El Favorito Ice Cream

Elfav Malunggay Ice Cream (Single -P60/ Double – P100)

Elfav is the ice creamery of El Favorito Ice Cream, which uses skim milk from New Zealand. I can understand why they need to have different strong flavors because the skim milk has a distinct aftertaste. You’ll first encounter the flavor of the ice cream and then the sweet lingering aftertaste.


Ever since Jayvee raved about the Yakult Ice Cream and Beer Ice Cream from Elfav in BF, this was already on top of my blogging list for when we visit the BF area.


The Beer Ice Cream, which uses lager beer, tastes awful. The Malunggay Ice Cream is interesting because it looks like mint but tastes like actual malunggay. The kids love the blue Bubblegum Ice Cream. Unfortunately, the Yakult Ice Cream was out of stock when we visited.

We had a hard time finding it because it is located on the second floor of the new Pergola Mall, near the original Conti’s area. The signage is not visible from the streets so just park in the mall and go to the second floor. It is located on top of Kopi Roti.


You can play traditional board games in Elfav, including Chess…


Snakes and Ladders… (I still remember playing this when I was a kid)


and Tic Tac Toe. We went out with our college barkada Clare, who patiently taught the new generation how to play the classic games.


Elfav also serves affordable meals (see Elfav Menu) but it is more famous for its unique ice cream flavors.


I can’t wait for the Robinson’s Galleria branch to open soon after the flagship store in BF.


Elfav Ice Creamery

2nd Floor Pergola Mall
BF Homes, Commercial Center, Paranaque City
Telephone: +632 6593279
Email: elfav.pergola@yahoo.com

16 thoughts on “El Favorito Ice Cream

  1. Wow Nagutom ako. Anton, I still find the best value of ice cream at SNR. P65 pesos for the two scoops of Blue Bunny ice cream. Hi To Mare Rache, Aidan and to my inaanak Josh 🙂

  2. hi anton. im new at blogging and my first post was about elfav. i tried their eggplant parmigiana, it’s pretty good. plus, you have a free ice cream (in a shot glass nga lang) when you order their meals. 🙂

  3. malunggay, yakult and beer ice cream? now that’s unique. i hope elfav opens up more branches soon so those of us who can’t go all the way to bf can get a taste of their ice cream.

  4. Yeah just imagine driving all the way to BF and there is no yakult ice
    cream, which happened to us 🙁
    Will blog about the Robinson’s Galleria branch when it opens

  5. first time here, thanks to iBlog5
    I love your presentation on evolution of bloggers, hands down, definitely better than classifying us bloggers

  6. You’re welcome Roy! Just trying to contribute to the community. My intent is
    to inspire bloggers to continually evolve 🙂

  7. You had me at malunggay. I just love it when the unconnected connect! Especially food-wise!
    I don’t frequent the South area often, so I shall await the Robinson’s branch then!

  8. I just wanna say thank you for allowing other bloggers to post their links in your comment section, while there are others not so willing to do so. More power to your blog anton! 🙂

  9. the beer ice cream was good. that is, if you like beer. 🙂
    i do, so i found it really yummy. 🙂

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