“To See Is To Believe”

The Philippine Economic Miracle Part 2 of 4 by Willy E. Arcilla

[I’m republishing the articles written by my friend Willy Arcilla, the marketing genius behind the success of C2 in the Philippines and Vietnam, on his 2020 vision for the Philippines. I share this vision that soon all of us will say, “I Live an Awesome Life in the Philippines.” – Anton, Founder/ Editor of  Our Awesome Planet ]

But perhaps nothing beats visiting the archipelago of 7,107
islands as to see is to believe. 
One can now fly on an Airbus A380 and land in the modern Philippine
International Airport (formerly DMIA and Clark)
in Pampanga that now rivals
Singapore’s Chang-I, take a high-speed train for 15 minutes over 80 km of
well-manicured ricefields
along the route, then get off at a spanking NAIA
international terminal (formerly NAIA 3)
now akin to Kuala Lumpur.  One is greeted at the airport by young
and courteous immigration officials and even “bellhops” to lend luggage assistance
for free.  Philippine-brand
taxicabs are brand new and clean,
metered with official receipts, and driven by
honest and polite drivers who speak English and some colloquial Spanish and
Russian, Mandarin and Cantonese, Korean and Japanese, Malay and Arabic, enough
to take first-time tourists to their destination.  One’s  cellphone
beeps with a welcome message and language options appear with a tourist
helpline for emergencies manned 24/7 by courteous multilingual staff.
  Scores of tourist information centers
dot the cityscape.

The major thoroughfares are wide and long, impeccably
smooth, lined by colorful flowering plants, with clear directional signs and
brightly illuminated at night throughout their entire stretch.  A new patriotism is palpable as the
bold colors of the national flag flutter proudly
against an azure sky on the major
streets and in front of all buildings, with not a few in front of houses or flying
on vehicles.  Roads are named after
national heroes
such as Rizal, Bonifacio, del Pilar, Gomburza, Silang,
Lapu-Lapu, Malvar, Aquino, Diokno, Manglapus, Roces, Tanada, Salonga, Cardinal
Sin, and even foreigners who have helped the country, like Gen. Douglas
McArthur, Fr. James Reuters and monuments preserve their memory.  New urban centers are named after
historic places of bravery and heroism like Pugad Lawin and Tirad Pass, Bataan
and Corregidor.  The business
districts have been redeveloped to provide more breathing space, or “green
lungs” for the nation’s workforce.
Pockets of parks and gardens dot the entire metropolis akin to Saigon’s
French-inspired parks for smaller neighborhoods and communities.  Even the old cities and districts of Pasay,
Quiapo and Rizal Avenue in Manila, Cubao in Quezon City, long suffering from
urban decay, have undergone a massive renewal program tapping foreign funds that
have restored them to their former glory and splendor similar to London’s
Canary Wharf and Shanghai’s Bund.  Megamalls
have given way to MEGAPARKS where families are free to stroll, run, play, and picnic
amidst the lush greenery of trees,
grassy knolls and flowering plants, without
having to spend unlike in shopping malls.  The public has access to cultural performances, museums and
libraries with free wifi.


The clutter of billboard advertising has been replaced by elegant
neo-Filipino architecture
that witnessed a renaissance from both Filipino and
foreign architects.  Billboard advertisers
realized their overspending on mass media produced boomerang effects as
consumers consumed themselves to poverty. 
To make up for decades of brainwashing to buy and spend;
shop-till-you-drop, companies started urging folks to save and invest.

There is no graffiti or litter anywhere on the streets and incessant
flooding due to rains has ceased. 
and single detached units are now more affordable to a rising middle class with
an average of 2 children, and private exclusive subdivisions are giving way to
more inclusive communities that no longer distinguish between the rich and the
poor.  One will notice the
disappearance of shanties in squatter colonies, now replaced by
brightly-colored, neatly-organized communities with signs “Welcome to GK” where
neighbors live in harmony with one another.
 Violent demolitions have ceased as residents of squatter
colonies voluntarily dismantled their shanties and relocated to the countryside
where they grew their own food – staple crops, vegetables and fruits, livestock
and poultry – and sold their surplus for an incremental source of livelihood.  The Church hierarchy played a pivotal
role when it made a categorical statement condemning overpopulation by the poor
arising from the irresponsible use of the gift of procreation, thus ending up
with too many offspring poor parents cannot afford to feed.  Without the need for birth control and
artificial contraception, people practiced responsible parenthood – delaying
marriage, abstaining or natural family planning.


