Mobile 2.0 War: Sandbox vs. Pixlink

It is exciting to be in Manila. We are now in the center of the next generation of Mobile 2.0 services from the biggest telcos. This week, Smart launches Sandbox, while Globe launches Pixlink. It is interesting to see the difference in mobile strategies in the attempt to elevate the user mobile experience from SMS-Centric to Social Multimedia-Centric. We will have to wait and see who will win the Mobile 2.0 Wars. 🙂

is a Mobile Social Networking Site (think Mobile Facebook) with Smart’s
Portal of Value Added Services. It is powered by Mostyle Technology from Australia.

What I love about Sandbox and Why You Should Join?
  • I love the seamless integration of web and mobile to update your profile, photos, videos and mobile sites. Anyone can access via the web (even if you are abroad) but you need to be a Smart subscriber to access from the mobile phone.
  • It will be the Social Networking Site designed by Filipinos for Filipinos. It aims to be better than Facebook because the topics are more relevant to the Philippines and, at some point, it will be in the local language.
  • I like the feature of being able to create a community via groups — Join Awesome Philippines Group in Sandbox. There is already a lively community inside Sandbox.
  • I love the capability to create Mobile Sites — Join Our Awesome Planet on Sandbox. You can create your own mobile site using Sandbox Mobi Publisher.
  • Smart is giving away FREE E-Heads Concert Tickets (Yes!) if you successfully refer 20+ friends to sign up with Sandbox. Check out My Sandbox Signup for free Krispy Kreme 🙂
What could be improved?

  • You can upload photos and videos seamlessly with a few clicks. How I wish you can also upload blog posts via SMS, though.
  • Browsing on Sandbox will be hopefully FREE via mobile phone, and you’ll get the normal charge of P10 per 30 minutes only for uploading videos/ photos/ blog posts.
  • The main sandbox portal site is cluttered with Smart’s different value added services, ads and news. The designer has the typical sari-sari store and halo-halo design mindset.

Pixlink is a Photo and Video Sharing Site (think Mobile Flickr) that is fully integrated with the mobile phone. It is powered by Pixsense Technology from Silicon Valley.

What I love about Pixlink and Why You Should Join?
  • The interface is simple and has a single-minded focus on uploading and sharing Photos and Videos online.
  • Photos and Videos are uploaded with Zero clicks, and you can set it to upload in the background automatically. There is a Pixlink Mobile App installed in the phone to make this happen.
  • You can also share your photos automatically with Facebook or Flickr right after you take a photo with your mobile phone. Coolness…
  • It offers an online storage for your photos and videos without compressing the quality via Pixsense proprietary compression technology. You can see my public photos and videos in
What could be improved?
  • It does not have a blogging feature, where you can add a blog post to the photos. You can change the title of the photo and comment on it only.
  • Using the service is NOT FREE. The service charges a flat rate fee per day.
  • I love my Xperia because it is like a powerful super mini computer, but the photos are lousy and I cannot use it for Pixlink. (I need to find a new phone with a good camera lens.)
  • You can only use it if you are a Globe Subscriber.
  • I don’t see any commercialization model for people who upload really good photos and videos.


So, who do you think will win the Mobile 2.0 Wars and effectively capture the Social Media heart of Filipinos?

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    Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 

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    mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627) 

    P.S. Add me as a friend (account name: antondiaz) on Sandbox and Pixlink. See you there!

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    1. Is Eraserheads doing another concert? I thought the concert last March was the last one? I checked the link and there’s no EHeads there. What gives?

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