Hi-5 in Manila!

The next generation of the Hi-5 cast for Series 11 is now in Manila.

Hi-5 is a Nickelodeon children’s show. Through song and dance, it explores different places, people, animals and technology that are important for children to know. The new cast is composed of Lauren Brant, Tim Maddren, Fely Irvine, Casey Burgess, and Steve Nicholson.

Aidan loves the Hi-5 show because of the bouncy music and animated dances. Most Pinoy kids are familiar with the old cast members or the US cast members. The new cast from Australia will be launched on June 10, 2009 in Nickelodeon (catch it Wednesdays-Fridays @ 8.30am).



The highlight of the Hi-5 cast is Fely Irvine, who is part-Filipina — she has a Filipina mom and a Scottish dad. (See more info about Fely). Meet the rest of the Hi-5 Gang:

  >Casey Burgess    >Tim Maddren

The Hi-5 Series 11 Australia Cast in their casual clothes.

You can catch them in Manila this 2009. I want to share with you the schedule for the Hi-5 Pinoy fans out there:

Hi-5 Meet & Greet @ the Ayala Malls (May 2009)
Trinoma Mall: May 13-15 1pm, 3.30pm, 6pm
Glorietta Mall: May 16-17 11.30am, 3pm, 6pm
Greenbelt Mall: May 18 11.30am, 3pm, 6pm
Market Market: May 20-22 1pm, 3.30pm, 6pm
Alabang Town Center: May 23-25 11am, 3pm, 6pm
Ayala Center Cebu: May 27-28 1.30pm, 3.30pm, 6pm

Hi-5 Promo Tour (September 2009)

Hi-5 Surprise: Live in Manila
November 25-30, 2009
Megatent, Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig

Contact Fastkid Inc. for more info about Hi-5 in Manila: +632 2160505.

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28 thoughts on “Hi-5 in Manila!

  1. It would be nice to see them but I’m afraid my little one is more familiar with the ‘old’ characters: Charlie, Kathleen, Tim, Nathan, and Kelly.

  2. During the Meet & Greet, yes libre. But during the Live Show, I’m sure it
    would probably be a paid show. Not sure how much…

  3. They are..umm Australian citizens.. but like ..their family backgrounds are from different countries.. like Kat-Phillipines..
    Charli is originally Aussie though 😛

  4. I was able to meet the new cast of Hi-5 here in Manila. Tim Maddren is a very nice person, he is so humble.

  5. Are they already selling tickets for the hi-5 surprise? heard it’s a concert. the show already went to s’pore..

  6. Is it true that they are coming to Manila for a concert – nov 25-30? if yes – please post on how to but tickets. thanks

  7. It’s true Lar.. and they’re coming back here early September.. I cannot wait 🙂
    Anton.. maybe your kids are free in September 2.. they’re going in MOA…

  8. hello, anyone knows the schedule of hi5 later and this week? i watched them performing in wowowee earlier and napakabilis nila i annouce ang sched nila in sm moa, sm north etc, i cant contact din ang sm to confirm also the time sched. baka my idea nman kayo,pls share, favorite kase sila ng daughters ko. ty

  9. Fely has twitter she just poset. http://twitter.com/felyirvine
    felyirvine Hi-5 will be performing at Podium Mall tomorrow for ‘Tayo Na Sa Australia’. And on Friday at SM North Edsa (4pm) and SM Mall of Asia (6pm).
    felyirvine ALso.. tune into GMA at 8am as Hi-5 will be appearing on TV Show and on Radio-Sundown Rundown with Hilary and Scottie JAM 88.3 @3pm tomorrow

  10. We had the chance to watch the meet and greet with the hi-5 @ Podium. My daughter is shouting out loud the name of Fely and the group’s name hi-5. And Fely was very nice pala..she looked at my daughter and smiled at her and waved her goodbye. and also stevie, he’s very nice. Can’t wait to watch their show.

  11. Hi-5 perfomed @ The Block SM North yesterday and we were there watching the group. They are all talented & fun.. My 3 yrs old daughter is shouting very loud and she call each name of the group, she had picture with one of them…she’s very happy and enjoyed dancing, she never get tired. She dance alone on the front while the audience waiting the Hi-5 to perform. All the camera man & the crew of the event was enjoyed watching and taking videos & pictures to my daughter. I guess they are all attract. All the members of Hi-5 are kind and so nice! When my daughter’s turn to take picture on the stage with the group the camera man & some of the crew was there on the front of the stage and ask to my daughter to dance with the group. The Hi-5 group was enjoyed to dance with my little girl because she memorized all the songs & steps of Hi-5. I hope we will going to watch their show on november, i will start to save budget na para may pambili ng ticket…

  12. hi and sweet hello Fely,,your my idol on hi five….,,my name is alysa mae caraan,,,I’m 11 years old only..your so BEAUTIFUL girl you have a friendster,,twitter or facebook???I will add you……….THANK YOU

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