Looking for an On-the-Job Training this summer?


I received this letter from Steffanie and I was touched to be asked to help them promote OJTCareers.com. The website is cool and you can post quality On-the-Job Training opportunities for students for FREE. Students can easily apply for the right OJT for them. In fact, I just posted an OJT opening for students who are aspiring Pro-Bloggers and Internet Marketers for the OAP Blog Network. I will train them on the ins and outs of blogging and marketing online. Then, they can launch their own blog or own internet properties and earn from a profit-sharing arrangement from the ad revenue of the blog.

I would like to share with you the email from Steffanie:

Hey Anton, 

I like your Blog! One of my friends referred me to your site and I can see why you got so many loyal viewers. My name is Steffanie, and I’m currently an incoming senior student. I’m currently having my OJT right now and, as a project, my friends and I made a website.

I’m sure that you already know, but finding an OJT/Internship as a student is pretty hard. There isn’t a real resource out there and, as students, we always end up getting stuck working in a boring company unrelated to our field, or we end up with a good company, have the work that’s right for us, but we end up making coffee for the bosses or stapling documents for them. It’s classic, I know.

That’s why we decided to join together and come up with a real resource that would actually benefit students, whether from a private school or a university (after all, we are the future of the country, right?) We came out with a website called OJTCareers.com, which would bridge the gap between the students and employers and ultimately show them that we’re already competent enough for a real job. It is basically a free website that allows students to find available OJT jobs online.

Right now, there are thousands of smaller companies out there that are willing to provide legitimate, hands on training, but are often trumped by the monstrous prices of the main job companies, such as JobsDB.com and Jobstreet.com which don’t even prioritize OJTs like us.

Help give the students of today’s future a fighting chance. What started off as a small project [among] 3 friends 3 months ago is now a network of 5 schools and over 12 students. Let’s try to make a difference and build the Filipino youth community together. I believe we’re all Iskolars ng Bayan, in our own way.

If you would like to partner up with us and support our cause, simply write a blog post about us, or link us to your site. The more students that hear about us, the more people will benefit. We look forward to hearing from you.

– Steffanie  =)

Thanks for the email, Steffanie. I would like to join you in making a difference and build the Filipino youth community together. Keep up the great work on OJTCareers.com!

Live an Awesome Life,  

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P.S. Shame on the companies who get OJT applicants and ask them to make coffee for their bosses. We know who you are.

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  1. the ojt website is a great idea. it took me over a month and numerous calls to get my ojt before. i hope this helps these students find jobs easier.

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