Introducing…AWESOME Philippines!
What’s better than WOW? Of course, AWESOME is a higher level than WOW and has a more universal/ global appeal. After 4+ years of blogging in OAP, Awesome Philippines is now mainstream.

The Awesome Philippines campaign aims to promote the Philippines to the youth travelers, defined as young people around the age of 15-25 years old, around the world. The country is already attracting tourists who are 25 years old and above, which is why the campaign aims to address the need to cater to a younger generation of travelers. This includes Fil-Ams and Asian travelers who would like to discover the natural wonders of our country, our heritage, our food and, of course, the different party places. 🙂

MTV, together with the Department of Tourism, is launching the Awesome Philippines campaign. Our Awesome Planet fully supports this campaign to celebrate the wonders of the Philippines. I’m super happy that “Awesome” is now a buzzword and the entire world will see how beautiful our country truly is.

The Awesome Philippines campaign includes:
– (May) an Online Video Remix contest where you can create your own dream
holiday in the Philippines. Just submit a creative video story — it
might just come true! 🙂

– (May) the Mystical Island of the Philippines in Second Life! An island where you can explore Mt. Mayon, the Chocolate Hills, Boracay Beach and the beautiful reefs in Tubbataha.

– (Dec) a culminating historical concert that would showcase awesome Filipino talents “that will be one for the books” (as Ed Mapa of Media Contacts would say). I guess this would include Charice Pempengco, Arnel Pineda of Journey, Lea Salonga of Miss Saigon/Broadway fame, Charmagne Clamor (who single-handedly created “Jazzipino”), Joanna Ampil of West End fame, Gary V. and a whole lot more. 

– (Dec) the launch of a no-ads travel book written by a Filipino for the Filipino. The current working title is: “Awesome Pilipinas: Food and Travel Adventures in the Philippines“. I plan to launch it this December in time for the 5th year anniversary of OAP.  One of the reasons I resigned from P&G is to write this book, which I dedicate to my family, my beloved OAP readers and the awesome Filipino. (And to be the next Tourism Secretary in 2010… Hehe, just kidding! :P)

Live an Awesome Life,  

Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 

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mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627) 
P.S. Ace and Media Contact agreed to remove the trying-hard-to-be-subtle Ace logo in the Awesome Philippines website. It is not appropriate and we don’t want the campaign to be tainted as a pre-2010 election campaign, do we? I’m sure Ace did not know that and some PR people are just making sipsip to Ace. In any case, any tourism-related success will all be attributed to Ace and Filipinos are smart to know that.

16 thoughts on “Introducing…AWESOME Philippines!

  1. Yes and Awesome is still a few levels higher than incredible or truly.
    Awesome conveys a more spiritual experience that cannot be described by
    words. Finally, something that we can all be proud of.

  2. Anton, panalo ito! Finally, the Philippines will be on the map as an AWESOME destination in Asia…..

  3. Congrats Anton! You’ve certainly come a long way.. Kudos to all the hard work! Let’s strive for a better Pinas! An Awesome Philippines indeed! More Power to OAP!

  4. Congratulations, Anton! Ang galing! You’re really making your dreams a reality. I’m getting goose bumps all over! Galing mo!

  5. wow congrats. and i like what you said that you wanted to be the next Tourism Secretary in 2010 hehehe why not 🙂 you’re the most perfect person to really promote our country.
    More power to you and OAP.

  6. what’s the ten wonders of the phils?
    rice terraces
    mayon volcano
    ma. cristina falls
    tubbataha reef
    underground river in PP palawan
    chocolate hills
    (pre-commercial) boracay

  7. Congratulations, Anton! We need more people with your positive energy. We are truly live in paradise and it would be just great if more people would appreciate it and protect it… who knows it might even infect the powers that be.

  8. “the launch of a no-ads travel book written by a Filipino for the Filipino”
    Sayang… your book is only for the Filipino… 😉
    I would have bought a copy… but I guess it is not for a foreigner like me… 😉

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