The newfound patriotism is also finding expression in local fashion
exemplified by modernized versions of the “baro-at-saya”,
popularized by patriotic
celebrities and young airline stewardesses of the national flag carrier that
has all but replaced the skimpy wear that exploited women’s virtues.  The 21st century Maria Clara
and barong tagalog have become the standard wear in formal events. 
 Philippine architecture entered a golden era as increasingly
more developers and homeowners designing buildings and establishments preferred
a Filipino theme, used indigenous materials, and named them in honor of
Filipino heroes.  A famous city landmark
called the “Twin Horns” skyscrapers in a central business district, shaped like
the horns of the lowly carabao,
the beast of burden symbolic of the Filipinos’
resilience and silent hard work, is connected by a Filipino-themed 7-star hotel
plus a shopping complex featuring world-class Filipino products. 


A system of modern, clean, and efficient mass rapid
transport trains now run quietly on 2 levels,
providing commuters with
air-conditioned escalator ramps going up-and-down, while studies are underway deliberating
between the first Metro subway ala Singapore and Hong Kong or a 3rd
elevated railway by 2025.  These
have successfully decongested the roads of public utility and private vehicles,
most of which are now running on locally-made biofuel or electricity.  Even the wailing sirens of police
escorts and bodyguards for politicians have fallen silent.  Most impressive is the noticeable
improvement in road courtesy and motorist discipline, and pedestrians using
zebra crossings or crossbridges, thus resulting in smoother traffic flow and
higher productivity.
  The country’s
erstwhile dependence on foreign oil has been replaced with alternative forms of
renewable energy.


The stench in Manila Bay has disappeared while marine life
has reappeared. 
Even the Pasig
River is unrecognizable because the color has turned from a stagnant, slimy black
to flowing brown waters. 
Modern, bright-colored
and environmentally-friendly ferries now transport students and housewives,
workers and traders up and down the stretch of the Pasig from its mouth in
Manila Bay and upriver.  There is a
special tourist run leading all the way to Laguna de Bay,
which itself has undergone
a transformation from once being the world’s largest septic tank to the world’s
largest fish farm and aquarium.


Gone are street urchins and beggars, as all are now at
school or at home, at work or at play. 
Students at all levels read assiduously, write proficiently and speak
fluently in English with a neutral accent, while respecting Tagalog as a national
language.  Performance scores in
English, Mathematics, Science and Engineering, have soared to rival the best in
Asia — the Koreans, Chinese and Indians, even surpassing their American
counterparts.  A third language is
commonly taught in all schools – Mandarin or Korean, Spanish or  Russian.  To supplement the efforts of the educational sector, mass
media undertook part of the responsibility for values formation.  TV programs and magazines were revamped
voluntarily by broadcast networks and publishers to promote human virtues,

while suppressing the countervalues such as sex and violence, gossip and foul
language.  Even the drive to
restore English proficiency received a booster shot when the KBP decided to
reair Sesame Street and promote English usage in daily soap operas.


On visiting the countryside, one can take a 10-lane
expressway from Aparri down to Jolo,
crossing islands via safe and efficient
Roll-on, Roll-off (RORO) ferries, and one notices that all of the land has been
put to productive use – either as farms or communities with well-manicured
gardens.  The expressway and major
thoroughfares are lined with beautiful greenery consisting of the leafy acacia,
narra and kamagong, coconut and mango, with the multi-colored bougainvillea
creeping up concrete posts of flyovers. Rows of informal settlers along the
national roads have been replaced with guardrails and ornamental plants as
rural GK townships and villages have embraced all former squatters.  Trains traverse Luzon from north to
south, and criss-cross the island of Mindanao
, making travel overland efficient
and affordable, safe and reliable for ordinary Filipinos.


Practically all of the country’s major tourist attractions
have been developed with modern infrastructure network consisting of roads and
bridges, hotels and clean restrooms
– from Aparri to Jolo and the islands of
Batanes to Basilan – making local tourism accessible and affordable for local
and foreign visitors.  This has
also decongested the world-famous Boracay island, which was crumbling under the
weight of overconstruction, thus spreading the benefits of local tourism
development across the archipelago – Pagudpud and La Union, Alaminos and Subic
in the north, Batangas and the Bicol region in the south, Palawan, Mindoro and
Masbate islands, Samar and Leyte in eastern Visayas, Camiguin and Siargao in
Northern Mindanao, Davao and the Sulu islands in the south.


