Ultimate Philippines goes to Batanes!

We are launching the Ultimate Batanes tour (finally!) and the Ultimate Philippines website.  This year, Ultimate Philippines is going National and this our calendar of tours for 2009.

Upcoming Tours…
February 14 – Hot Air Balloon Valentines

February 28 – Ultimate Tagaytay Culinary Tour

March 14 – Ultimate Pampanga Culinary, “ Claude Tayag” Tour

March 21-24 – Ultimate Batanes: Culinary and Heritage Tour

See you in our next tours…

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 

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14 thoughts on “Ultimate Philippines goes to Batanes!

  1. Wow Batanes! I’ve been wanting to go to Batanes but I’m worried that it will consume all my VLs, hehe. I can’t be away from the office that long.

  2. my father-in-law is from batanes. his dad was school superintendent during world war 2. their house still stands in the island of basco. i hope you get to take a picture of their house and post it here. ask for the de padua’s place. please? i have never been to batanes (too afraid to ride a plane). thank you.

  3. hi anton,
    the de padua’s house is located 2 houses behind the provincial pnp headquarters. opposite the abad’s house.

  4. hi Anton! Are you doing Batanes this December? We are a family of 6 and we’d like to join your Batanes trip…. please..

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