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Kirin is the only Chinese restaurant in the Serendra and Boni High Street area that is worth trying out. They serve Hongkong Cantonese-style dishes that are pwede na. For me, the Best Chinese Restaurant in Bonifacio Global City is Eat Well! Delicious Kitchen, followed by Zhu Chinese Cuisine and next would be Kirin Chinese Dining. I’m not a fan of Fu despite the fact that it is associated with Hai Shin Lou. I would rather go across the street to Market! Market! and eat at Hap Chan.

The price is relatively affordable but you would notice that the serving sizes are smaller than usual. We love eating dimsum after walking around Boni High Street in the evenings, so this place hits the spot in addressing that late-night craving. Kirin is also one of the restaurants that would have a good view of the World Pyro Olympics (if you eat in the al fresco dining area).

One night, my kids and I went on a boys’ night out and ended up eating dimsum. 🙂 Aidan loves Hakaw like his dad and loves siopao (his two cheeks look like siopao too!) Syoti Joshua is following Aidan’s lead most of the time. (Para silang Batman and Robin.)

During weeknights, they are about 20% occupied, so you can really hang out with friends over dinner.

Dimsum, Steamed Rice Roll, and Congee | Roasting, Rice Toppings, and Soup |
Noodle Soup/ Boiled Soup, Fried Rice, Steamed Rice, Baked Rice, and Rice Toppings, Fried Noodle |
Chinese Classic : Pork, Chicken, Seafood, Beef, Vegetables |
Chef’s Recommendation: Pork, Chicken, Beef | Seafood, Vegetables |
Desserts, Recommended Drinks, Drinks


Spinach and Quail Egg Soup (P78 +10% SC).

Sarap! This Spinach soup could rival our favorite Spinach soup in Lutong Macao.

Pork Asado Siopao (P88 +10% SC).

Not bad. It’s a good starter for your meal.

King Shrimp Hakao (P110 +10% SC).

It doesn’t have the usual “fillers” and is just composed of really good, fresh shrimps wrapped in wonton wrapper. It is a bit small though…

Shao Long Pao (P98 +10% SC).

Don’t order this. They probably don’t know how to make good Shao Long Pao yet.

Fresh Shrimp Steamed Rice Roll (P145 +10% SC).

It is indeed fresh, and it tasted clean with the sauce.

Steamed Fish Fillet with Garlic (P280 +10% SC).

It tasted like Dory Fillet served with Mami noodles. Interesting combination.

Sauteed Broccoli Flower with Garlic (P198 +10% SC).

This is our favorite vegetable dish in any Chinese restaurant. Aidan loves broccoli.

Roasted Pork (P198 +10% SC).

I would recommend these “lechon” cubes — very tasty because of the crunchy skin and thin layer of fat.

Yang Chow Fried Rice (P180 +10% SC).

Yummy but a bit heavy, particularly if you order it for a late-night dinner.

Deep Fried Chicken with Spicy Chili Szechwan Style (P260 +10% SC ).

I’ve been craving for good Szechwan-style dishes in Manila. I still can’t find a good place for it. In the meantime, this is a good dish to order (but it is deep fried — although not that oily).


So, what’s your favorite Kirin dish?


Kirin Chinese Dining
by T.P. Choi Restaurant, Inc.
Building 7, Bonifacio High Street,
Global City, Taguig City
Telephone: +632 799-9338



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34 thoughts on “Kirin Chinese Dining

  1. Ate in Eat Well yesterday and it was pretty bad. I don’t know if its just your photos (which are really good!) but the dishes you pictured look ten times better than anything I tried at Eat Well yesterday…but the proof is in the pudding as they say, so must see if it tastes as good as it looks!

  2. Tried it 3x already imho nothing special about the food, best overall tasting chinese resto food for me are Choi, Hai shin lou, Legend in macapagal and Li LI(expensive) Special mention sa Peking Garden(for peking Duck). Btw lot of former choi employees transfered here.

  3. I would say eat well parin yun overall best chinese resto sa fort area. Value for money. Forgot to mention Gloria marie sa picc area is pretty good also. Emerald for crab and pigeon only, other food pretty mediocre but cheap. Tua yuen pretty good also, try Golden Bay sa Macapagal, bka ok rin sya. My head hurts, maybe its just the cholesterol talking.

  4. Had the jumbo prawns in orange sauce at Kirin today– not bad. And the salted pepper spare ribs. The spinach soup wasn’t too bad (I’m not a fan of quail egg– cholesterol haha). I liked the crab corn soup more. Ma Po Tofu was okay– I still like the one Emerald Garden serves though (I’m biased haha).
    Overall, service was great– we were inside a private room. I’d come back again to try the other dishes.

  5. I remember Szechuan House! I should go back there for the hot and sour soup indeed. Has anyone here tried Shin Tong Yong? No ambiance, very cafeteria- like setting, but Chinese food is GOOD. AND cheap!