Filipino countervalues of “bahala na” and “pwede na yan”,
“ningas cogon” and “bukas na lang”, “baka makaisa” and “baka makalusot”,
“unahan” and “get rich quick mentality”,   “chismis and intriga”, “pro-foreigner colonial
mentality and anti-Filipino crab mentality” have started to give way to a new
work ethic and morality driven by love for God and country.  Enlightened leadership replaced the
status quo characterized by privilege and patronage.  “Sipag at tiyaga” and  a “country above self” ethos replaced mediocrity and
“kanya-kanya”.  A culture of blame
and judging has changed to one of accountability, inspired by the admonitions of
Jesus Chris
t when He warned his disciples “not to judge so you may not be
judged yourself”; and “why do you notice the splinter in a neighbor’s eye, but
not the plank in your own”. 
Indeed, the face of Christ started to shine in a people who once adjudged
each other godless – as everyone sought to fulfill the 2 greatest commandments
which are to “love God above all, and love one’s neighbor as oneself”.  Man’s greatest temptations of pride and
power, fame and fortune, are now resisted by a genuine display of humility and
honor, heroism and holiness. 
Hurting became helping.


As a visitor picks up a copy of the day’s paper, he glances
at the front page.  Puzzled, he quickly
leafs through the rest of the newspaper, as if he picked up the wrong paper or
he is in another country.  Then he heaves
a sigh of relief and a smile crosses his face as he realizes that all the negative
reporting and pessimistic editorials, self-flagellation and finger-pointing,
scams and scandals, conflicts and controversies of media sensationalism are now
distant memory, replaced by genuine good news about the Philippine economic miracle
that Filipinos continue to create and build, while inspiring the rest of the world. 

Indeed, the Filipino miracle seems, to borrow a popular line
of balikbayans, “for good”.

[The author is a business graduate from the UP and an industrial economist from the UA&P-CRC.  He has a 25-year career in various roles in Corporate Planning, Marketing, Sales, and General Management across Asia-Pacific, and is a recipient of the Agora Award for Marketing Excellence.  He is now President of Business Mentors, Inc., a newly-formed management consultancy firm and Regional Director of ZMG Ward Howell, Inc.]

29 thoughts on ““To See Is To Believe”

  1. Once again the idea of natural family planning as commanded by the church is extremely problematic, as research has shown time and time again that foregoing honest and full sexual education, including proper teachings of contraceptives, in favor of teaching only abstinence and “waiting to be married,” leads to an INCREASE in the pregnancy rate and the spread of sexually transmitted disease.
    And once again, even if somehow this technique works, simple mathematics does not support that idea that population stabilization can happen in 10 years, if you’re also claiming a dramatic increase in infant mortality, life expectancy, and a huge decrease in Filipinos moving out of the country.
    Even worse, taking that into account, a sudden massive population having individual condominiums and farmland, plus room for wide, pristine roads, and thriving rainforests? I would like to know where all of this space will suddenly come from.
    I would like someone to pratically explain to me how all of these can possibly be true, because the only way I can imagine for it to happen would be that a massive revolution that would kill half the population and a government that forces everyone else to obey under strict rule of dictatorship.
    In fact, I would like someone to give me one actual example of another country that managed the dramatic change this author is proposing for the Philippines, without having gone through a violent revolution in which most of the casualties were the middle and lower class.

  2. lol!.. a wonderful beautiful wishful thinking but also feasible these could actually happened if filipinos faith in arroyos are good firm enough to make it happened the first viewer is not convinced..has no great faith in filipino people..out of poverty means every family will have decent shelters homes to live has food in the tables has access to centavo free elementary & high school tuition fees has access to both water & electricity has decent public road access health insurance has a job or just has a small means to survive and has a legal citizen status etc. about infant & maternal mortality that is possible if the phils. government can keep the implementations of public cleanliness & street orders[no o zero streets & sidewalks hazards} street vendors open flea markets will have designated access areas to open in every towns a national health insurance for all filipinos can help minimized medical problems.. with less enviromental economic social religious or family STRESSES can also help even lessened the rest of deseases..the pprograms of the lady president of gloria m. arroyo is the guarantee that this author’s wishful thinking are feasible ..can actually become a reality but filipinos must have faith
    to ones self to help make them dream come true so the world is a better happier safer healthier place to live so good luck mga mahal na mahal na filipinos lol!..

  3. Arvin, there is nothing wrong in dreaming. However, I agree that the vision is quite unrealistic given the timeline.
    What I don’t agree with is your vision of the revolution. Don’t get me wrong. The vision would/could materialize in a short time if a revolution happens and a benevolent dictator comes to power. What I am odds with is who will be the “main” casualties of this war. I don’t think it should be the middle and lower class. It should be those from the upper classes. Why? Simply because they are the ones holding all the wealth of the nation and therefore, would be targeted by the revolutionaries, which would most likely be composed of the middle class and the lower class people – Filipinos who are fed up with having to live from the scraps of the wealthy and the powerful.

