Why Not Live An Awesome Life in the Philippines?

I would like to invite you to attend the Why Not Forum 6.0 this coming Saturday. Ever since the first Why Not Forum, I said to myself I would love to speak in that forum and share my advocacy with Filipinos that we ALL can live an Awesome Life in the Philippines. In fact, my ultimate goal is to bring my brother back from the US for him to start a family here instead of in a foreign land.

The Philippines is so beautiful and we are blessed with a lot of Natural Wonders that it would take an entire lifetime to explore them all. Still, a lot of Filipinos leave the country to look for greener pastures elsewhere. However, the real key to living an awesome life here is if you can set up a system where you earn in US Dollars, produce products in Yuan or Rupees, and live on Pesos.

Also, I plan to share ideas on how to build your own “tribe” or following online. Everyone can do it if he/she follows this proven formula that works online. I’m a bit nervous because I will be opening the forum. A fellow awesome blogger, Azrael Coladilla of Azrael’s Merryland, will close the Why Not forum 6.0.

Please join us this Saturday, April 25, 2pm to 6pm at Alchemy Bar, Silver City Mall.

Hope to see you there!

Live an Awesome Life,  

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P.S. I’m still working on my presentation. Please let me know if you have any suggestions so I can include it. Thanks! 🙂

21 thoughts on “Why Not Live An Awesome Life in the Philippines?

  1. “I said to myself I would love to speak in that forum and share my advocacy to Filipinos that we ALL can live an Awesome Life in Manila…”
    Hell yah! I’m totally with you on this one. Good luck with your talk and I hope you have more of these. Sayang coz I can’t go this weekend, I’m sure it would be an interesting and highly informative afternoon. Cheers!

  2. Silver City Mall is along C-5 right beside Tiendesitas and SM Hypermart. Go southbound from Eastwood and you’ll see it on the right side 😀
    Hope to see you all there.
    Also Kudos to you Sir Anton. Can’t wait to meet you on Saturday

  3. Hi Anton,
    I haven’t attended your last forum but wanted very much to go. So I will try to go this saturday and meet you guys.
    Your intentions are good and we will be happy to support you.

  4. Thanks Lani for all the support! See you Saturday and just please approach
    me. I’ll be hanging out throughout the Why Not Forum.

  5. More Filipinos have to leave because of major problems in the country. For example, around 40 percent of Filipino children are undernourished and up to 50 percent of citizens cannot finish grade school. The country has one of the most corrupt governments in the world and its ecosystem is dying: only around 17 percent of forest reserves and 10 percent of coral reefs remain. Meanwhile, population increases by a million people each year.
    The bad news is that similar problems are taking place in other countries, and the current economic crisis, which may lead to years of high unemployment, low income growth, and low production, may force those who are abroad to return, where they will face a 40 percent drop in exports and increasing unemployment.
    Finally, the current economic crisis is one of several global problems that will affect the human population.

  6. the entry just struck me kuya coz i have been abroad for almost 6 years now and been longing to settle in the PI for good, but I am a little bit scared of what life might bring in there. I have to establish a business before finally going home. I was thinking before of going home and be a full time blogger, but my blogging knowledge is yet very minimal..I have to learn more. I hope I get some of the answers as I go along your posts. More power!

  7. hi anton!
    i accidentally stumbled on this post while searching for something a few days ago. It’s amazing 🙂 after almost 7 months here in Singapore i am now acknowledging something that has been nagging me the past few months… i do not belong here. i want to go home! i want to live an awesome life in the Philippines 🙂

