Taumbayan – The Artists’ Tambayan

We were hesitant at first to visit Taumbayan (near the Kamuning/Tomas Morato area) because we thought it was a bar that’s only open at night. Curiosity won out though, so we brought Aidan and Joshua along to check it out. We were pleased with our Taumbayan experience that we wished there’s a tambayan like this in the Makati area. It reminded me of the original Trellis along McKinley road.

Taumbayan is the artists’ tambayan, conceptualized by 9 theater artist friends. It is a house converted into a haven for yuppies who miss the college tambayan vibe and for performance artists who want a place to hang out after rehearsals. The dress code is “come as you are” so don’t be surprised if Ge (one of the owners) welcomes you in pambahay clothes. The place is air-cooled with electric fans, which is now becoming a trend.



The menu is in Tagalog and offers traditional pulutan (which Filipinos just love) and weekly specials that rotate to ensure you come back every week. Taumbayan also serves San Mig Light, vodka, brandy, scotch, tequila and wine like any typical bar.


Wifi is free so you’ll see people with their laptops. Tuesday is “Game Night” (but I didn’t notice anyone playing board games). Thursday, on the other hand, is “Videoke Night”. On Saturdays, acoustic performances are held there. We were told that as soon as the place gets the operations systematized, it will be open for lunch too.


Taumbayan is a Filipino Tambayan in a class of its own.


Ge (Geraldine Villamil), one of the owners, gave us a grand tour of Taumbayan.


There is a second floor with a function room and veranda for more intimate gatherings.


The veranda is ideal for barkada inuman for up to 10 people.


The restaurant also serves as a gallery for various artists. Most of the art on display are for sale.


After feasting our eyes on the colorful artwork, we sat down to eat our Taumbayan feast. 🙂


Inihaw na Adobo (P160) Liempong inadobo tsaka inihaw.


The liempo is cooked adobo-style where the juices are absorbed by the meat and then cooked inihaw style (grilled) to get the smoky flavor. It was served as a whole liempo but I guess you can ask to have it served chopped already. “Sarapski!” as Teddy would say…


Kudos to Stella Balucas (with her screen name “Canete”), who is the chef of Taumbayan.


Bar-BQ ni Manong Jaime (P105) Pork bbq sticks na timplang estero

I’ve always wanted to eat the kind of BBQ that is served on the streets in a restaurant. Finally, I got that experience here. As soon as it was placed on our table, I immediately wanted to order another serving.

Make Tusok Tusok (P100) d fishballs, d quekiam & d squid balls.

I couldn’t resist ordering the Make Tusok Tusok. It not only makes a great pulutan but it’s also something the kids would love. When the fishballs were served, the little boys competed to finish the most fishballs.

Ensalada Platter (P120) Inisteam na native gulay na may bagoong balayan.

After a serving of meat protein, you need to balance it with vegetable carbohydrates. The platter of eggplant, baguio beans, okra and tomato with bagoong balayan is very Filipino.

Kasuy Kare Kare (P330) Ox Tripe & Short Ribs sa malinamnam na Cashew Sauce.

We also ordered the weekly specials like the Kasuy Kare Kare and Binagoongan. Both were disappointing because they tasted a bit diluted. The weekly specials are priced at P200-P300+ per dish, which can be shared with 2-3 persons.

If you find yourself in the Kamuning or Tomas Morato Area, drop by Taumbayan and let me know what you think. Would you make Taumbayan your new tambayan?
40 T. Gener Street corner K-1st near Kamuning Road, Quezon City
Telephone: +632 501-2399
Mobile: +63917 810-4034, +63929 438-3912
Email: photokitchen@gmail.com

Driving Directions: If you are coming from E. Rodriguez, turn into Tomas Morato and make a right turn on Kamuning. Then, turn right on 40 T. Gener Street, which is the second right. The first corner after Kamuning is K-1st where you would see Hot Grills first, which is across Taumbayan.


20 thoughts on “Taumbayan – The Artists’ Tambayan

  1. Rache looks so chic with her shorter haircut!
    The inihaw na adobo looks very interesting and seemingly doable at home.
    Masubukan nga.
    Speaking of game night, Anton, would you know a bar/bistro or restaurant that holds regular Game Nights? Or more accurately, Quiz Nights like the ones they have in the U.S.?

  2. There was a resto in Jupiter that had quiz nights. My friends went and had a ball. Maybe OAP can host a regular one in a resto.