  4. I would love to hear some actual examples in history in which a revolution that ended well for the society in general did not claim the middle and especially the lower class as its casualties.
    Again, I’m not saying it shouldn’t be the case, but if the author claims that infant mortality and life expectancy are UP while outward immigration is DOWN, and the population is stable, the poor, who make up the bulk of the population, would HAVE to die. It’s relatively simple mathematics. I’m not accusing you of sharing this point of view, but I do have a hard time conceiving practically how it is possible this can be otherwise.
    In countless of revolutions or massive changes in a societal landscape the rich have maintained economical power. If you seriously think the United States will allow to take place a people’s revolution in which politicians and the rich would be brought down, you are in serious denial, and need only to look at their history in Central America and especially Southeast Asia. These types of revolutions are considered by the United States to be communist insurgencies (whether true or not) and will never let their extensive economic interests be in danger.
    The type of progress the author advocates is certainly achievable as longterm sustainable progress, but such a quick change otherwise would demand bloodshed if it wasn’t outright impossible.
    But by all means, I am willing to hear actual historical examples to the contrary.

  5. Filipinos should put their faith in themselves and never simply in one person, especially a politician. Such faith in one person, that isn’t God, is dangerous and if you consider in a religious sense, a sin. This is exactly the kind of “it’s okay, someone else will fix it” attitude that is keeping Filipino progress stagnant.
    I would much rather see a minor change for the better, brought on by the actions and attitudes of each and every Filipino person, than massive change brought on by one person. Such a change was certainly via a deal with the Devil.
    Regardless, once again, I have never heard of such a quick turnaround (11 years) of a country/society in such a short amount of time, in the history of the world. Especially not one with a population approaching 80 million people.
    I would have much less of a problem accepting your attitude if you can give me examples in which this has happened before.

  6. Oh, I also wanted to confirm that you would advocate the rise of a dictator, albeit a benevolent one, if it meant these types of changes?
    Personally I think the world has seen enough of dictators, especially the Philippines, to last the end of time. There are better, if longer-term, options than handing one person such power.

  7. Haay – hang on, – you are going to criticize Arvin for not having faith in the Filipino?
    Matanong lang po, hindi po ba kayo nasa US? You have left this country and have pledged full allegiance to a new one and are act like nandito pa kayo…..
    Please lang po, don’t call the shots from afar…. kung gusto ninyo pong maging inspirasyon, tumulong, magpalit ng attitude ng mamayan, bumalik po kayo….
    And before you say I don’t want to give GMA a chance and that I’m just here to divide etc….If you have concrete ideas about changing the attitude of the country, please come back and show us how its done. Haay, you should help GMA continue the great work that you say she’s doing….diba?
    If you do, I’ll be the first one to support you because that shows unwavering commitment on your part and I truly respect that. I want the nation to succeed and eradicate poverty as much as you do, agree po tayo ‘don…I just don’t agree that GMA is the one to do it for us and that all we need is a change in attitude. Kasi po, mula EDSA revolution – gustong gusto na po ng bayan na magpalit ng attitude.
    At saka po, before sabihin niyo po na “does this ignorant Migraine think she/he can do a better job than GMA? why is she/he criticizing”….well sa totoo lang po, hindi ako tumakbo bilang presidente. She did.
    On topic – i think the idea of a “Benevolent dictator” is a pipe dream in the the Philippines and for that matter, anywhere in our modern world. Power needs to have checks and balances. A dictator rises to power and is often indebted to certain parties (the military, the ruling elite or in some cases the middle / lower class). He/She becomes beholden and that limits the extent to which the benevolence can be applied. Exception (potentially)…Lee Kuan Yew and how he helped shape Singapore via dictatorial measures…..but it is a tiny island of then less than 2MM people. Logistically possible to control…..
    We’ve tried revolutions in the past, albeit “peaceful” ones and we are still trying to fix things +10 years from EDSA.
    It will be a gradual change, not 10 years, not the result of a collective national attitude adjustment (which I think is a bigger fantasy than what Arcilla writes here). We need astute leaders, who will temper their proclivity towards corruption with the realization that they have to show results for the country. We need to hold these leaders to higher standards than what we do currently. And agree with Arwin, the people need to hold themselves to higher standards, nothing should ever be “pwede na” or “bahala na” or “pagbigyan nyo ang presidente, tao rin yan – nagkamali lang sa sobrang order ng Foie Gras sa Le Cirque”.

