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One Tama Intro from Duyan ng Giting on Vimeo.

One Tama is definitely a better campaign than Ako Mismo (which Smart unfortunately denied). Instead of a pledge, One Tama is a call to action to do something right for our community and country NOW — not later. The campaign is led by a group called Duyan ng Giting (Cradle of Valor) composed of young leaders inspired by the words of Jose Rizal.

Check out the campaign and do something right for our country today —

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 

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7 thoughts on “One Tama…

  1. ….wow{lol}….this ad gave me goosebumps….i say this is one of the best great social ads i’ve come across every words are like arrows hitting you in the right places i was taken for sure at oo naman kasi ang pilipinas ay talaga naman na sadyang maganda ang kabuo-an at mababait mababango ang mga filipinos magagalang masayahin at pala kaibigan ang mga locals lalo na sa probinsya kaya lang marami talaga ang naging mga sala-ula malalaswa at naging mababa ang pagka-tao naging kriminal mangagahasa naging kawatan at sinungaling at ang excuses nila ay KAHIRAPAN
    oo naman kung gutum at walang pinag aralan pero yung mga nauna kong sinabi ay kahit mayaman ang iba ay naging GANOON din so excuses lang ang kahirapan kasi pagka-tao ang pinag uusapan natin-nila hindi gutum so i am for this at let smart better-redefined their ads kasi i believe in all good filipinos ‘mistakes’ happens coz of mis-communications kasi maraming mga boss ang rich companies kaya nga masaya ako pag filipino ang usapan kasi mababait naman lahat kaya lang too many leaders kaya ‘confusing’ patawarin at they should make requirements on info ‘small’simple lang ika nga lol!

  2. ….at there’s also nothing wrong if inspirations ideas plans also came from above kasi above is also part of the world’s equations so we shouldnt leave anyone good-great behind yes all filipinos should be leaders they should individually be responsible brave courageous truthful enough to be independent self sufficient as individual leaders to INITIATE LEAD SOCIAL O NEIGHBORHOOD ‘CLEAN OUR ONE & ONLY COUNTRY-THE PHILIPPINES’ OR ‘PROLONG OUR PLANET EARTH’ OR CAMPAIGNS SUCH AS ‘FOR THE LOVE OF OUR COUNTRY THE PHILIPPINES’ OR ‘LET’S MAKE A DEAL: A CLEAN NEIGHBOHOODS OR PAY HUGE FINES lol….but remember it is also confusing & chaotic when all filipinos are leaders with final decisions are but divided into different dates places time priorities amounts criterias conflict of interests etc. so keep in mind that filipinos original intelligent designs was there for a vital magnitude of natural reasons not just for pure leaderships but to prevent chaos{conflicts of interests etc.]so it is unavoidable-helpful i am watching your healthy & the not so healthy progress to let you know where ARE THE MISSES which is the nationwide implementations of those ‘small but vital’ pprograms of your lady president gloria arroyo meaning many-some rural politicians are still practicing POOR QUALITY inferior standards that could hinder your great healthy future security so scold these poor standards politician providers to keep them in line lol

  3. cleanliness indoors/ourdoors of every filipinos counts a great help a great comfort to start with..the philippine government in all branches should implement should confront all legal-illegal issues on building-housing codes{not a single slums-squatters informal settlers allowed}bcoz of hazardous building materials involved like rusty materials if mix w/unknown other stuffs could cause ireversible damages or incorrect procedures that can be fatal etc. health code fines on all liters fines on all delays fines in all spoiled foods being sold-serves just with these 2 issues will give philippines-filipinos a billions of pesos in savings annually & an annual GDP of no less than 7% how come coz the government therefore are pressured to build more low cost condominiums for the poor so they have a decent place to live but cannot be for free coz business is business so that economy do not stagnate..fees from fines/warning tickets can be used to finance the govt. low cost housings why bcoz to build housing will cost money which means more filipinos will be needed to produce all those materials all items all that building needs to make them happened 7% GDP impossible NO NOT really bcoz in fines/fees means bad records lost of income new financial adjustments accidents or even lawsuits if not hospitalizations numbers of your needy w/c is more than 5 millions homeless even deaths if served/consumed hazardous/deadly spoiled foods/items etc. etc. meaning all these day to day social possibilities becomes a main/grand savings in the long run just check how much filipinos spent annually in hospitals health cost medicines special therapies/treatments etc.etc.then tell me if i am wrong MEANING USE COMMON SENSES then apply them make them a reality if every filipinos really meant to help to change for the love of their country the philippines lol

