6. Playa Calatagan


10 Best Places to Bring Your Toddler Series


Playa Calatagan Beach is an ideal place for a family with toddlers. The beach gradually slopes for a few meters and the water level is just shallow enough for kids to play without the risk of drowning. (But, of course, never leave your children alone.) The beach’s fine white sand is clean — a perfect setting for a nice picnic with kids. The ideal time to go to the beach is in the morning, because in the afternoon, the low tide sucks all the water away.

After playing in the beach, kids would love heading off to the Playa Calatagan Beach Club because of its pool cabanas with a bubbling Jacuzzi-like pool. The infinity pool is shaped like a river flowing out into the sea. There is a children’s pool area with a water slide and fun fountains. Your day ends with the famous Calatagan golden sunset directly in front of the resort.

The beach is currently exclusive for Playa Calatagan lot owners, but the public area is being developed. It is envisioned to be the next Boracay or Puerta Galera gimmick place — only three (3) hours away from Manila by land travel.

Bring your swimming gear, towel and your toiletries. Average budget for this trip would be P500/person, including the pool usage fee, cabana rental, and meals.

Tagaytay is halfway between Manila and Calatagan. It is an ideal stopover for breakfast in the morning and dinner on your way back home. Playa Calatagan Beach has its own restaurant where you can eat your lunch and snacks. Another alternative is to bring your own food and picnic stuff, or just simply visit nearby Tagaytay or Calatagan town and buy food there for a hassle-free trip. If you go home after your siesta, this is the perfect time to have a pit stop for the best halo-halo in Nasugbu, Batangas to cap your fun-filled day.

Address: Barangay Sta. Ana, Calatagan, Batangas
Telephone: (+63 920) 954-9688
Entrance Fees: (Lot Owner) Php 100 Adult, Php 50 Child; (Accompanied Guests) Php 250 Adult, Php 125 Child
Beach Club Hours: Tuesday to Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday to Sunday 9am-7pm,

10 Best Places to Bring Your Toddler Series

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6. Playa Calatagan
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  1. Hi Anton,
    You mentioned that public are is being developed, would you happened to know if it is already available/accesible now?

  2. I and my husband own a lot in Playa, Calatagan. We had enjoyable times at the beach and the cabanas and pool. My husband passed away and since then I didn’t visit the place anymore. I want to sell the lot. Maybe, someone wants to buy it. It has a view of the greens and the sea. Contact me please.

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