  8. i am appalled that some viewers do not have enough faith in filipinos in themselves so they must be either foreigners pretending to be filipinos or one of those few intellectual filipinos who’s experiencing a wider range intelligence deficit problems in believing that only in revolutions chaos cruelty o dictatorships can make the articles analogy analysis dreams or wishful thinking a future reality..maybe the article meant families in saying individual and condominiums was said maybe as system to minimized the used of lands if high rises are used plus cheaper to build..lady philippines president had so many times mentioned that civil unrest o civil wars are the best not the only best solutions in solving problems so afp phils. military are training govt.soldiers to help build homes roads schools hospitals for the poorest filipino families nationwide mostly impoverished muslim areas as part of the ‘carrot’ not stick military strategy to balanced chaos & peace in southern societies..arroyo is spending govt. money in roads highways bridges like agas agas bridge ports housing for the poorest freeing old senior non violent criminals out of jails to give them a second chance social dancing programs for prisoners like in cebu to lift them from daily violences occurring in jails food for school programs meaning these projects are far from some viewers insunuations that revolutions & dictatorships are possible to solve or implement the article above into reality.. on contrary ther is no dictatorships but a firm /focus/ lady president in her humane campaign to help the filipino poor it is clear it is a reality not the fear factors these viewers above my comments as theyre saying No NO future revolutions no civil wars no dictatorships under gloria just projects to help the poor & the needy as seen everyday in the philippines..lol

  9. correction: i meant gloria said in the past that violences wars revolutions are not are never the best anwers meaning nOT a good solutions in solving philippines problems i do not see a dictator i see a focus woman in charge doing her job..if youre honest enough almost all the wishful thinking in the above article are already done or being implemented applied as we speak here in our awesome planet site..i have faith in gloria’s pprograms..i have faith that she can complete her job that pprograms needs..almost all what mentioned above in the articles are being worked in the past today until her presidential terms ends next year..
    ..revolutions are only good mostly for wasting so much money time & effort it only creates more rebels that speed up gangs activities organized crimes & chaos it lowers the filipinos status as world citizens reason why revolution is a NO NO NO in lifting poverty anywhere but going back to school no matter how old we are is one of the best solutions to keep ourselves aware to put us to work.. rebelling is like an alcoholic o drug addicts believing drugs & alcohol can solve their problems LOL!..BUT IT DOESNT COZ THE NEXT DAY WHEN YOU WAKE UP..THAT SAME PROBLEMS IS STILL THERE..EXCEPT THE DAY IS DIFFERENT DAYS..BUT THE PROBLEMS STAYS COZ OBVIOUSLY it means it is not the solutions but just an excuse lol..
    not only arroyo has to pleased people who she owes gratitude but you too them too and all others bcoz you need to do a job they just happened to be the best closest trustable people youre allowed to trust which are our friends & families meaning any jobs projects programs we all need people to do it good for us and gloria happens to be a leader who has to do those jobs using her trusting allies to help her better than she’s calling non filipinos to do the help to do the jobs to be done lol!..naku po hindi po ako mahilig sa pulitika hinding hindi po mangyayari na masali ako sa politika..ako po ay ipinanganak na
    hanggang sa salita at donasyun lang po ako pwede ang future ko po ay nakasulat na hanggang ideas comments at pag alala lang po ang hangganan ko i can never be a politician never i my life that will ever happened lol..

  10. All I am asking for, haay, is ONE example in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD where such a massive undertaking has been achieved in 10 years WITHOUT corruption and lying to the poor and uneducated. To go from a country of poverty and little infrastructure to a first world superpower, as this article would have you believe. One example in the 10,000+ years of human society can’t be that hard, can it?
    Meanwhile, I’ll give you some examples of how hard it can be:
    -Japan postwar, required 30+ years
    -United States civil war reconstruction, arguably 100 years (from 1865-1960’s)
    -Germany postwar, 40 years until fall of Berlin wall
    -EDSA revolution, never fully lived up to promise despite good intentions.
    -Vietnam, 30 years.
    -Central American revolutions, thousands killed, “democratic” leaders installed by US governments that participated in shutting out the press and murdering thousands of critics. Now President Hugo Chavez socializes his country’s resources, and whether or not he fulfills his promise of sharing it with the poor, the United States takes an antagonistic stance.
    -Fall of Roman Empire to renaissance – hundreds of years.
    I have such a simple argument to make: That the Philippines this article imagines IS ABSOLUTELY possible, but to think that it can be done in 10 years is naive thinking that will more likely lead Filipinos to elect a charismatic leader who promises a lot but doesn’t actually deliver (as is the case with many leaders of the past).
    ALL IT TAKES TO PROVE ME WRONG is to show an example of such a change in such a small amount of time. At this point I will take any other response as propaganda. And believe me, I can cite many instances in which “evil” governments have said exactly what you’ve said, Haay, regarding their own actions.
    Final disclaimer: No, I do not live in the Philippines, I live in the United States, having moved here when I was 9. Marunong pa rin akong mag-Tagalog, bumisita ako last summer at bibisita ulit ako in October, pero I understand if this lessens my argument. Which should make the job easier for you.