  4. money is never the main solution but the main help main comfort main secondary happiness even in any national success MATERIAL THINGS are needed to live comfortably but never a GUARANTEE that you will be happy just look read hear about all those millionnaires billionnaires heirs/heiresses that ended their lives early because they are unhappy about some problems which all human beings have to go through one way or another but why end your life if you have rolls royce mercedez bens limousines for cars private jets to fly you anywhere in the world at anytime mansions villas as homes a dozen servants chauffers to cater to your every wimps many gorgeous women/men to hang around you hundreds of designer shoes clothings bags luxurious jewelries millions/billions of properties and all beauty salons you can go to
    but still they end their lives living all these wealths that is supposed to be the best the better the only thing the dreams only they can have YET THEY LEFT THEM ALL to mostly strangers so huge bank accounts/material things are ONLY SECOND TO LOVE have you ever truly love someone like your parents spouses children friends natures etc. because if you truly do you will never end your life because of problems but instead you become even more stronger to protect your love ones may it be the enviroments/the natures around you MEANING if you truly love the philippines then you will be strong be there to make a difference & be socially helpful in all community activities make them easy to do easy to accomplish make your tommorrow the world’s future a better great happier healthier place to live NOT abandoned lol

  5. fastest easiest best way to help make metro manila big cities urban even rural o remote areas become a properous progressive/cosmopolitan/modern cities ay kailangan dapat talaga ang trabahador o bumibisita na mga filipinos sa lahat ng lugar ay gumamit ng mga sapatos w/ or w/o medyas o.k. lang para hindi mag mukhang rural o remote areas young mga urban o moden cities nyo dyan sa pilipinas liban na lang kung matutulog may pinsala o may tubig na kasali sa gagawin kasi marami ang nag rereklamo na mas nauna pang naging tourism at asenso ang mga hapon hongkong o singapore eh papaanong hindi sila naunang ma advanced eh nagsusuot sila ng matinong formal o disenteng metro/cosmopolitan looks/attires pag pumasok sa trabaho o mamili eh sa pilipinas mas marami ang naka tsinelas at walang collars na mga kasuotan dapat yung pang bahay sa bahay lang suot yung pang simba at pag mamimili ay halos ganoon kapareho kasi para may pagkakaiba kasi if you look at sa mga naglalakad sa downtown karamihan naka tsinelas eh syempre nagbigay yun ng laid back na mga impresyon kaya hawa-hawa lang ang mood kasi comfortable ang mga tsinelas kasi yung ang nakasanayan sa loob ng bahay kasi yun din ang tsinelas na gamit nila pag naliligo o naglalaba ang mga filipinos sa bahay-bahay nila kaya ang mga kalsada sa downtown ay parang lumabas lang ng bahay ang karamihan sa kanila hindi sa minamaliit ko yung nakasanayan na nila kundi bina-banggit ko lang kung bakit mas mabilis ang unlad ng mga mas maliit na bansa kaysa sa pilipinas kasi marunong sila like singapore ng tamang representasyun kung papaano ang civilisado o advance modern cities ay dapat iba kaysa sa loob ng mga bahay-bahay nila THE DIFFERENCE IS THE FORMALITIES kaya mas mabilis sila umunlad kasy inspired at may bright looking forward sila kasi they are different in this representasyun na kaya din naman ng mga filipinos hindi nga lang hindi masakyan kaagad na kailangan ito as parte ng tagumpay ng recipes itong differences na ito lol

  6. lahat ng filipinos ay dapat counted at dapat pagpalagahan kaya dapat yung mga agaisnt sa protective family planning programs o contraceptives o matter of life ‘abortion’ cases/issues eh dapat maging AGGRESSIVE STRONGWILLED FOCUS TO PUT ALL CHILDREN not just a chosen some but all filipinos must/should be IN preparatory day care centers or in ELEMENTARY & HIGH SCHOOLS{ages from 5 to above]NO EXCEPTIONS JUST LIKE IF THEY are ALL OUT AGAISNT ABORTIONS not letting-giving any children a mandatory elementary-high school educations is as good as CHILD ABUSED also a form of exploitations bcoz w/o education-know how is almost impossible for this children to become a normal or even a happier adults how can you communicate properly if a child cannot read & write how they can escape if victimized/abused if they cannot read street signs names or to write emergency messages LIKE PLEASE HELP! an uneducated unprepared child are easy access open invitations to be abused/exploited which even most adults like these are already suffering meaning put all under graduate minors in schools to complete their status so they can go to college if deservings THE BEST WAY FOR ANY FILIPINOS TO SHOW TO PARTICIATE TO COUNT FOR SOMETHING BY PUTTING ALL UNDER GRADUATE MINORS BACK TO SCHOOL THIS YEAR learn how to love how to care how to be part of something by helping in bridging these social gaps between the rich the poor the adults the poors salamat po ng marami

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