Manila loves Jack Canfield

UPDATE 4/22/09: Jack Canfield had to be hospitalized due to a serious back injury. This event is cancelled and postponed indefinitely. 

“The problem is that most people focus on their failures rather than their successes. But the truth is that most people have more successes than failures.”

Manila loves Jack Canfield because of his Chicken Soup for the Soul series. His claim to fame is that he was rejected a number of times before he was able to successfully publish his book. Jack owns the record of having the Most Books on New York Times Best Seller list in the Guinness Book of World Records. He is one of the role models / mentors, Filipinos can learn from. 

In an interview with Dennis Hughes of, Jack shares his story about Chicken Soup for the Soul book:

“ Did you approach a number of publishers prior to it being accepted?”

“Jack Canfield: Yes! We were rejected by 123 publishers all told. The first time we went to New York, we visited with about a dozen publishers in a two day period with our agent, and nobody wanted it. They all said it was a stupid title, that nobody bought collections of short stories, that there was no edge–no sex, no violence. Why would anyone read it? We then kept going to publishers for another couple of months. It was rejected by another 22 publishers and then our agent said, “Sorry boys, I can’t sell it.” So we went to the American Bookseller’s Association Convention in Anaheim and walked the floor from booth to booth asking publishers if they would be interested in our book. There were 4,000 booths there! I don’t think we hit every one of them, but close to it. 

Finally, we went to the booth of Health Communications, which became our publisher. They were a small company out of Deerfield Beach, Florida. Their primary focus was on the recovery world, such as people getting over alcoholism or drug addiction or being co-dependant. They were slowly going out of business at the time because that whole market had become saturated. They said they would take a look at it and they read it on the way home on the airplane. They loved it and said that they would publish it. There was no advance. When we told them we wanted to sell 150,000 copies by Christmas, they laughed at us. But we said let’s just see what happens. So as I told you, we sold 135,000 copies–not quite the goal, but we really impressed them. Chicken Soup for the Soul went on to become Health Communication’s biggest selling book ever. I think there are eight million copies of that book that they have printed so far.”

His latest book, The Success Principles, shares his secrets to success and how you can apply it to your own life to be successful.
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For the first 80 Participants,
The Success Principles 30-day Audio Program – Asia Edition (worth $150)
One Full Scholarship to The Success Principles for Students program (worth $300)
Early Bird Fee of P19,040 (VAT inclusive) vs (regular fee of P21,280) for Registrations with payment before March 31, 2009. 

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Jack Canfield LIVE!



This program enables you to build resilience and develop competencies with a positive winning mindset that
ensures sustainable growth and organization success even in the most challenging and turbulent times. 

Session 1 

• Understanding the Secret Law of Attraction and
how it works universally 
• Creating the habit of focusing, thinking, feeling and
taking action on what you want and getting more
of it 
• The key to living the Law of Attraction for peak
performance and organizational success 
• Building and eliciting 100% responsibility from
yourself and your team to determine the reaction
and outcome you want 
• The building blocks of high self esteem and
maximum confidence 

Session 2 
• Getting past your limiting beliefs and releasing guilt,
anger and resentment 
• Cleaning up your messes and incompleteness for
more focused thinking 
• Using positive “self-talk” and a positive attitude of
gratitude to achieve more 
• Transforming your inner critic into your inner
• Dealing with negative people and situations
and surrounding yourself with positive and
successful people 

Session 3 
• How to stay motivated and keep your team
motivated for breakthrough results 
• Fueling your success with passion and inspiration
for non-stop gains in every area 
• Identifying and using your giftedness and focusing
on your strengths and core genius 
• Creating a compelling purpose and vision for
yourself & your team to attract greater abundance 
• Setting powerful goals and objectives and
unleashing the amazing power of visualization to
successfully meet any goal faster and easier 

Session 4 
• Using Affirmations to “Release the Brakes!” that
are keeping you and your organization stuck and
accelerate your results 
• Establishing an effective action planning and
tracking system with clear strategies and tactics for
high performance 
• The 4 new success habits that can change your life
the fastest 
• Overcoming rejection and the fears that stop people
from taking action 
• Taking action, asking and geting things done quickly
to achieve great results 

Session 5 
• Practicing “The Rule of 5” and creating
powerful achievements 
• The single success discipline that can put you in
the top 1% of your field 
• Asking for and responding to feedback to keep
learning and getting better 
• Persevering in the face of any obstacles or
road block 
• Practicing uncommon appreciation and having an
attitude of gratitude 
• Reaping the rewards, acknowledging, affirming
and celebrating each achievement in your success

Session 6 
• Using “The Daily Disciplines of the Secret Law
of Attraction” for better results and organizational
• Applying the 10-step Law of Attraction – success
action system and visual tool to move you
and your team to peak performance and
organizational success 
• Life lessons in mastering the Secret Law of Attraction
and The Success Principles

Manila • 30 April 2009 • Dusit Thani Hotel Event Fees Philippines 

7.30am Registration Open 

8.30am Introduction and Official Launching 
8.45am Morning Session
(Tea-break from 10.00am – 10.15am) 
12.30pm Networking Lunch and Book Signing Ceremony 
1.30pm Afternoon Session
(Tea-break from 3.00pm – 3.15pm) 
4.30pm End of Session followed by Book Signing Ceremony 

Event Fees Philippines 

Early Bird Fee
Registrations with Payment before 31 Mar 2009 – P 19,040 (inclusive of VAT)
Normal Fee
After 31 Mar 2009 – P 21,280 .00 (inclusive of VAT) 
Group Registration:
Registrations with Payment before 31 Mar 2009: 
5 or more P 15,680 (inclusive of VAT) 
10 or more P 14,560.00 (inclusive of VAT)

My friend and Maven Secrets Founding member, Glen Macadaeg will help you with your registrations. Please contact Glen at or cellphone (+63917.437.8404).

Live an Awesome Life,  

Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 

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P.S. Maybe we can register as one big OAP group and get the group discount. I plan to form a group of 20 people who would love to register to the Jack Canfield event. Please let me know. 

5 thoughts on “Manila loves Jack Canfield

  1. bought his first chicken soup for the soul book and loved it. Bought the 2nd one and it was good and okay. The third book, makes me wat to chuck it out the window. Don’t get me wrong, i’m pretty sure it’s a good book, but after reading 2 chicken soup, it gets to be repetitive.

  2. Hi guys!
    If we get 10 or more people who sign up, we can avail of the group promo which will only cost PhP14,560.
    @Sidney: Yes, PhP21,000 (or PhP14,560) pesos that can change the way I think and eventually my life. The best seeds if grown properly bear the best fruits =)
    @Anne: Have you read his other books yet? There’s a great one called “The Success Principles”

  3. nope. after digesting 2 chicken soup for the soul books, i kinda got sick of it na. 🙂
    sige, i’ll put the success principle on my summer reading list. Thanks for the suggestion

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