Henry’s Place by Good Earth

HK Chef Henry Cheung of Good Earth with Syoti Joshua 🙂

The Burgos Circle in Forbes Town Center at the Fort is coming alive with new restaurants. Recently, Good Earth (along the Fort Strip) transferred to this budding restaurant circle and rebranded itself as Henry’s Place by Good Earth. Most of the restaurants are opening on this side of the Fort because of cheaper rent provided by Megaworld versus the Ayalas.

We love Good Earth, and we recently found out from Chef Henry that it originated in Hong Kong in the New Territories area. Good Earth has three branches in Manila — one in Greenbelt 3, one in Rockwell and now in the Fort Burgos Circle.


Henry’s Place projects the same Zen-like feel but with light-colored beige interiors with clear glass plates. The difference this time is that you’ll see Chef Henry interacting with the customers, which rarely happened when I visited Good Earth before.


They serve the same Good Earth Chinese classics like Spareribs with Mandarin Sauce, Drunken Chicken, Roast Duck Hong Kong Style, Popoy’s Delight, Duck Taro and Shanghai Chili. In Henry’s Place, they serve new dishes like Pan-fried Mantis and the Lobster Supreme. The average price of the main dishes are P400+ and they would justify it by saying that the servings are good for 2 or more.


Hot & Sour Soup (P120)


These days, Rache is looking for good soup places because she prefers it at this point in her pregnancy. Since Henry’s Place just opened recently, we forgive them for putting too much black vinegar in this Hot & Sour soup.


Popoy’s Delight Steamed Lapu Lapu (P395)

This is a classic favorite — steamed lapu lapu with soy sauce and slices of ham in between.


Yang Chow Fried Rice (P270)

The Yang Chow fried rice has bits of chorizo, shrimp, egg and salty fish. It is probably good for 2-4 people.


For Good Earth lovers out there, you might want to try the new dishes of Chef Henry. 🙂 (Don’t forget to ask him before you order.)



Unit ES-3, Burgos Circle, Forbes Town Center,
(Beside Sugar House Dessert Place)
Rizal Drive corner West Crescent Park,
The Fort, Taguig City
Contact: Belle de Guzman Sous Chef/ Manager
Mobile Number: +63 926 9098515

9 thoughts on “Henry’s Place by Good Earth

  1. Good Earth is overpriced, ok-lang Chinese food. I like the ambience of their restos, whether it’s the first one (?) in Magallanes, and Rockwell.

  2. For fish fillet, just go to Mey Lin. They had–don’t know if it’s been incorporated into Tong Yang, where you can have it, too–a branch in Megamall. Mey Lin also has hot and sour soup, made fresh daily. Jackson, one of the owners, explained to us when they were out of stock, that they do not make a lot as it is not easy to make on the spot, and heated leftovers do not taste the same as freshly cooked soup. Last month, I had yummy hot and sour soup in Far Eastern Royal Garden.

  3. .. i don’t agree…
    love Good Earth so much… I’ve been a fan since the “Magallanes-time..”
    Love the food…
    i don’t think it’s over priced.. money’s worth for a good food…
    food at good earth is way better than MeyLin’s…

  4. I also didn’t like henry’s place. their food is so-so and overpriced! i prefer Eat Well both in pricing and taste.

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