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Last Friday, I attended the first ever Nuffnang Blog Awards in Singapore. It aims to recognize the best bloggers across Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia who are part of the Nuffnang Blog Network. I tagged along to check out the Singapore blogging scene and to meet awesome people during the trip.

Here’s a photo blog of my short Singapore trip. Thanks to Nuffnang for the invitation!

We arrived in Singapore just in time for lunch, so we quickly checked out the food/hawker center to taste the local cuisine. Frances Amper Sales, Editor-in-Chief of OK Magazine, decided to play it safe and order rice toppings, which looked like Tonkatsu.

Erica Paredes, representing her father Jim Paredes (who is nominated for the Best Celebrity blog), decided to go after the Hainanese Chicken rice she was craving. Good choice! 🙂

The sister tandem of cosplay fame — Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao — decided to share a simple omelet dish.

My roommate, Patrick Paez (husband of Daphne), decided to go with my suggestion of Bah Kuh Teh and Chwee Kueh. The Bah Kuh Teh was just OK though.

Erica showcased her secret Chocolate creation. I do hope she joins the Ultimate Taste Test to launch her product. It was so good, she needs to change careers…

By 6pm, all the bloggers were dressed up and ready for the blog awards. It was nice to dress up because it made the blogging career feel more professional and something that advertisers should pay more serious attention to.

The foreign bloggers stayed at the Link Hotel in Singapore. There was a roll call before we boarded a bus that would take us to the Pan Pacific Hotel venue.

My companions at table 35 during the Nuffnang Blog Awards.

Ferdz Decena of won the Best Travel Blog Award!

Xiaxue won the Region’s Best Blog. I wanted to see her personally because she was one of those blogs that I was reading in Singapore.

The Finalists and Winners of the Nuffnang Blog Awards!

Ferdz with a winning smile, together with the alluring Gosiengfiao sisters.

I had to fly back early the next day via Jetstar to inspire fellow Entrepreneurs in JCI’s Entrep Summit 2009.

Finally, I got to have a photo taken with the Entrep buffs!

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  1. i heard about Nuffnang Blog awards in Singapore and i appreciated it because from this awards they give honor to the best blogger.

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