Leonardo’s Chicken inside the Lechon

ULTIMATE TASTE TEST 2.0 RATING: 3.7 out of 5.0


What people are saying about Leonardo’s Lechon:
“The meat was very tender and the skin is still crunchy.”
“The herbs & spices of the lechon are very tasty and good.”
“Chix stuffed lechon is ingenious! The skin was still very crispy and the meat moist & tender.”

If you are looking for a unique lechon, you’ve got to try Leonardo’s.  What makes it unique is it has a raw chicken cooked inside the lechon at the same time it is being roasted. They also use signature herbs and spices, which make it very tasty.  Most people raved about how good the chicken meat was inside the lechon and the taste of the lechon meat itself.

If I were to choose between Leonardo’s and Sabroso Lechon, my vote goes to Leonardo’s…

The Story of Leonardo’s Lechon

One might ask how a family business of three generations continues to survive up to this day when an old saying has frowned upon that idea. But it wasn’t just the business that continued to survive, rather, it’s the love that revolves around this family. Yes, it may sound unrealistic, but the passion and love for the legacy that is Leonardo’s have truly helped it to become a better and more solid lechon house.

Leonardo’s Lechon has been in the food business for almost 60 years now. The family’s humble beginnings started with “Tatay Leonardo” (or “Totoy” to his friends) and “Nanay Josefina” (or “Pinay”). They used to live in a small shack owned by a relative and they operated a stall in the local palengke (market). They sold various items like sugar, milk, rice and canned goods.

During fiestas and special occasions, their relatives and friends always asked Totoy and Pinay to cook for them since they knew that their specialty dishes were always a hit in gatherings. Totoy would be given a whole pig to roast in the way his father taught him. Pinay would be with the other ladies, preparing big cauldrons of kaldereta, dinuguan, kare-kare and other dishes.

Totoy then realized that he could earn from his skills of cooking and roasting lechon. He started with a small capital the couple had saved from their market stall and started to sell lechon. His initial staff were his seven children; Jimmy, Danny, Beth, Marlon, Sonny, Allan and Cris. The whole family would help in the preparation for cooking, the roasting itself and the delivery to the customers. The kids would balance their studies and help out with the business. Pinay, together with their only daughter Beth, continued to keep their small store in the palengke.

Soon, the business grew and Totoy started to expand it. He was able to buy a property where he built his house and a lechonan. Then, he hired other personnel to be able to cope with the demand in lechon and food orders. He invested in delivery vans to be able to deliver to his customers faster and cover a wider market. Totoy’s and Pinay’s hard work slowly paid off when they were able to build the first supermarket in San Juan right beside the palengke. They were also able to build apartments and invested in other businesses.

After years of cooking and roasting, Totoy perfected how Lechon was cooked, starting from the special preparations and flavorings to slow-roasting and coal-burning. That way, he ensured the deliciousness and crispiness of Lechon for his customers.

Today, Leonardo’s Lechon continues to invest in what it truly knows best — its love and passion for food. That love, which continued for three generations, helped improve relationships with its employees and customers as well.

Leonardo’s Lechon (Size | Price | Live Weight | Cook Weight | Persons Served)

De Leche | P3,500 | 6 – 8 Kilos | 3 – 4 Kilos | 10 – 15 Persons
Small | P3,800 | 9 – 12 Kilos | 5 – 6 Kilos | 15 – 20 Persons
Small | P4,200 | 13 – 16 Kilos | 7 – 8 Kilos | 20 – 30 Persons
Medium | P4,500 | 17 – 20 Kilos | 9 – 10 Kilos | 30 – 40 Persons
Medium | P4, 800 | 21 – 26 Kilos | 11 – 13 Kilos | 40 – 50 Persons
Medium | P5,400 | 27 – 32 Kilos | 14 – 16 Kilos | 50 – 60 Persons
Large | P6,400 |    33 – 43 Kilos | 17 – 19 Kilos | 60 – 70 Persons
Large | P7,400 | 44 – 56 Kilos | 20 – 23 Kilos | 70 – 80 Persons 

Additional Services:           
Boneless Lechon Size + PhP 200
Recado / with Spices Lechon Size + PhP 150
Gourmet Herb Lechon Size + PhP 300

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  1. We have reached the 300 pax target already!
    We are officially closing the registration for the Ultimate Food Taste Test Event 3.0.
    Thank you for all the support and looking forward to next year’s bigger UFTT!
    See you around!

  2. I had a lechon (worth P4.2K) from Leonardo’s delivered last Dec 24, 2011. I specifically asked that the delivery time should be 8pm, to which you agreed. On that day, however, the lechon was delivered at 3pm. Naturally, I asked that it be redelivered at 8pm and Lorie assured me that they made a mistake and would send me a freshly cooked lechon. When it was delivered finally at 8pm, the lechon’s skin was very “makunat”. I surmised that you only reheated the lechon. I’m so disappointed and will never order from Leonardo’s again.

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