Happy Cream Puff — finally in Makati!


After 2+ years, Happy Cream Puff finally opened their Makati Branch in the Zone. My wife Rache is always craving for the eclairs ever since we discovered it last December 2006. (Also read: our comparison between Beard Papa and Happy Cream Puff).

Congratulations to Mr. Haruo and Maricel Yamigishi for finally opening their dream Makati Outlet after their first branch in SM Southmall.



What makes their treats yummy is that they are baked fresh in their Makati Branch. The custard cream and whipped cream are also made on site.


Strawberry Nama Choux (P105).

The basic cream puff (called Choux) is P30 with custard cream.
If you add fresh whipped cream (called W-Choux), it costs P65.
If you like your cream puff with whipped cream (called Nama Choux), it costs P75.
If you want your whipped cream to be Ube Halaya-flavored, it costs P85.
If you add Mango topping to your Nama Choux, it costs P95.
If you add Strawberry toppings to your Nama Choux, it costs P105.

Most Japanese love the fresh whipped cream, but for Filipinos, we like custard cream more and think that whipped cream is too fatty. Do you like fresh whipped cream on your cream puff?

Happy Cream Puff Eclair (P35).

Our personal favorite is the eclair (cream puff with custard cream inside and dark chocolate outside). We like it just plain — no whipped cream please! The separate flavors of chocolate, cream and the puff itself do not overpower each other. When you eat it, it feels like a light dessert without the suya element. So, you can eat a whole box by yourself without feeling guilty or bloated afterwards.

W-Eclair Box of 5 (P325). Fresh Whipped Cream & Custard Cream.

Happy Cream Puff Eclair – P35.
W-Eclair (with custard cream and whipped cream) – P65.
Nama Eclair (with fresh whipped cream only) – P75.
Nama Eclair with Banana – P95.

The boxes are incorporated already in the costing. So if you order a box of 5, just multiply the unit cost by 5. For example, a box of 5 of W-Eclair (eclair with whipped cream) would cost P65 x 5.


Petit Puff Box (P250). Filled Custard Cream with different toppings.

If the Japanese love the Cream Puff with Fresh Whipped Cream, Filipinos, on the other hand, love the petit cream puff, which comes in a box of 14. The petit puffs look like donut holes with a variety of toppings.

(Top Left – Clockwise) Whole Almond, Sprinkles (Strawberry), Plain with Almond Sugar, Almond Caramel, Caramel, Dark Sweet Chocolate, Strawberry, and White Chocolate

(Top Left – Clockwise) Walnut Caramel, Icing, Crushed Almond, Dark & White Chocolate, Plain, Cookie Petit Puff, Caramel

Check it out and let me know what you think about Happy Cream Puff…

Since 2006
The Zone 7224 Malugay Street
corner Buendia, Bel Air, Makati City
Telephone: +632 7071263

Note: Malugay Street is one-way. You need to enter via Buendia. The street is in between Ayala and Reposo St. along Buendia.



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30 thoughts on “Happy Cream Puff — finally in Makati!

  1. As far as I know, custard cream actually has more fat and is richer than whipped cream, because custard contains eggs — which is why I prefer it! 😀 I don’t like too much whipped cream because to me, it tastes like air (since it’s whipped). Also, I think Pinoys prefer the custard cream version because that’s what we grew up with.
    Thanks for this, Anton. Malugay isn’t far from me, yay!

  2. Thanks to you I’ve been enjoying Happy Cream Puff for a year already. Their prices in Makati are more expensive by 5 pesos, I think. But that can be justified.
    I’d like to try their W-Choux so I could compare.

  3. Thanks for sharing this with us. We’re going to try it today. My officemates and I requested our messenger to drop by after his deliveries to pick up our orders. Thank you so much for continually satisfying my craving for food. 🙂 life is good!

