Roti Mum’s The Oat Bun

ULTIMATE TASTE TEST 2.0 RATING: 3.8 out of 5.0

One of the best coffee buns I’ve tasted…

I was personally surprised that Roti Mum’s Coffee, Choco and Oat Buns were among the highly rated food items in the Ultimate Taste Test Event 2.0. They did not hit the 4.0 rating because there were 3 foodies who commented, “Kopi Roti is Better” and rated them with 2.0 only.

What I love about Roti Mum is their new product — The Oat Bun! It uses whole oats for more fiber and less sugar than its coffee and choco counterparts. This bun was first introduced in the Philippines because of the push of the owners to provide a healthier alternative for the Filipino market (good job!).

We will surely see them in the bigger Ultimate Taste Test event but we requested that they give out tasting portions of their buns instead of the whole buns. We noticed that Roti Mum was a popular take-out item in the taste event. 🙂

Roti Mum’s The Oat Bun Story
by Emil Vincent Sitjar

Our company, Roti Mum, dubbed as Singapore’s Best Coffee Bun, has been operating in the Philippines for 2 1/2 years now with our initial shop at SM Megamall. Eventually, we opened in SM Mall of Asia and SM City Davao. We are likewise scheduled to open Roti Mum in Robinson’s Place Manila in September and SM City Cagayan de Oro in October or November.

Our shop initially started as a single product shop, meaning we only sold Coffee Buns. Our foray into the Café concept started in Davao (incidentally, our hometown) in May 2009 where we now serve brewed coffee with unlimited refills together with the Coffee Bun.

In December of 2007, we launched the Choco Bun, with kids as the main market, since some parents were wary of the coffee content of our Coffee Buns. Fortunately, adults likewise enjoyed the taste of our Choco Bun.

This year, and after studying what the market needs, we came up with a healthier alternative to our Coffee and Choco Buns: The Oat Bun.

We realized that Filipino consumers, in general, have been conscious about calories, fiber, sugar content and other health factors when it comes to the food they eat. Our oat bun was formulated with much consideration to people who are sugar-/calorie-sensitive (e.g. diabetics) and those people who need to increase their fiber intake.

The buns we prepare are all imported from Singapore, including the cream which we pipe in for the flavor. It is essentially the same bun you get to taste in Roti Mum outlets in Singapore, Indonesia, China and Korea. Luckily, it is just the Philippines that is offering Oats. Singapore will offer the oats by next month.

Like your requirement, we feel Roti Mum is still not too popular in the market (especially in the Makati/Fort area) simply because we have not expanded beyond our capacity. We believe that it is essential for us to maintain our quality in every shop that we open.

Roti Mum Buns may fall under the Dessert Category. However, we have noticed that it is actually a very flexible concept as they have been served as dessert, breakfast fare and, to some extent, pre-meal appetizers.

Coffee= P50/ bun

Choco and Oats= P55/ bun

Upper Ground Floor Level (Beside Powerbooks)
SM Megamall A, 
Corner Julia Vargas Ave and EDSA 
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila Philippines
TeleFax Number: +632 6384250

4th Floor Level (Beside The Block Cinema Ticket Office)
EDSA Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines
Telephone Number: +632 3813560

2nd Floor Level (Across Science Discovery Center)
SM Mall of Asia 
Bay Center Pasay City, Metro Manila Philippines
Telephone Number: 63 2 556-2816


Live an Awesome Life,  


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 
mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627) 

8 thoughts on “Roti Mum’s The Oat Bun

  1. ive had rotimum n kopi roti buns. i must say that i like kopi roti better. the crust (?) on top n bottom areas of the buns are crunchy n yummy plus it’s also soft inside n has enough buttery flavor 😉 yummy talaga. also the crust has more coffee flavor than rotimum. rotimum is ok. each has her own preferences but for me kopi roti is still it! 😉

  2. My cousin went to SG last month and she bought me Roti Mum’s oat bun.. I must say it was the best! we’ll of course we had different taste bud =)
    Kopi Roti Coffee Bun is also good.. Try also the Deli France Coffee Bun.. taste good also =)

  3. anton, i wonder when are you going to post the other concessionaires who took part in the ultimate taste as well? i was in the event and i look forward to seeing the comments and ratings of the other foodies.. it has been a month since you last posted about the event. i do hope you have the time to continue the ratings 🙂

  4. Their product is good, but franchisers beware, they are not good business partners. they are better off doing the business alone instead of partnering with other people who might be victimized by their unprofessional ways. they are very good talkers and when you have paid them in full, their support goes bad! I do hope that the Franchisers Association of the Philippines first review all their previous franchisee before they accept their application. They speak of quality but their bread sometimes are burnt and no butter inside. And once the clients complain, they dont do anything about it.

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