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Isn’t it so nice to go around Greenbelt 5 these days (especially with the phase 2 area connecting Greenbelt 5 to Greenbelt 1)? While we were window shopping, we decided to eat dessert in Adora Cafe inside the luxurious Adora store in Greenbelt 5.

Charlotte De Mascarpone Au Chocolat Blanc (P170 +SC). Mascarpone Charlotte.

This triple-cream cheese chocolate cake was the most promising dessert that caught our eye.  The Adora Cafe Menu tries to intimidate you with a lot of exotic words, but the dessert itself was ordinary. 

Tarte Aux Noix de Pecan
(P160 +SC). Pecan Tart.

Aidan thought the topping of the pecan tart was ice cream, but it was a scoop of whipped cream.  I liked the just-right sweetness of the tart, but the whipped cream ruined the experience for us. 

The cafe was cute, with the mini-bar and a mini-kitchen hidden inside the pillars (you can see that on the left-hand side of the photo).

As for you, did you like Adora Cafe?

Adora Cafe
Adora, 2nd Floor
Greenbelt 5

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Text by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

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5 thoughts on “Adora Cafe Desserts

  1. i like the fact that you just “say it”… honest to goodness, no sugar coating way of blogging… whether its boring or ordinary or really good.. way to go! 🙂

  2. Thank you very much for the interest in Adora Cafe….although I have started very quietly to operate this elegant and charming operation, since Fiori di M my flower atelier has had its home at Adora for nearly a year now, it has been quite challenging. A tiny operation that tries to build a market without noise and much attention is a feat to sustain, and is seemingly more difficult than opening a big operation with a bang. Thus, it makes me happy to see your comments and feedback. Trust that this will help us greatly in our effort to make Adora Cafe the first choice for a respite from a hectic shopping day at Greenbelt 5.
    By the way, do take your son to our latest Cibo dedicated to kids, CIBO BIMBI, at the Playground, on the 3rl level of The Power Plant in Rockwell. We will welcome your thoughts on this new concept for children, the market that has allowed Cibo to grow with 11 stores to date and sustain its operation for 11 years now. Thanks again and more power to your blog. Feedback like this is invaluable to us in the industry when it is done responsibly, since it gives us instant objective performance parameters constantly. Good luck and I look forward to meeting you and your family soonest!!!!

  3. Are they both your children ? Sorry. and we will look into what to do about the nutmeg whipped cream. Thanks again…any thoughts on the mascarpone dessert? The choices will be constantly changing so do give us more feedback on your next visit.

  4. i tried Adora Cafe last night and fell in love with the chocolate with pistachio. it was heavenly. perfectly sweet. brings back the memories when you were still a kid and sweetness was not an issue.
    carlo from Davao

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