  11. Thank you Migraine, except 2 points:
    1) My name is spelled with a V 🙂
    2) I have very low hopes that politicians can enact the changes we need. I believe in leaders on the local level: teachers, community organizers, small businessmen, even local church and youth leaders, who can converse directly with the people and whose success is directly tied to the success of the people. The higher up the ladder you go, the further you are from the voice of the needy, and all you hear are the demands of the rich.
    If you pin your hopes on higher government to fix your local problems you deserve to have no running water and baku-baku roads.

  12. the very first viewer is spreading some kind of a fear factors here in website where does this idea of revolution could possibly come from but from foreign operatives to descredit other countries filipinos and this website too how mean & cruel for the first viewer to sabotage this website by bringing the word revolution which should have NO PLACE in this website how can any mother o father raised such a man such ungentleman who enjoys spreading fears thru his outdated view o ideologies..philippines to become a first world country is a feasibility coz it is being worked done being implemented everyday little by little.. NO PROTEST NOR DEMONSTRATIONS can stop o prevent arroyo’s pprograms not even the used of the word ‘dictator’ cannot be used as reason for the phils. govt. not ‘reacting’ foolishly in rebellious protest-demos the word dictator cannot be an excuse to prevent arroyos pprograms.. dictator is only a word so long her actions are about non stop implementing humane projects for the lifting of poorest segments of phils. societies then by all means feel free to call her any names lol!..and why should any other countries must set an example to introduced it historically IF philippines can deliver that something never heard never seen never touch before.. why it cannot be filipinos to set the first examples to introduced something NEW..

  13. First of all, I never said I advocated revolution. As a matter of fact, I don’t, because revolutions almost always spill the blood of the poor for the interests of the rich.
    Second of all, what I said was that the only way to achieve what the article claims in 10 years was either through a revolution or a the rise to power of a dictator. And from the looks of what I’m reading from you, Gloria might actually be such a dictator. At least you were honest enough to admit how you feel.
    Thirdly, the reason I ask for ONE example is because I can cite NUMEROUS examples in which this kind of naive thinking and blind faith in a politician has resulted in, at best, NO progress, and at worst, THOUSANDS OF DEATHS, STARVATION, CORRUPTION, and the destruction of civil liberties. I think it’s only fair for myself and any other intelligent person think this way.
    Meanwhile, I CAN cite instances in which a determined and hardworking people are able to rise from poverty to prosperity, which gives me hope that Filipinos can do it as well. But none have been able to turn a country around in 10 years.
    By this point, by not being able to give me even ONE example in the long history of the world, you are logically proving either your own ignorance of how the world works, or you actually do want to prevent Philippine progress by making everyone believe in a false god with empty promises, instead of learning to do things for themselves independently.

  14. i consider the very first 2 above viewer as SABOTEURS their analogy analysis opinions possess
    extremism gas violent tones so SPOOKY in nature and worst is the belief in SUPERSTITIONS that has been historically & scientifically proven that are DISASTROUS to human daily living-existence it was a bad tool extremist used in ‘controlling’ the lives the lifestyles of human o societies explorations to advanced to accomplish to better their lives for themselves for their families o loved ones..superstitions can severely put societies backward they can put people in corners simply by mentally believing{controlling}unusual happenings wow nakaka discourage nman yung ibang mga ito imbes na tumulong eh nanakot pa eh kung tatakutin nila ang mga tao eh di ba th emore the better eh kung less eh sabotage nga kasi mas lalaong matagal ang pag unlad pag konti ang support ng citizens eh di lalong tatagal imbes bumilis talaga ang hirap maraming gusto nila sila ang tama at presidente like ang style ng pakiki alam nila as if may alam sila lol!..

  15. 10 years from now everything written in the article would come true…
    But shortly after, global warming will melt the polar ice caps which would cause biblical flooding and more than half of the Philippine’s 7,107 islands would sunk by the sea.