  3. i hear there’s a fun quiz/trivia game night in murphy’s in makati every tuesday (not sure about the day of the week)

  4. Yes, Murphy’s has Quiz Night every Tues. It’s very popular and well-attended, with regulars who go every week; you have to reserve way ahead because if you just show up, it would already be too full.
    By the way, the Trellis on McKinley was a short-lived branch, not the original. The more well-known one is in UP Teacher’s Village in QC. I used to go there often when I was in college. Though, I recently heard that Trellis actually started inside a golf course in one of the military bases (Nichols?).

  5. inihaw na adobo kare-kare bbq{local pinoy flavor}etc. wow! lol nakakagutum naman talaga naman po ang sarap ng pagkain ninyo dyan sa philippines so rich in culture magaganda na ang mga filipinas ay mga guapo naman ang mga filipinos tapos after seeing those ordinary walls i realized that the arts{drawings sketches}in those walls are not at all ordinary hopefully these ‘gifted’ artists will try to venture into much BIGGER projects such as oil o acrylic pantings but with a local cultural subjects but international ang qualities o mga high ends ang standards like those themes ng mga provinces o local games ang views o subjects nila like ‘tumbang preso’sa kalsada o patintero sa halamanan sipa sa burol-paltok habulan ‘tex tayo’ [mini cards}siatong sa bukid ‘pinipagan sa anihan’ o bayuhan ng palay but i will appreciate very much will buy at any prices if themes are about ‘tampisaw sa tubig’ nakaupong mga babae sa tulay na nagbibiruan habang nilalaro ng mga paa nila yung daloy ng tubig o naglalaba sila sa batis tapos yung mga paa nila nilalaro ay yung agos ng tubig also haranahan sa mga probinsya yung mga pangangabayo-horses sa haciendas o takbuhan kasama mga aso sa gubat manukan sa umaga o flores de mayo pero sa prubinsya at ricefields o forest ang backgrounds at also yung pagtatanim ng mga puno o gulay sa baguio cordilleras naman ang backgrounds i also adore yung panunuso sa bukid at mga larong akyat puno sa burol o sa manggahan at yung mga narrow streets na mga gotohan supas puto halo-halo minatamis sago-gulaman at laman loob ng mga bbq’s vendors o even balut stands with crowds{backgrounds] so hopefully some of my friends can buy these oil painting themes i desire plus the delivery thank you ng marami in advance just make them happened lol

  6. i wouldnt mind any filipino local artist’s drawings sketches even in water colors but of JEEPNEY kalesas in the roads o carabao hauling sacks of rice o vegetables i like night life scenes in open spaces bars o restaurants even open flea markets has mass appeal internationally if colored pencils crayons horses dogs chicken roosters goats puppies even parks in groups are the most appealing in the world of arts internationally but ‘decent’ wooden frames color coordinations when displayed
    are a must if wanted to be taken seriously filipinos oil paintings drawings sketches are your best house art interiors the best businesses crowd pleasers crowd drawers restaurants initial eye openers{crowd curiousities}i am always fascinated in certain styles i like intimate styles it takes my focus it takes my desire to know about who made them & when.. i love wonderful inspiring soul searching cultural scenarios in paintings drawings that can put me in the moods to sometimes even to desire to be part of what’s in it lol

  7. Thanks everyone for their helpful tips! I got interested in quiz night because of a particularly funny episode from The Office (UK and US). I’ll check out Murphy’s nga.
    To anyone who’s attended a quiz night, is it a group thing?

  8. hi anton,
    thank you very much for this very kind review of our place, TAuMBAYAN. i hope you won’t wind i post a link in my facebook account? would be very encouraging to my partners, and a very good endorsement too! hehehehe.
    please do drop by again when you are around kamuning/morato area. and yes, i will check out the other places you have written about, especially nomnomnom.
    with much respect,
    joel saracho

  9. My bestfriend and I regularly hangout here ever since I read about it on your blog. I love the ‘tambay’ feel. The waiters are very accommodating and friendly too.
    🙂 Wonderful blog by the way. God Bless!

  10. Glad you tried out this place and had the taumbayan experience. I have spent so many happy and busog Saturday nights in this place, I lay claim over it as my official happy place. Taumbayan is teeming with a lot of Pinoy talents who sings their hearts out on Saturdays, which is their open mic night.
    I hope a lot of people can share the experience too.

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