Farm tour, Butterfly Garden, Face Painting, Coloring Activity),
Php 350 The Quest for the Golden Seed Treasure Hunt Package (includes Regular The Farm Lifestyle plus Treasure Hunt)
Theme Park Hours: 9am to 3pm

10 Best Places to Bring Your Toddler Series

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2. Manila Ocean Park
3. Enchanted Kingdom
4. Leisure Farms Adventures
5. Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum
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7. Ark of Avilon
8. Snow World in Star City
9. Zoobic Safari
10. Museo Pambata

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7 thoughts on “4. Leisure Farms Adventures

  1. Hi, I’ve been planning some activities for my 3 yr. old boy and I find your posts such as the one on the Leisure farms very interesting. By any chance would you know if they have a shuttle service?

  2. We are planning to go there but we dont have our private vehicle. How to go there on commute? Btw, I am been an avid follower of your site especially if i do have plan to visit certain places, it is always the first thing i check. Would you prefer to include on how to commute on all the places youve been to.We would appreciate it so much. Thanks.

  3. Hi. Just an update for this. I just saw this post and when I called Leisure Farms for more info, they informed me that the park is no longer operational. Leisure Farms is now being developed as a residential community so they closed down the agricultural theme park since May 2011.


  5. Please quote the best price for 13 persons for culinary herb or farm tour in your are, including meals and entrance fee.
    Indicate your terms and consitions in your quotation.
    Please address your quotation to : Ms. Ma. Rita Fay E. Aguillas, Head, Land Bank of the Phils – Laguna Acctg Center II – Calamba.

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