Best Buffets in Manila: Circles, Shangri-La

Circles in Makati Shangri-La is best known for pioneering the Interactive Theatre Kitchen, where the chefs get to interact with the people and accommodate customized food requests with a smile. You can request for any dish that you want at any time of day as long as it is not impossible to get the ingredients.




The best time to eat at Circles is during its special themed buffets. You can choose from Filipino Fiesta Wednesday Dinner Buffet (P1,640 net), Seafood Friday Dinner Buffet (P1,904 net), Barbecue Saturday Dinner Buffet (P1,904 net) or Sunday International Brunch with Iced Tea Buffet (P1,904 net). The International Buffets include Japanese and Seafood Appetizers, a Healthy Salad section, a Continental, Indian and Chinese Main Dishes section, Pizza and Pasta, and an extensive dessert spread, including Halo-Halo.



Here are the top strategies to enjoy the Circles Buffet:


1. Prioritize High-Priced Items. This strategy aims to get your money’s worth by going after the Prime Rib, Lamb, Steaks, Salmon and other seafood first. Have fun specifying how you want it cooked and experimenting with different food pairings or condiments. On Filipino Fiesta Wednesday, start with the Lechon before all the best parts disappear.



Lechon on Filipino Fiesta Wednesdays

The Prime Rib


2. Avoid Carbs and other fillers for starters. Initially, forego bread, sushi, anything with rice, pasta and small food items. They act as fillers and are just there to give an extensive assortment to the buffet.






The spread of fillers

3. Eat the best dishes and have dessert in the middle. Go after the food that you crave for first, then eat dessert in the middle to clean the palate. Circles is best known for its flourless chocolate cakes, homemade ice cream, and bibingka with kaldereta during Filipino Fiesta Wednesdays. After dessert, go for a second round of dishes you might want to try or opt for the carbs if you are still not full yet.




Circles’ dessert assortment


Bibingka na may Kalderetang Baka on Filipino Fiesta Wednesdays

Circles, Makati Shangri-La

Everyday Lunch Buffet (11.30am-2.30pm) and Dinner Buffet (6.30-10.30pm)

International Lunch Monday to Saturday

P1,424 net adults, P712 net Children 6-12years old, FREE < 6yrs old.

International Lunch Every Sunday


P1,904 net adults, P952 net Children 6-12years old, FREE < 6yrs old.

International Dinner Sunday to Thursday

Filipino Fiesta Dinner Every Wednesday

P1,640 net adults, P822 net Children 6-12years old, FREE < 6yrs old.

Seafood Dinner Buffet Every Friday

Barbecue Dinner Buffet Every Saturday

P1,904 net adults, P952 net Children 6-12years old, FREE < 6yrs old.

For reservations, call +632 840-0884 or 813-8888 ext. 7588/ 7599




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30 thoughts on “Best Buffets in Manila: Circles, Shangri-La

  1. Are you kidding me? I ate at Circles a few Sundays ago and at best their food that day was mediocre. The roast beef was tasteless, the sashimi was on the low end of the term “fresh”, the Chinese dishes tasted like too much “gawgaw” was mixed in, and the hot dishes were too bleh. The only bright spot were the salad and cheese section- and thats not saying much.

  2. Sad 4u Ed that u had a bland xperience with circles. But I’ve always had delicioso moments there. Do try to go there again next time. Circles rocks!!! Hehehe

  3. I’m with you on this. We love Circles. We hit Paseo Uno, Heat and Circles on 3 consecutive weekends and needless to say, we all thought Circles is the best.

  4. my wife, our son and i also love circles events buffet.
    i’ve posted our experience there here
    and the best part of the spread was the desserts!
    we’ve been to heat of edsa shangri-la but circles is far better.
    dusit thani’s family sunday’s crossover brunch is also a must-try.
    cheaper rate but the japanese cuisine and interiors of UMU is to-die-for!
    have you tried UMU, Tosca, Benjarong and Basix of Dusit? they’ve got lot’s of FREEBIES and activities for kids too.
    here’s my post about it

  5. I was able to dine at Circles when our client treated as for dinner. All the food looks goos but i only tried their japanese and desserts section.

