HARANA, A Musical Cultural Journey of Authentic Filipino Music


Are you a Filipino who is hungry to hear our very own Kundiman Music celebrated through a musical concert, reviewing the very best of Filipino music from the indigenous Cordilleras to pre-colonial to contemporary and fusion music?

Are you a Foreigner who wants to be immersed in authentic Filipino music and to understand the musical heritage of the Filipino?

Are you a Generation Y Filipino who is yearning to find your own Filipino identity, break away from our colonizers’ musical influences and celebrate our rich Filipino heritage through our very own music?

Finally, Philippine Opera is restaging HARANA, which got a long standing ovation and emotional applause when it was shown last year. Harana is a courtship tradition of the Filipinos, where the suitor sings underneath a woman’s window to win her heart.

I wasn’t able to watch it last year, but we won’t miss it again…and we don’t want our OAP readers to miss it as well. This is one of the musical shows that is culturally uplifting and it’s something we Filipinos can be proud of.

Our Awesome Planet supports and sponsors HARANA!

We are selling tickets for the May 30 (Saturday), 8pm Last Show of Harana. The show will be held in Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Towers, Makati. Ticket Prices are P1,200, P1,000 and P500. For tickets, please call my wife Rache at +63 917 5683 627 or email her at rache@diaz.ph.

 Buy Your HARANA Tickets Online Now from OAP!

Harana May 30, Saturday 8pm

Orchestra P1,200$25

Loge P1,000$21 

Balcony P500$11

Frequently Asked Questions About Harana:

1. Who are the performers in the show?

Harana is composed of highly trained classical singers — each an accomplished soloist in his/her own right. It features 8 of the country’s most awarded artists: Ana Feleo, Deeda Barretto, Karla Gutierrez, Florence Aguilar, Lawrence Jatayna, Noel Rayos, Miguel Castro and Sherwin Sozon.

2. What are the Kundiman Songs that will be featured in Harana?
The repertoire includes timeless classics like, “Bituing Marikit”, “Dahil Sa Isang Bulaklak”, “Pamaypay ng Maynila”,  “Iyo Kailan Pa Man”, “Kalesa”, “Ang Maya”, “Ano Kaya Ang Kapalaran”, “Dumbele”, “Ay Salidumay”, “Waray-Waray”, “Sa Kabukiran”, “Manang Biday”, “Atin Cu Pung Singsing”, “Pobreng Alindahaw”, “Saan Ka Man Naroroon,”, “Gaano Ko Ikaw Kamahal”, Hindi Kita Malimot” and many more.

3. Who directs the show?
Harana is directed by Kokoy Jimenez, music arrangements by multi-awarded composer/arranger Von de Guzman, choreography by Irina Feleo and costume designs by Zenaida Gutierrez.

4. Is it a musical play?
No, Harana is more of a musical concert and a review of our own Filipino Music. There are 6 costume changes, highlighting distinct eras of Filipino music through six suites — the Igorot Suite, Maria Clara Suite, Folk Suite, Rural Suite, Muslim Suite and finally the Contemporary Classics. Each suite is theatrically presented with authenticity, originality and visual excitement.

5. When is the Harana Re-run?
Harana’s re-run will be held on May 28-30, 2009.

If you have further questions, please put them in the comments section and I will answer them in this FAQ list.

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2 thoughts on “HARANA, A Musical Cultural Journey of Authentic Filipino Music

  1. ….i wish thousands if not millions of high schoolers & college-university students will see this harana old musical concert bcoz the more unexperience filipino lads will see-learn some ‘old’ good greater best cultural-traditional values the better for the philippines i said that based on some ‘disturbing’ old news i heard-read in intenrnet that amny young filipinos high schoolers in particular are having sex with the absence of love purely sexual advantages earlier than ever when some got pregnants they just drop their fetuses in public restrooms some even dropped their ONE DAY OLD babies-newly born infants in hotel buildings some rooftops or in some speeding vehicles-taxis i was horrified i was extremely disturbed by these sad-violent news….harana lifestyles ‘stories’ could change that very disturbing new sexual freedoms w/o the commitments meaning ‘loveless’ sexual affairs why & how can harana changed these loveless lifestyl affairs well….for one harana is a lady & a gentleman’s lifestyle everytime i visit provinces like laguna quezon bicol cordilleras rizal bulacan etc. experienced haranas all of them done by group of young men older men rich-farmers-poor ones and even some high schoolers it was the funniest most hilarious embarrassing but romantic experiences any women can have lol!….they were all strangers to me but i was told they saw me in my cousins friends schoolmates company either in churches{masses]restaurants public markets lakes rivers ‘picnics’ walking down the streets neighborhood parties or some town fiestas meaning that way the initial sources of ‘admirations’ since i was just in high school some young harana’s are spent with the young man’s fathers-uncles-cousins-friends-brothers etc. this harana’s happened mostly by midnight meaning we were all asleep but had to run to balconies-terraces-porches even some rooftops just to acknowledged-respect the young men’s harana-visits of course i was embarrassed-shy-timid about it but since haranas are ‘signs’of decent-good-great intentions i was obliged to be respecful after a few songs adults invites the serenaders inside for a cup of tea coffee or desserts then personnal introductions begins all men always wants to know 3 questions where i originally come from if i have a boyfriend already and how i like their town lol! some older men in haranas sometimes brought me flowers plants fresh coconuts fresh fruits pinipig suman kamoteng kahoy etc.at first i was hesitant to accept them bcoz they might expect something from me that i cannot attend to commit but i was assured that nothing like that in harana’s affairs so i was breathing easier after lol….then we all exchanged singing solo or groups but since i cannot sing good most harana’s nights ended up with either dancing or games which i prefer the first one coz in games i was always tricked to be danced hand touch or kissed in the chicks lol….the next days after knowing me better few but very brave mostly arrogant o di kaya mga spoiled brats young men still wanted to pursuit up to manila
    but they’re{probinsyano]all gentlemen so when i said please do not bother anymore
    or when i said no they all in returned ‘respectred’ that with a thank you o appreciation notes….i had so much fun unbelievable busiest times-memories in all those province’s fiestas-haranas so thank you philippines for making those fun filled ‘romantic’ HARANA memories possible for me for my ONLY ONE childhood as exciting long lasting as it was lol….

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