The Foodie and Traveler Secrets of Ace Durano

In this 10-minute video, you will learn the Food and Travel Secrets of Tourism Secretary Ace Durano.

Video Interview Summary
Start – What’s your story on how you became Tourism Secretary?
1.45 – What are your Top 3 restaurants in Manila?
 (I agree with him on his top Japanese Restaurant in Manila/Cebu)
3.25 – What are your Top 3 destinations in the Philippines?

4.30 – The “New Destination” Strategy of DOT for presenting the Philippines to global tourists
6.10 – Surprisingly, there are some markets who only go to Manila to buy Filipino Products
7.30 – What are the plans to promote Filipino Food?
(Now I know why our Filipino Food is not taking off because of their strategy)
8.30 – What’s your plan after becoming Tourism Secretary?
9.30 – Tourism Secretary’s Message for Our Awesome Planet Readers

Let me know if you have questions or comments about the video interview…

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P.S. I guess we have to wait for a better strategy to promote Filipino food…


8 thoughts on “The Foodie and Traveler Secrets of Ace Durano

  1. Anton,
    i agree with you… food is an expression and more so its a way of life. i have traveled around the Philippines and i was lucky enough to see the beautiful feasts and fiestas that the pinoys put on. if you have to have a strategy to make your food work then you are doing something wrong. we should be proud of our food… love our food… then the end result will be priceless. food that comes from the heart and that was cooked from the heart will never fail. and if they cannot get that… then they need to pick a new strat…
    i am so proud of pinoy food and where it is going… how it is evolving and how its becoming more defined. IN OUR COUNTRY! lets show the world that we can rock by making noise in our country… for those; who are my friends and fans if you have any doubts on how great our food is. Visit me and i will show you how pinoy food can take on the international market. no gimmick… no strategy just pure food from the heart!
    Sorry for the rant anton…. but i so agree with you man… why would you say favorite Restos are not pinoy??? c’mon Japanese and Chinese? i love the food but man if i was there to promote pinoy food i would do just that…
    Chef Bruce Lim / Chef’s Table
    disclaimer… (Anton has not agreed on anything i said here… so if i offended anyone please do not take it out on Anton or this website…)

  2. it is time to stop beating our chests and yelling that pinoys are the best because no one really cares…we just have to keep on doing what we need to do as we have a lot of catching up to do. hopefully, once we deem ourselves at par with any developed country, the beating on the chest will stop.

  3. First, how come none of his favorite restaurants are Pinoy? How can one promote his own culture and country if he does not like his own food?
    Second, while it is true that each island/province/town in the Philippines has its own charm, you can say the same for Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. So how do you position the Philippines as tourist destination?
    Third, why is the target mostly foreigners? If locals do not go or cannot afford to visit these charming places, how are you supposed to promote them to other people?
    Fourth, how do you address security and safety issues/fears/perception? Anybody up for an Abu Sayyaf adventure?
    Fifth, how about transportation issues? Taxi touts anyone? Killer buses? Expensive boat rides to get from one island to another?
    Finally, food promotion? Why not support enterprising Filipinos living abroad to put up Filipino restos with a Filipino ambiance in good locations? In my experience, Filipino restaurants abroad are only patronized by Filipinos and the restaurants’ design and decor do not reflect the origin of the food. Nothing wrong with that except that our delicious cuisine is not promoted to other nationalities.

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