  6. i was there we had lunch deserts too it’s quite good same as european american standards{high ends]but they can make them even better in taste since all chef’s always find ways to advanced themselves to be called the best of the best to stay ‘competitive’ so here’s my baking[deserts]tips: to all filipinos like my families my schoolmates to everyone just to encourage ALL OF YOU all of them to open their own bake shops o pastry shops even carinderia’s nationwide like the ones here{photos}in OUR AWESOME PLANET blog’s how i do it decades ago when my children are still in elementary schools here in america I always prepare bake cakes{menus o any deserts}overnight coz cooler night weather are convenient even if we always use centralized air conditioning coz cooler temperatures keeps ingredients fresher in a way i only need 2 separate baking high tech[all in one}kithen equipments beside we’re lucky to have had large oven in case if i had to bake all that is shown here 25 assorted deserts in photo window above this comment my baking preparations starts simple: all needed ingredients for each particular cakes will be put placed directly to all separate but complete containers meaning per one complete ingredients must be inside a bowl inside the main bowls i start from the scratch meaning i prepare all that ‘must’ come first meaning all baking parts that can wait longer{hour}than other baking parts of just few ‘seconds’terms
    then i baked all those cakes that are ‘done’ at the same time together{adding-dividing-multiplying-minus}first to minimized oven-bake time meaning i can baked all those 25 deserts ALONE in just one overnight without any fuzz..for better tastes i used a lots of natural butter all fresh fruits like strawberries but i used small amout of ‘preserve fruit jams-jellies instead of using sugar in some i only used bee-honey instead of sugar also the perfect quantity of liquids & lenght of time{mixers}is where the smoothness the velvet taste-feel will come from less icing the better but better put any less sweet icings if it can be inserted in between any layers for best cake most food menus quality olive oil used is healthier in particular for those foodie health conscious who’s NOT happy with butter use remember the best way to win voters of any kinds is to meet them in your own SMALL personnal but ‘tasty o yummy’ high end ‘downtowns’ carinderias so good luck smiling creative smart adventurous happy filipinos o those wanna be restaureteur but foreigners lol!

  7. I have not been to Circles yet but I had the same experience in Heat. I only enjoyed the Roast Beef when I bombarded it with table salt.

  8. hi anton!!
    hmm to be honest im not so impressed with the buffet spread of circles. although their creme brulee and sushi selections are delcious but i was surprised they dont even have lamb and their seafood is pretty limited considering we went there on a seafood night 😛 i like spiral better 😀

  9. buffets are mass produced and people who go to buffets prioritize quantity over quality and hence the bingeing.
    one could not really expect michelin stars for buffets as they need to make profits so the quality is mediocre at best.

  10. linksys, well partially true
    in manila, i cant see any buffet place where quality is placed numero uno. spiral is all quantity but sad to say, quality is a bit off. circles might indeed be the best in manila … although i like heat more. but still, mediocre at best.
    have you tried the buffet at conrad hotel in hong kong ? the best. not even the dinner buffet at bellagio las vegas can beat the buffet at conrad during lunch service. Lobster, suckling pig, very good sea bass, vanilla beans rich vanilla ice cream. their taho, excellent. quantity wise, not much if you are to compare with Circles or Spiral but as for the quality, selection is concern, it is the best i have tried so far. linksys, you should try it if you visit HK.

  11. Hi Anton,
    Thanks for your reviews on the best buffets in Manila. I haven’t tried any of the restaurants, but my bf and I are planning to try Spiral one of these days. But now, I’m torn between Circles and Spiral. They are pretty expensive, so we don’t want our money to go to waste. What do you recommend? Thanks and more power to your site.

  12. I have eaten in Circles for 4 succesive years. Every Jan yun at the beginning of each year twing birthday ng son ko, And everytime I have a grand experience. Who says that the food is bland? Its consistenly GOOD! They have the best quality sushi. Their roast beef is tender and melt in your mouth and the soup is always superb esp. the brocolli cheese and cream of artichoke.I like their dimsum and indian dishes. The roast duck is crispy outside and tender inside.And to finish it all they have the widest variety of desserts. I usually like the Tiramisu, cREME BRULEE and choco ganache. The staff are always attentive and courteous. I always look forward to starting my year with a trip to CIRCLES

  13. ive eaten in a lot of buffets and you might be surprised on what i think is the best:
    circles – there are days that the food are really good. however, there are days that are very average. the only thing consistently excellent is the dessert.
    heat – the same inconsistency
    spiral – the same inconsistency. dessert and japanese food are always good.
    nielsens – japanese food and other appetizers are really good. thats it. forget about the main course and dessert.
    paseo uno – good but the food are too rich for my taste. nakakasawa agad.
    seven corners – very average. nothing particularly good or bad.
    holiday inn clark – average to good.
    cafe jeepney – the same inconsistency.
    belle vue – did i spell it right? i only ate once but its really good!
    discovery – i only ate twice but both are very rewarding. really good!
    it seems the ones offering lesser variety or smaller selection have the better tasting food since they can manage it better.. or maybe the food is still being cooked with love 🙂

  14. I ate at Circles last Tuesday night, 23 November 2010…and I was disappointed. Though it’s cheaper than Spiral, there are more better food choices in Spiral. And take note, wine is bottomless inclusive in the buffet at Spiral. In Circles, you’ll have to pay extra P750 for a bottomless wine.
    Spiral has a bigger dining area with various food choices while I find Circles a bit cramped. The advantage I see with Circles is its location situated near Glorietta, Greenbelt…
    Desserts are abundant in Spiral and are mostly yummy!
    I love watching the chefs in Spiral preparing fresh international cuisine 🙂
    Sorry Circles but I’m recommending and voting for Spiral if you have more money to spend on buffet. Cheers!

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