    Absurd? Well, so does the article.
    I’d like to know what Mr. Arcilla’s intentions are in writing it. Because if he’s looking to inspire people who would read it, then it’s not working. Personally, and a lot have expressed the same opinion here too, I think it’s unrealistic. Felt like reading a sci-fi literature, and it’s not even a good one (baro’t saya and carabao horn-shaped skyscraper!).
    I’m not a pessimist and I surely do want a better country. But this article does really nothing for me because it’s too extreme.

  16. ang titigas talaga ng ulo nitong iba na mga ito..viewer below my comment you do have
    some kind of intelligence deficit problem today i already gave you the answer ‘that glorias pprograms{the answer} is the ‘example’ but her pprograms are not completed yet so wait around less than a year from now {for the quarter results} since it is not yet 2018 or 2020 until then you will witness the reality so instead of judging now go to philippines help and see how much more job to be done ..if it is more then youre right if it is less than before then filipinos o gloria is correct.. less badmouthing is also helpful..also the other answer to your question regarding EXAMPLES AS ANSWERS is what i already said that WHY DO YOU NEED OTHER FOREIGN COUNTRIES AS AN EXAMPLE FOR THE SOLE ANSWERS YOU NEED..why it cannot be the philippines as the first country as example as answers
    that can fill the above articles dreams o wishful thinking i am giving you philippines as an exaample to FIRST introduced to the the world that the above article is A REALITY but it’s part completion is less than a year from now another part is more likely by 2018 or 2020 so it could be done by less than 10 years this is according to her speeches in the past..by simply bringing up violent words or the word superstition are disturbing to some but your opinion is your opinion lol..

  17. Lola USA and Hay naku:
    Tama po kayo, tawagin niyo na kaming saboteur, provocateur, takot-tadeur – lahat na po ‘yon. You caught me trying to destabilize your beloved administration and spreading widespread fear on ….
    …a food / travel blog.
    Panalo na po kayo uli! Hindi ko ng kakayanin makipagdiskusyon sa inyo dahil masyadong totoo, tunay, puro at matindi ang inyong pagiisip at logic.
    Pakiusap lang – paki turo lang po kung saan ginamit na punto ang “superstition” sa lahat ng post ko? Kung tutuusin, si Haay ang gumamit – sabi niya na because may kumokontra kay GMA sa Pilipinas, lalong tinatamaan ang bayan ng kalamidad.
    At isa pang request kung maari – sa daming punto po na nakikita niyo sa mga comment na hindi readily apparent sa akin, paki-share po kung saan kayo nag-aral ng “reading comprehension”…kasi po, mukhang kailangan kong mag-enrol doon…..
    Maraming salamat and Go GMA…… (pakibilisan na lang po ang term ninyo …Ma’am).

  18. Since you can’t seem to answer my simple questions for me, I will do it for you, and save you some time in a response.
    1) Can you give me actual example in the past of this having happened before?
    Haay’s answer: No, I can’t.
    2) If the article had claimed that by 2020 the Philippine people will start pooping diamonds and halo halo will snow from the sky, would you believe it was possible?
    Haay’s answer: Why it cannot be the philippines as the first country as examples as answers.
    3) How do we know Gloria will accomplish what she promises?
    Haay’s answer: It can be done in less than 10 years according to her speeches.
    4) What is the best thing a citizen of a country can do?
    Haay’s answer: Believe everything a politician says and everything will be alright.
    5) Can you give me an actual example in the past where this has happened before?
    Haay’s answer: Germany circa 1939. Hitler got their country out of extreme poverty in less than 4 years! Heil Hitler!

  19. migraine name viewer: lol! lol!..ay nakung bata ito..amo ba yan..eh grandma has no formal schooling since childhood..but later american{mga puti}group of scientists will explain later kung why i behave this way lol!..kaya mga filipino eh naku sarap halikan kung minsan lol!

  20. I would love to argue my point but I don’t want to contribute to further polluting this post. The comments are now almost 2-3 times as long as the original post.