  8. ‘still a lot of filipinos leave for greener pastures elsewhere’ quote.. the reasons for that is bcoz the filipinos believe that perfections must happened first then they will stay then will not think of leaving their small impoverished towns so they-filipinos for finding-meeeting greener pastures or wealths they go to FOREIGN COUNTRIES like middle east who are deserts has NO GREENS at all or africa who’s lands are hot humid o chaotics o they go to europe who’s freezing winter are so depressive during holidays like christmas o new years but who buys products coming from asia o philippines boz using-hauling these raw materials will save expensive high end living countries a lot of money that made them really wealthy how? europeans americans middle east europe africa americas down unders also sells their finished products to other foreign countries like the philippines where filipinos who are living in the philippines-locally ‘go gaga’ in hysterias believing living in luxuries means buying non filipino made locally items o wearing foreign clothings items which i do too when i was living in europe o here in america and did not regret doing so but that is bcoz my salaries 3 decades ago can more than afford european o american luxuries coz i lived there lol! so asians filipinos in this matter disposed all their national wealth using buying foreign goods the ordering-patronizing with the belief that filipinos are NOT world class that filipinos are not capable of making their own local quality products but they have but the philippine government did not educate their own filipinos by making them learned local trade shows made by great filipino designers o filipino handcrafters manila did not o rarely see cebu o mindanao products o mindanao has rarely see manila best products to offer no one knew about boracay islands o palawan o bohol o cebu beaches that made created millions billions of pesos incomes for the country for the filipinos bcoz the philippine government from past decades did not educate did not did not see the money did not see the economics of these local filipino places and products they just all mostly went shopping in foreign countries mainly in united states coz of stateside ‘products’ to be the main ‘it’ in filipino societies lol!.. so the poverties came from ignorances all filipinos ran away from the philippines while the foreigners all other non filipino countries went in the philippines to buy-order shipments of local filipino raw materials so their citizens gets jobs and they get wealthy HOW? by raising their european o american finished products prices{20x more}way too much from local filipino prices but if do not see what you do not have means i didnt miss anything lol..so that is the main ‘short’story while philipines was a poor country why the philippines was decades in poverties BECAUSE FILIPINOS DID NOT BELIEVE THAT THEY HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE GOOD TO BE GREAT TO BE WEALTHY TO BE NUMBER ONE for past decades filipino governments did not bother learning their own natural resources never knew any of these beautiful places that now raking earning millions billions of pesos in incomes-profits bcoz the phils. government DID NOT BELIEVED IN WHAT THEY ALTEADY HAD JUST SITTING IN SAME CORNERS OF THE PHILIPPINES NOT MAKING NOT ACCUMULATING MILLIONS BILLIONS OF PESOS THAT IT IS NOW MAKING lol!..few filipinos saw that poverties means wealth poverties means an space to grow povery means incomes to develop HOW? by building low costs home for the poors by using empty spaces in returned incomes will eventually comes in but if no one builds for the working poors o poors with money cash relatives to help them pay for it then how could money be ever becomes an incomes if it cannot use-serve the interest of the ‘capable’ paying poor lol..if foreigners buys orders hauls filipino raw materials handcrafted them into household home goods o clothing{but i made thousands of u.s.dollars also in re-selling my old european goods lol!} accessories finished goods- finished materials by citizens of these foreign buyers haulers then sell the products to filipinos to philippines in returned with such higher prices WHAT THAT TELLS YOU? yes! that some filipinos are stupid and if you think about it philippines filipinos are not really poor o in poverties bcoz if they are why are they buying their own local raw material products from foreign countries but in higher prices? yes! it means lazyness passive mentalities a typical JUAN TAMAD SYNDROMES SO WAKE UP not so Poor filipinos WAKE UP SPOILED FILIPINOS see read feel look at where are your problems coming from TODAY in our awesome planet blog owned by filipino family of anton diaz is the time the best place the best day to know to realized them lol.. & who are some of the high price buyers decades ago ME lol!

  9. all filipinos should be proud with all their newest talents produced my favorite is the filipinos ‘excellence’ in acrobats magicians singing dancing paintings drawings sketches coconut climbers skate boarders ice skiers-skatings babies-toddlers deep sea o ocean divings-swimming aetas walking but climbing trees filipinos one man shows jeepney drivers lol!..but the one that shines are those young filipino acrobatics that i saw in STAR KING SHOW in korea{via youtube}this filipino acrobatics are the best ones i’ve seen besides CIRQUE DE SOLEIL performances but these young filipinos are so entertaining that they did not need expensive decorations o stages but they made us feel they are worth a million dollars show lol!..please check them in youtube under o fr.:nenefaith86 i think may 13,2009 just a happy great beautiful performance just like jal joshua of australia’s got talent 2009 which i think this boy jal joshua is TRULY A GREAT A BRILLIANT filipino SINGER IN HIS AGE EVER i adore him lol salamat po

