No, We Will Not Slide… We Will Jump Off a 30-ft Waterfall!

Mapawa River Trek Waterfall Challenge (4 of 5 Series)

[Mapawa River Trek is one of the awesome adventures that await you in Cagayan de Oro, where you follow the natural path of the Mapawa River through Five Waterfall Challenges. Can you conquer your fear and survive the Mapawa River Trek?!]

This is my favorite waterfall challenge where you have to jump a 30-ft waterfall.

 (Fortunately, we had two cameras capturing this exciting jump.)

This is the view from the top of the waterfall.

Meg was the first one to jump. She just did it without any hesitation.

This is where we waited for our turn and asked ourselves, “To Jump or Not to Jump?!?”

Dedet was actually afraid and she needed one of the guides to jump with her.

1…  2… 3…… JUMP!

It is better to jump first because the longer you wait, the more that you’ll be afraid to jump.

You can also decide to fly…

To Jump or Not to Jump?  She backed out…

For kids, they have the option to jump while embraced by the guides.

This is the view from the jump-off ledge.

From below, the 25-ft waterfall does not look too high.

As for me, I did the Michael Jackson jump where you pinch your nose and protect your private parts from the impact (ang pangit lang sa pictures…)

Tito Mora was the last to jump; the rest already decided to give up and walk around the waterfall…

Tito almost gave up, but at the last moment, he took the plunge!

Finally, as a reward, we had a binalot lunch of adobo, rice and egg…

A well-deserved rest before the final waterfall challenge. (To be continued…)

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 
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10 thoughts on “No, We Will Not Slide… We Will Jump Off a 30-ft Waterfall!

  1. our cdo adventure was the most awesome adventure i had with my daughters!! wait until you post our canopy thrill of death adventure…baka the cdo adventure will be more popular than your awesome batanes!! : )

  2. weeee! im glad to see your posts anton! we’re planning a cdo trip this december and are just looking forward to the white-water rafting… il make sure this trek will be included in our itinerary! im soooo excited…specially since we’re doing a road trip from zamboanga city! 😀 i think 4 days wont be enough! 😀

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