  21. o ayan to those first 2 viewers above all my comments: o ayan binaha kayo tuloy talaga ..mapang husga kayo sa publiko napakasakit ng mga bintang nyo imbes na used the due process of laws imbes na puro scandals ang public comments nyo ayan tuloy umulan ng walang tigil kasi nagmamadali pa kayong bumamba si arroyo eh matatapos na ang term nya bakit you have needs to be so mean-defensive imbes na count the blessings she’s bringing to the country and let the proper system handles history at telling the public to not rely on national government but rely on local district governments eh some local governments eh nasa ilalim ng baha so they have to call & asked national government for help si christine reyes na artista umiiyak daw nasa ibabaw ng bubong ng bahay nya kasama nanay at mga bata na maliliit umiiyak kasi hindi raw marunong lumangoy yung nanay nya at takot silang malunod at maraming mayayaman ay powerful na humihingi ng helicopter para sila kunin pati yung mga head ng pobinsya..kaya alam nyo masama yung masyadong mayabang na akala mo hindi na kayo o tayo mangangailangan ng tulong masama yung mapang alipusta at nagsasalita ng tapos..so mag donate na po tayo ng mga lumang damit at mga de lata at salamat po ng marami doon sa mga mag do-donate

  22. i did e-mail & warned the philippines in advanced to dig their rivers lakes canals twice or more deeper i also said used the digged water dirt soils & used them as cushion when cementing riverbanks i also told them that philippines is not clean enough meaning to do more to prevent street waterways ‘cloggings’ i also advised them to ticket-warnings of all illegal hazardouz structures that may not stand o not strong enough to withstand kaya nga hazardous kasi mahina ang mga pundasyun pandagdag gulo lang ikanga pag may kalamidad at para maliit lang ang problema sa mga strong foundations na madadamay pag maraming mabibigat
    na sasagasaan ang mga pundasyung iba..sabi ko i-relocate yung low costs housings nila sa may tanay at pililia na medyo hilly o above sea level i also did mentioned that water will rise 1 meter in some areas at medium rise low cost condominiums will be better for senior citizens in particular so they have next floors to go if there’s some flooding since all countries have floods it is even worsts here today in georgia u.s.a & other parts of america theyre flooded too & flood waters are in roof tops too so please let’s donate blankets candles canned goods towels flashlights crackers-biscuits etc. salamat po at hopefully the back up housings in tanay hilly tops are ready by next week thru philippines military daw yata will build them sooner to help the poorest hte unfortunates so good luck po

  23. let’s learned a good ‘lesson’ sa baha na ito ng sept. 2009 na next time philippines lady president wanted a zte ‘scandalized’ broadband projects kind ‘do not’ scandalized it again..the philippines president gm arroyo was supposed to have that broadband nationwide{as one of her ‘secret’ weapon|to have the easiest-fastest-crystal clear NATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS in all-to all branches of governments from top to the lowest possible local district baranggays-govt.deputies to carry EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAMS like for example gloria aeeoyo wanted the quickiest way to pass emergency PUBLIC INSTRUCTIONS where natural occurances o things are unavoidable that happens anywhere around the globe like volcano lavas earhtquakes high winds tornado fires storms floods civil unrests etc.etc.the zte scandalized broadband project is upposed to tell filipinos where are their best emergency
    shelters{food kitchen water|available it is supposed to directly talk to caar-vehicle radios where to park for the time being & where NOT TO GO etc. etc.but it was scandalized so we take the consequences for not having one as gloria wanted

  24. ZTE ‘scandalized’ is only known o can only be remember by many as ‘scandalized’ ZTE that is the reason why i called it zte ‘scandalized’ but now it is not a secret anymore bcoz it was scandalized..a lot of twisted minded filipinos should clean their act do not confused differences between people ‘focus’ on lady president gloria arroyo’s pprograms and do you know that there was a few sea twister developed in the ocean just one day-days before this huge flood of sept. 2009

  25. the arguments in this thread – and thus the discussion in itself by extension – are so shallow. Little wonder nothing ever gets moving or resolved in this country. so much time and effort are wasted by incompetent albeit well meaning people in discourse, thinking that discussion by itself will be sufficient to solve the problems they spiritedly talk about. And oh, by the way, the article that started all this elevates the phrase “wishful thinking” to the highest levels of illusion.


  27. gardy named viewer: the article above is not an illusion.. just extreme in his outcome-analogy-analysis but the article is not an illusion at all..no matter how many how long natural disasters happened in philippines will yes make them cry make them suffer give them hardships but filipinos no matter how tired worn out will always rise beautifully happy enviromentally friendly etc.coz that is their human make up to rise again & again though battered by natural disasters or by some ‘misinformed’ few white supremacists ‘doings’ in a distance or underwater sometimes will not change the filipinos natural make up that is ..to rise again & again beautifully.. so do find your own make up of happiness to keep you busy instead of harrassing these friendly hard working filipinos anywhere..asia continent is for all friends of asia continent but those few non asian foreigners just visiting asia continent ‘areas’ should not create conflict to divide them just to build their economic interests in entire asia ‘continent’ lol..

  28. what can i say, you are delusional grandma, tears me up just how appropriate the senility of your name is……..

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