  10. it is awesome to live in the philippines no question about that bcoz though philippines has some past decades issues on human rights i believe that most of the problems-crimes is bcoz of western-american cultures the corruption problems in mainstream filipinos or fil-americans if it is unusually big-extremes are i believed set up for them bcoz they are being used as pamatong by whitemen’s screwed up crimes so awareness programs like what i do in this our awesome planet blog can help filipinos realized that a lot of strange-malicious-dangerous things happens here in america o europe at brought to other parts of the world like asia o europe bcoz of entanglements asia continent{middle east}is an economic & geographic priorities of interests-reasons are so precious in western cultures for centuries for decades bec. of weapon industries and all those involved in sin taxable or non taxable businesses that creates so many victims some are guilty but majorities worldwide are are just ‘casualties’ of economic & geographic insecurities one of millions of reasons why it is desirable to live in a happier healthier friendlier philippines i worry about the world’s o unfortunate filipino’s welfares in general so reminding filipinos that no matter how difficult they must moved on filipinos must learned how to become an early entrepreneurs to make it good bright ahead fil-ams are victimized in united states as pamatong{fall guys}in some unknown cases bcoz american law enforcements want it that way to redirect the ‘focus’ away from the real issues which is economic-geographic priorities of interest which is the asia continent philippines are entangled bcoz of the muslim filipinos presence in the philippines but rare that they can afford decent food shelter healthcares yet owns can afford so many weapons which is questionable of who’s financing these thousands if not millions of money worth yet they could hardly afford to raised children-families in a land of an island that’s been created left there by nature to complete philippines archipelago as it is now meaning a natural form of enviromental habitat by humans animals etc.but western people encourage-wants the separations based on who came first and what religions should take without giving awareness to muslims filipinos that an island cannot be just be owned by one particular religions be it catholic mormons protestants o muslims bcoz all filipinos born in a filipino parents-families must have come from ‘the same’ one filipinos origins like i am catholic but my parents grandparents from hundred thousands of years ago are from the same filipinos who came from the same areas of no matter if pagans or muslims o christians if they originated from the philippines which they did that is how i came about to this world just like how other filipinos cme to life in same spots of philippine archipelago just divided by so many western religions that step foot in the archipelago thousand-hundred years ago but western world encourage filipinos to be divided based on religions but filipino cavemen came first not religions PAGANISM WAS IN EVERY CONTINENT COUNTRIES FIRST NOT RELIGIONS meaning religions are used to divide the world the territories the economic-geographic existence of humanities in foreign countries i live next doors to muslims protestant buddhists mormons or atheist but we co exists just fine no need to dumped the ideas of apartments and just plain houses to make a point of social religious divisions that create further social conflicts among humans but surely the divisions are needed when it comes to homes to detained criminals terrorists violent individuals called prisons-jailhouses..but not filipinos in their owned country by western countries economic-geographic interests
    that way world conflicts are prevented like the unnecessary victimizations of filipino americans to redirect united states hidden agendas which depends on what interests it may be while philippines must educate filipinos on how to tamed unnecessary ‘violences’ and follow the rules of engagements when necessary to the highest salamat ng marami sa mga marunong maka-unawa sa sinasabi ko na ang pilipinas ay lupa at ang tanging pinangalingan ng mga filipinos ano pa man ang relihiyon ng bawat isa pero filipino salamat ho..

  11. if west germany once proved it’s might in transforming old deteriorating suffering in poverty former eastern blocked countries like east berlin o east germany gradually into a new modern developing advancing part of rich west germany south korea should be able to do the same asia should do the same to help the south & the north koreans achieved what west germany did to east germany now a modern new civilized part of europe that truly enjoys the freedom to explore what was not possible before the world was happier when the wall collapsed so north koreans can joined their south koreans families just like what happened to west east germany meaning a new modern advancing highly educated north korean tooddlers children can experienced schools anywhere if the fences collapsed too with future new modern mountain skiing o summer o all around resorts that are super affordable for all ski beginners resorts with town villages clusters of open flea markets but paris style street foodies romantic corners one direct trains to accommodate winter skiers & summer bargain shoppers to finally safely experience north korea’s scarry frightening outside perceptions the world knows about the korean bbqs called kalbi i like them too what i meant for north korea is what i meant for any troubled middle east africa the whole americas the whole down under the whole world not just a few countries countries just one problem at a time and since humans are not all civilized there will be violent individuals that law enforcements had to deal with but minimal planes ships will not be used for wars but for future world travels for better served happy healthy wealthy needs of the world inhabitants for world citizens to explore what kind of adventures will make them happy
    like how filipinos are developing filipino muslims in the south mindanao muslims are now more developed more educated fast advancing than any other times filipino muslim products are now sold anywhere in manila and manila products are now also available in mindanao so south koreans & north koreans west germany east germany walls-fences collapsed like event are not impossible more likely will become the world’s the centuries unexpected but happiest twist in any world histories unexpected twist of events ever lol

  12. talagang masaya at mababait ang mga filipinos yung mga ilog medyo malinis ng konti ngayun kulang pa ng linis at pang ligaya at pang matalino pero malapit lapit na

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