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La Cuisine Francaise by Michele d’ Orival first got its cult foodie following when it opened in the Salcedo Saturday Market. Also, every time it joined foodie events like Pink Kitchen, foodies raved about the homemade French cuisine. Finally, its French Deli/Restaurant was set up in Salcedo Village, directly across Apartment 1B. It is refreshing to see good and reliable French food available everyday (even on Sunday) and as late as 12mn for dine in or take out in the heart of Makati.


I liked the ambiance, which was welcoming (instead of intimidating). Even the waiters, servers and guards were very accommodating. They have been trained very well to provide a pleasant experience.

The fresh bouquet of roses on every table and mini-tree at the center of the restaurant added to the homey atmosphere.

La Cuisine Francaise Menu
Soupes, Entrees, Selection of Homemade Pates & Terrines, Main Course |
Grillades, Vegetarian Corner, Fish, Desserts | Drinks Menu

Carte des Vins (Wines) Menu: page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
(Can someone comment if they have a good selection of wine?)


The meal started with a complimentary serving of French Bread with Butter


…and, interestingly, a complimentary Thai Salad (which is a bit spicy) with a small piece of bread with pate.

Soupe a L’Oignon (P250 +10%sc). Caramelized Onion Soup with White Wine & Gratineed

This was a comforting serving of French Onion Soup with Mozzarella in a huge soup bowl — good to share.


Poulet Roti Provencal (P350 +10%sc). Roast Spring Chicken stuffed with Forty Cloves of Garlic, Provence Herbs & served with Sauteed Potatoes & Saffron Aioli Sauce

A simple dish with roasted chicken, which was soft, juicy and tasty. The Aioli Sauce (made from garlic, butter and saffron) made this dish interesting, with the tomatoes and garlic on the sides. This is one of their bestsellers.


Bouillabaisse (P635+10%sc). Seafood Stew from Marseille with Scallops, served with Garlic Croutons and Saffron Aioli Sauce

We had a hard time choosing the second dish because Rache had certain food preferences. We decided to order the seafood Bouillabaisse, expecting the usual creamy sauce with seafood served in Barrio Fiesta. The seafood was just OK. I was hoping the shrimp would have a bit more crunch and the fish meat to be juicy. The soup broth itself is not something you would be enticed to finish to the last drop.


Nougat Glace aux Pistaches (P250+10%sc). Iced Nougat with Ginger Pistachios (Provence) and Almond Tuiles

We loved the combination of flavors — the Strawberry and Mango sweet, tangy sauce went well with the ice cream with its different nuts (ginger pistachios, almonds) and a fig/preserved kind of fruit. An interesting dessert to try late at night after a dinner in Makati.

Some people swear by La Cuisine Francaise’s apple pie, saying that it induces an eye-rolling-you-don’t-know-what-happened-to-you feeling because of its goodness.


You can order food for take out anytime from the Deli.

Next time, we will try the different sausages and pate selection.

No doubt, this place will be a favorite hangout of foodies and romantics in the Makati Area. 🙂


La Cuisine Francaise by Michele d’ Orival
G/F Paseo Parkview Condominiums
Sedeno corner San Agustin Sts.
Salcedo Village, Makati City
(In front of Apartment 1B)

Tel./Fax: +632 893-2072
Mobile: +63918 924-6405
For Reservations: +632 501-5202, 752-0335
Monday to Sunday 10am to 12mn




Live An Awesome Life,


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009.
mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627)

P.S. What’s your favorite in La Cuisine Francaise?





17 thoughts on “La Cuisine Francaise

  1. Hey anton, hows their bread? is it fresh from the oven or just reheated? am looking for some real nice baguette here in manila, dont know where to find one that is really good. 😀

  2. I really love their Spinach Gratin and their couscous with lamb. Thank God they finally opened a resto. Will visit soonest! Thanks Anton!

  3. Everytime I go to the Salcedo Market, I always end up buying their quiche and beef stew. So yummy!
    Regarding the wine list… It seems pretty comprehensive despite the fact that they’re all French wines. The major wine regions are well-represented.

  4. They have outstanding food as they have been a regular fixture at the Salcedo Market for many years.
    The restaurant is being true to form by offering French wines only.

  5. Try ALEXANDRE at the Fort. They sell fresh baked baguettes, other breads and croissants. Anton blogged about them, too.

  6. My husband, friends and I just had dinner in this place last night. I loved the onion soup and the chocolate souffle. Yum!

  7. Hi Anton!
    The corkage is very reasonable. I recall 350 or 450. The atmosphere is very homey and the owner is always there! It is a big plus! 🙂
    The winelist is getting better! 🙂 and they are coming up with caberets, etc. was just there last night again!
    Best Regards,

  8. A shame all the restaurants on your link are vegetarian; although I guess that’s hardly surprising when it’s PETA’s website, and they do have an agenda to push. How many of us who enjoy French cuisine appreciate a link to PETA?

  9. went here for the P299 coupon buffet. arrived 11.45 still closed. snooty waiter went to the door and tapped the closed sign then walked away. according to the coupon they open at 11AM btw. knocked again so the waiter opened his payong lock and said they will open mamaya maya. waited 30 minutes outdside. finally asked them if we could come in. other waiter said okay but we have to wait for the food. after another 30 minutes we were told that the food is finally ready. we were surprised to find out that they were just serving glorified tinola, pork adobo, soup, rice and veggies. totally not worth it. we could have had a better meal in landmark food court for P150. considering we came all the way from baguio we were so disappointed. average food, bad service. overall, this is just a classy turo-turo with very bad service

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