5 Awesome Things About APL.d.AP of Black Eyed Peas!

Allan Pineda Lindo, popularly known as APL.d.AP of the Black Eyed Peas, is one of the Filipinos who made it to the International Music Scene. The Black Eyed Peas remained in the US top 100 singles billboard charts for 25 weeks. Their single “BOOM BOOM POW” stayed for 12 weeks, back to back with  “I Gotta Feeling” for 13 weeks. (Also, see the Flash Mob dancing to I Gotta Feeling in the opening of Oprah’s 24th season in Chicago) Black Eyed Peas even beat Elvis’, Michael Jackson’s, the Beatles’, and the Rolling Stones’ record in the US Billboard Charts. A Filipino on top of the Billboard Charts is simply AWESOME!

When I met him in Singapore, I was not starstruck. Rather, I was awed by how much he truly loves and pays tribute to the Philippines!

Here are the 5 Awesome Things you should know about APL.d.AP…

1. APL.d.AP’s “Take U to the Philippines” tourism video.

Last October 1st, MTV launched the “Take U to the Philippines” music video. APL created the music video for FREE to promote Philippine tourism. It gives international young travelers a fun peek at the colorful flavor, warm hospitality and natural wonders of our country.

To give you just a bit of trivia on the members of the Black Eyed Peas… APL was adopted by a US family when he was 14 years old. His foster father would often leave APL in the house of Will.i.am’s mother, who would babysit him. This was the beginning of the friendship between APL.d.AP and Black Eyed Peas’ architect Will.i.am. Then, there are Fergie and Taboo. Fergie was a BEP fan before while Taboo was discovered dancing hiphop in a bar.

Let me know what you think about the video…

2. “Being a Filipino really grounded me and gave me the motivation to pursue my dreams…” – APL

Listen firsthand to this exclusive interview of APL with the Philippine Media and Bloggers on how proud he is to be a Filipino.

Listen to how he ensures that there is a Filipino song in any BEP album, like Mare in the recent E.N.D. album.

Listen to his impromptu rap about the Filipino food that he likes (at 7.14 minute mark).

Listen to Tim Yap’s funny side comments and how he baptized Secretary Ace Durano as Ace.D.Act.

Listen to his answers to “What do you miss most (aside from your family) when you were growing up?” (at 8 minute mark)

Listen to how you can be discovered in Jeepney Music!

3. “Be Original, Write Your Own Songs, and Don’t be Afraid to Go Outside the Box and Try New Things…” – APL

Listen to where he plans to take the Black Eyed Peas in the Philippines (which includes Secretary Ace Durano’s secret place in Cebu)…

Listen to his answer on what it takes for Filipino talents to break through in the International Music Scene…

Listen to the feedback of APL’s fans with regard to using Tagalog in the BEP songs…

Listen to the background story behind the “I Gotta Feeling” song… (around the 6-minute mark)

Listen to APL’s inspiration behind his Tagalog songs and the Filipino artists he listens to…

4. APL.d.AP and his Creative Rec Shoes...

APL is always seen with his Creative Recreation Shoes, which I learned from Tim Yap is also owned by a Filipino. (Can anybody confirm that?) Now, where can I find Creative Recreation shoes here in Manila?

5. APL’s prediction: Gloc-9 is the next Filipino International Superstar…

Gloc-9 is a Francis M protege and, according to APL, Gloc-9 is one of the Filipino Artists who has a huge chance to make it in the international scene. In fact, APL already asked Gloc-9 to compose a song for him. Good luck, Gloc-9!

I captured most of the Black Eyed Peas and Beyonce Concert during the Singapore F1 Rocks for OAP readers. Unfortunately, my Flip Ultra HD cannot handle the strong bass from the concert so the sound was a bit distorted. But anyway, check out the entire concert in my youtube channel – antondiaz. Enjoy!

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P.S. Thanks to the Department of Tourism and MTV for this opportunity to meet APL.d.AP! Here are the scenes from the Hiphop Night at the Supper Club in Singapore…


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  1. Was also there the same weekend, but just went to Singapore for the food! My friend ( who’s a Filipina working there ) queued 1pm for that concert – so I could see her on youtube clips whenever the camera takes videos of the crowd. haha! It’s not everyday that we encounter proud Filipinos like APl de Ap 🙂 Awesome video, Anton 🙂

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