  4. yehey…just in time for my birthday….What time? I’ll try to check if I can still file for a leave. hehehe. I already file kasi march 30-31 for my bday leave eh. pero i’ll see what i cando para makasama. excited mode.hehehehe

  5. im very much happy coz you like it too…its really a delicous,yummy and awsome food as i call… it im always craving for happy creme puff…i love eclair its my favorite especially when creme comes out in the bread hahaha yummy,,youll still want or ask for more…to the owner of happy crenme puff thank you for letting us have this kind of your food.more power and Godbless…Ill drop then next time…nag crave tuloy aq e

  6. im not that picky eaters but happy creme puff is a must that i wanted to eat always, as long as i have time, i always see to it that i bought some of it,,,its very delicious and not kaumay..i hate sweet kc coz we have a history of diabetes kya im happy na me ganitong pagkain that quench my thirst for desert..i love it as my snacks esp. while watching tv.punta q sa makati nxt time…

  7. grabe ansarap ng gawa ng happy creme puff.my boyfrend let me taste it,nagustuhan q iba kc ang lasa andun un linamnam lalo s bandang huli hahanap hanapin mo talaga..sana mgkaron din kau ng branch d2 sa laguna kc everytime naluwas lng kmi aq nakakatikim,,,e naaadik aq jan saraaaapppp.

  8. my barkadas was nagkatuwaan lng napadaan kmi sa foodcourt ng sm southmall and nkita namin ang happy creme puff ng try kmi first time ba..aba masarap pla i should try it dapat pla tlaga…i love the caramel malutong lutong kc sya and bagay sa custard creme…meron n pla sa makati well,congrats ha

  9. dreams realy do come true..who would’ve have thought na yung ginagawa namin dating experiment ng insan ko (ate maricel) ay magiging click heheh. i remember pa noon we will buy ingredients s asupermarket tas yun gagawa kami cream puff di pa xa perfect nun but now its so YUMMY. i still didn’t believe n mgkakaroon n din ng branch yung shop nya kasi first sa resto lng nila sa laguna yun tinitinda tas nagkaroon sa SM south mall and now MAkati na..and thru HAPPY CREAM PUFF din natupad yung wish ko na ma meet si regine velasquez coz 1 time ng sponsor sila sa concert nya at sinama nya ako kakatuwa nga mga comment ng mga artista sa cream puff they all love it specially si cacai at kyla grabe talaga yun. may mga gusto pa nga mag franchise eh tas si kyla balik ng balik sa stall namin to get some more cream puff’s hehe.

  10. im happy that you love happy creme puff too..I really really love it especially the eclair and its custard creme its really a mouth watering one,im always craving for it..you really want or ask for more..the taste is good and pino ng creme tlaga.its not for kids only but for the young at heart too…their coffe is very bagay sa kanilang creme puff’s its really a good combination..kaasar tuloy nag crave na nman aq kso anlayo e tga d2 kmi sa laguna…its a must tlaga…to mr nd mrs yamagishi congratulation for having this kind of bussiness that really give joy forus creme puff lovers..to anyone out there pls try happy creme puff located at makati ng sm southmall

  11. I’ve been a fan since they opened in Metropolis. I’m so happy they opened in Makati now since we couldn’t make the trip to their Las Pinas branch. Thanks for posting this.

  12. I went there to check the taste of cream puff.
    Sorry to tell you the truth, but they are worse than ones at the convenience stores in Japan.
    http://yaplog.jp/cat-sweet/archive/255 (made in factories)
    cf. http://www.bidders.co.jp/pitem/67756422 (hand made sweets by pro.)
    Mr. Yamagishi’s cream puff is fake ones just like TOKYO-TOKYO, KITARO or Teriyaki Boy served with non-Japanese rice.
    Everyone can tell he has really bad taste because the coffee he serves together is very strong taste and powerful body, which totally kills very weak taste cream puff!
    Please don’t judge that those are real Japanese sweets.
    Thank you.

  13. Wow! Happy Cream Puff is no longer Las Pinas’ best kept secret. It’s now also Makati’s! I love HCP especially the eclairs (it’s their best product IMO). 😀

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