  6. hi anton, i would have to agree with you on Eat Well as one of the best Chinese restaurants here at the Fort. luckily, my office is just across the building where it is and Zhu is in the same building 🙂

  7. Hi aton,
    I still like Eatwell! reminds me of H.K… Hats off to Bryan founder of Tboy…he is also behind eatwell!

  8. Would not recommend this place at all. The service was just awful, they got my order wrong not only once but twice and as for quality to price all i can say is its just not worth it.
    I had two orders of Yangchow Rice and one was literally swimming in oil.

  9. hi
    i don’t really recommend this restaurant, when i went there, almost half of their menu is not available. Service was pretty bad! they lack waiters and the orders definitely took a long time to be served. The place lacked fumigation since mosquitoes were present beneath their tables. As for the taste of the food, nothing spectacular, although i like the chile sauce, they cooked hoi shin sauce with it. Price is ok … but there are plenty better chinese food out there ….

  10. hi anton,
    i studied in beijing for a year and they had this really good sichuan chicken in the cafeteria. we’ve been trying to look for the best one we can find in manila and for me kirin is the winner.. maybe you have other suggestions?
    that dish brings out a lot of memories for me and my friends.. ;p maybe you can help us in our quest. =) thanks anton! i love your reviews.

  11. On anything Sichuan, I'm still looking for the best ones in Manila. We
    don't have it here yet. If I make a discovery, I'll share it with

  12. Hi Anton, Ive been to sichuan 5 times and lived in HK for 7 years and the spicy chicken in Kirin is exactly like the ones i had in sichuan which is why I eat at Kirin all the time. Spicy and crispy. Just wish serving size could be bigger. I even asked the waiter where their chefs were from and was informed that they are from HK and China. Actually saw them and planned to ask if I could get their recipe. Hahaha. Like they actually would give it. If you like sichuan food you should ask them to make it the usual spicy for you. So im just wondering, have you been to sichuan? sorry i just have to wonder where your so called “expertise” in Sichuan and Chinese food in general is coming from. Because your positive comments on eat well make me really doubtful. Ive tried eat well with some Hk friends who came to visit and lets just say we all thought it was terrible so i dont know how you could recommend that restaurant. Sorry just being honest. I’m a foodie and I read your blogs every so often but i cant help commenting when i saw your comments on Kirin which is one of my favorite restaurants and your glowing comments on eat well which is just terrible.

  13. Hi Almay,
    Thanks for the comment! I love Kirin as well except for the smaller servings. As for Eat Well, it was great when it first opened when the Shangrila Chef is always in the kitchen. But like many restaurants in Manila, quality degrades over time and I would respect your comment if you hate Eat Well. 
    I'm not really an expert. I just love to eat like any foodie out there. I love food-tripping in China and I just wished we have some of the sort of food here in Manila.
    Again, Thanks for the comment!

  14. Try Sze Chuan House in Aloha Hotel on Roxas Blvd. It used to be really good. Try the shrimp in chili garlic sauce with fried silver buns 🙂

  15. hi:) did you their deep fried prawns with salted eggs?? It’s a winner for me:D didnt like tha shao long bao that much either. SIguro hindi lang ako fan ng shao long bao:)

  16. I would suggest Luck Garden at Kanlaon St. across Burger King, Quezon Avenue. Modest looking but delicious! Also my top piks are Gloria Maris and Legend. Choi Garden too much msg. =)

  17. hi anton! have you tried Tao yuan restaurant in malate? It’s just across pan pacific hotel I think.. I was wondering if you could do a blog about the foods they serve. 🙂

  18. mixed puh ng chinese ang singaporian food ang tao yuan…try the mango lapu and the drunking suaje..and enjoy the presenation….of my best friend mr. rayan dawatan …one of the tao yuan’s best and my.mentor..haha

  19. Hi,
    I still have a positive impression towards the Philippines no matter what the persons say after their visit and what the bad news between Hong Kong and the Philippines is.
    For dining, I do not want to and do not have the credential to comment on cuisines of other countries, I only want to comment on Chinese food and seafood cooking in the Philippines. Since we frequently and always try Chinese food and dimsum in our daily life, we know the criteria to be regarded as good and quality Chinese food. Take our experience in Hong Kong, for those Chinese restaurants to be highly appraised by visitors and tourists in the some websites like, it is in fact not appraised by the locals. It is at most very average in the experience and mind of the locals, or the foods are not authentic enough. Those restaurants mentioned before are for sure not the top favourite of the locals in Hong Kong. Or, there are different expectations between foreigners and local diners of Chinese foods.
    In view of seafood cooking in a restaurant in Manila we tried in the Philippines, maybe, the cooking skill and food taste are like by the Filipinos. But in my experience, they really waste the seafood (fish and crab) and the original ocean freshness of seafood cannot be enhanced. In other words, it wastes the food materials and of course respective money expenditure, this meal is disappointing and not value for money. We are sorry to have selected and tried fresh seafood in this restaurant in the Philippines.
    This is what I think of, when I come across your record of Kirin Chinese Dining. Very so for the inconvenience caused.
    Habitat from Hong Kong

  20. does anybody know where available kirin restaurant? because the kirin restaurant at port bonifacio and binondo hv already closed

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