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The Persian Empire just invaded Manila. Finally, a good alternative to Hossein’s. Check this out…

I’m glad that we have a new Iranian or Persian cuisine in town with unique dishes and a refreshingly different ambiance. (I’m just not sure about those double-headed horses with horns, guarding the perimeter of the resto.)

Persian Square is the new business venture of the successful tiles importer, Floor Center, which has 120 branches nationwide. It is so named because it aims to be the “town square” where Persians in Manila congregate. Also, the restaurant’s design is composed of 3,000 squares — from the table, to the tiles, to the square plates and to the square fountain in the middle of the resto.

There are three (3) booths that we recommend you reserve. I like them because each one has a curtain you can close for added privacy. The only thing bothering me is that the long chairs are obviously made from cheap materials because even Aidan can push them.

Persian Square Restaurant Menu
Appetizers | Soup | Salad | Main Course 1-5 | Main Course 6-10 | Kabab 1-3 | Kabab 4-7 | Khoresht (Stew) | Others | Side Dish | Chelo (Rice) | Sandwiches | Bread and Add Ons | Cold Drinks | Hot Drinks | Desserts and Hookah

Salad-e-Oloviyeh (P155). Potato puree mixed with chicken strips, green peas, cucumber pickles and mayonnaise.

I’m glad that the servings are family-size portions, which you can share with 2-3 people. The name of the salad is exotic, but it is simply a potato salad enjoyed with chicken strips, green peas and cucumber pickles. It goes very well with the pita bread and it is a good way to start your meal.

Doogh Shake (P95+). Homemade Soda Yogurt Shake

For something unique to drink, order the Soda Yogurt Shake. You can have it authentically salty (only P55+) or sweet (as most Filipinos like it).

Persian Square Salad (P165). Crisp Romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomato, corn, carrot, bell pepper, Kalamat olives, and croutons, topped with the chef’s secret dressing.

It is a simple salad with a complete medley of different healthy vegetables, served with a nice dressing that tastes similar to the house garlic sauce.

Chelo Joojeh Kabab (P375+). A skewer of charbroiled chicken thighs and breast marinated in saffron, onion and lime juice. Served with Basmati rice, topped with saffron, butter and two grilled tomatoes.

The highlight of the meal is the kabab with the basmati rice. I particularly like the sweet chili sauce and the garlic sauce that are served by default on the table. We usually mix the sauce with the grilled tomatoes. The chicken was marinated well with saffron. I think it would have been nicer if it came with grilled onions as well.

Chelo Kabab Koobideh (P295). Two skewers of juicy strips of charbroiled seasoned ground beef mixed with onion and persian spices, (25 cm each). Served with Basmati rice, topped with saffron, butter and two grilled tomatoes.

The beef kabab delivered on its juicy promise with a distinct taste because of the Persian spice. You can order the kabab on its own (P95 each) or get this set meal.

Mirza Ghasemi (P155+). Grilled eggplant, sauteed onion and garlic with Persian spices, served in homemade tomato sauce.

If you are tired of the usual babaganoush side dish, why not order this eggplant dish with tomato sauce instead? It is served mashed and better paired with the cucumber.

Ghormeh Sabzi (P265+). Cubed beef cooked in finely chopped onion, red beans, leek, scallion, chives, herbs and sun dried lime.

We really wanted to go authentic and try a totally different dish. The sabzi stew was highly recommended by Reza. The cubed beef is almost non-existent and what is left is the red beans with strong herbs. Frankly, it was too strong for our taste.

Persian Square will be on soft opening for 2 weeks and just operate one shift, starting at 5pm until 2am.

Caspean Persian Square Restaurant
Unit 101 Bldg B. Ortigas Home Depot (near Starbucks)
Julia Vargas Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City
Call Reza +63916 392-2143



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Text by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

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12 thoughts on “Persian Square

  1. this is a nice entry! Would give it a try sometime soon hehehe! I’d love to try their chelo joojeh and chelo kebab. So far, the only Persian restaurant that satisfied our taste was Arya hehehe!
    thanks a ton bro!

  2. is this the same one that close a few months back in floor center libis .. was wondering where they transfered to

  3. will try this Anton! Hey, have you been to Arya? …chanced upon one in Robinson’s Manila and since my sister and I were feeling adventurous, we went in. What a find it turned out to be! the freshest succulent prawns dressed with spicy tomato sauce to the point of sinfulness! we were oh and ahhing throughout our meal!

  4. nice interiors!you feel like:you are a hungry king sitting in a funeral reception with dark gray and black stone walls .you know what ??? The nicer thing is: they grave the map of IRAN under the foot steps…
    I guess the motive was coping from arya …why you guys didnt simply asked for a franchise or a branch…
    mr anton had very smart ans fantastic photography but in my opinion as a persian the food is over not appetizing!

  5. Arya is better pa rin in terms of taste. Even my 10-year old brother prefers Arya.
    Their soup tasted like Knorr instant soup lang. Even their hummus is not good. The beef stew had less than 5 cubes of beef in it.
    It was really disappointing.
    Parang they focused lang on the interior design and not on the quality of the food.

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