The Coveted 2010 Starbucks Planner

The 2010 Starbucks Planner is finally here! After a controversially inferior planner last year, there are lower expectations for its successor. With the original ones, people just loved them and brought them everywhere, especially to meetings. But as for last year’s planners, people still collected them but few really used them.

This year, the planner comes in three different iconic covers that promote the different stages of coffee-making: Coffee Beans, the Roasting Process, and finally Coffee as the final product.

My favorite is the coffee bean cover — make sure that it is available in the Starbucks branch where you plan to claim it.

The planner includes the Coffee Heritage of Starbucks and the story of the first-ever Starbucks in the Philippines. I was still in P&G at that time in 1997. We were all excited to get our first Starbucks Coffee. I remember that the spot where the first Starbucks was located was considered unlucky because the fine dining restaurant located there was not very successful.

At that time in P&G, it was considered cool to bring a cup of P100 Starbucks coffee with you during meetings. Old habits die hard — until now, I go to Starbucks if I want to look/be cool.

There is also a page dedicated to the Dialogues @ Starbucks. I believe Our Awesome Planet was the first one featured by Starbucks and it was done at its Silver City branch in Ortigas. That was when the Starbucks and Our Awesome Planet relationship started. Watch out for more collaborations in the near future…

I like the classic and consistent look throughout the planner. It is a lot better than the one offered last year.

A page is also dedicated to their loyal customers, like this Mother and Son who often order Apple Juice and Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Putting a holder at the back of the planner for one’s abubots is a great and thoughtful idea.

I’m also loving the planner’s coffee bean bookmark!

A discount coupon comes with your Starbucks Planner.

From February 1 to 13 – Add an extra shot of espresso to your favorite Starbucks beverage
From April 16 to 30 – Additional 10% discount for a Starbucks Coffee Tumbler
From May 1 to 31 – Buy 1 take 1 on any Frappuccino blended beverage
From June 1 to 30 – Get a tall handcrafted beverage if you buy a bag of Starbucks Kape Vinta blend or a Philippine Collector Series merchandise (mug, tumbler or Bearista Bear)
From July 1 to 31 – Enjoy a complimentary upsize of your favorite Starbucks drink
From September 1 to 30 – Get a 50g complimentary bag of whole bean coffee when you purchase any 250g bag of whole bean coffee or a Coffee Press

You have to collect 9 stickers from the Starbucks Holiday Featured Package:

Dark Cherry Mocha, Toffee Nut Latte, and Peppermint Mocha (it’s back!)

You have to collect another 8 stickers of any Starbucks beverage of your choice (except bottled beverages, bottled water and fruit juice).

Don’t forget to try the 14 new promotional food items for Christmas! We love the Pork Loin Sandwich, Turkey Chicken on Cranberry Sandwich, Beef Melt with Black Sesame Seed Buns, and the Chocolate Molten Cake (now with hot, oozing truffle sauce — yummy!)

Definitely, the 2010 planner is better than last year’s planner. What do you think?

Let the Starbucks drinking and eating season begin!

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P.S. You can start collecting the 17 stickers today, November 4, until January 6, 2010, to redeem one (1) Limited Edition Starbucks Coffee 2010 Planner. BTW, Frannywanny is giving away one Starbucks Planner 2010 for a lucky blog commenter. 

42 thoughts on “The Coveted 2010 Starbucks Planner

  1. i managed to bring a friend who doesn’t drink coffee at all to Starbucks. we’re going back there again. 🙂 sa kanya ang kape, akin ang sticker. hehehe!
    i remember myself trying to claim my 2009 planner on January. I received it a couple of months after with a free bag and a free drink. turns out the bag became more useful to me than the planner. this one looks promising though. and i want one! hehehe!

  2. woah! the hunt for red stickers is on…Btw, i also grabbed the first pix…i’ll give due credit and will post your blog in my fb site! I hope it’s ok 🙂 More power Kuya Anton!

  3. It’s good I got the promo card as an early bird customer, so I started with a complimentary sticker na. This planner’s my holy grail in November!

  4. I was amused when you said something about “it was considered cool to bring a cup of P100 Starbucks coffee with you…” Tinamaan din ako dun ah! But instead of bringing a Starbucks coffee to meetings, I bring it to class—where everyone in class thinks it’s a waste to blow you day’s allowance on coffee alone 🙂
    I also get to have Starbucks planner yearly, not because I want them but I do frequent Starbucks for my morning latte, sayang din the stickers if I don’t get one. I also look forward to their Toffee Nut Latte every Christmas season–YUM!
    I just hope the inconvenience last year with their 2009 planner won’t happen this year. I got my planner around July, but with a free Starbucks bag.
    By the way, I saw that you tried their new sandwiches. Were they any good? It’s more expensive than their usuals and the barista told me that the Porkloin Sandwich just have porkloin on it, nothing else.

  5. Hi again. Tried the pork loin sandwich. Masarap nga! It’s like chicken ala king sauce (I tasted the sweetness of green bell peppers & cream-based dressing) but with pork loin. Thanks for the feedback. Lagot, may karibal na yung whole wheat croissant as my Starbucks breakfast fave!

  6. GOSH! I only have 3 more featured product stickers to go!
    2008’s planner is still the best for me though! 😀

  7. Starbucks’ planner really is a good idea freebie that they come up with every year. As each year comes, they become more sleeky and easy to carry around with you everywhere. However, i’ve always loved their planner for the years 2007 and 2008. Both comes in a leather-type cover – safe for liquid spills. Also both comes with a pen and pencil, respectively, which is readily available whenever you feel like writing something down on it.

  8. Have you noticed the differences among the 3? There is…touch the cover. (I learned it from my friendly barista 🙂 ). My first choice was initially the coffee bean one but the cover held me back. It’s easy to get ruined kase. So I ended up deciding on getting the rougher cover.
    I missed these coupons..I am glad they are back; however, this is not the best batch of coupons…I think the 1st or 2nd edition has been the best one. (Can’t recall since I have been lucky enough to get Starbucks planner since its inception years ago).
    It’s so hard to choose which year is my favorite … sigh. I guess it will be the 2007 one with the leather cover, being the lightest and the one with the most character. But the problem is, the paper easily gets torn off because it’s just binded.

  9.’s just me but I miss Gingerbread Latte! It’s an acquired taste. But am glad it’s still available in other parts of the world though.

  10. hi. i just wanna share with you the belle de jour power planner. every girl i know goes gaga with it. maybe because of the discount coupons. i dunno. im torn between the two planner. belle de jour or starbucks planner? what d’u think? ☺

  11. hey there. just got my planner weeks ago. but then i though its awful and would be really difficult to use for its layout. would you be interested and want it right on your hands, selling mine for Php 400. AND OH yes, 400 and still negotiable.
    heres my mail:
    first one who get a closed deal will get it ofcourse.
    so there. Happyy Holidays!
    gracias. :))

  12. Hi! If you ask me, I prefer the Starbucks Planner over the Belle du Jour one, it’s a little cramped for me and it’s got marketing written all over it with the coupons attached to the wire of the planner. The Starbucks planner is a bit more subtle I think when it comes to that department. 😀

  13. Yeah. iba iba yung textures. Yung isa, i forgot the design, it has a cloth-like texture, which (I think) easily gets torn. I got the design that looks like a coffee-grinder, and the texture’s fine for me (although I can’t determine its texture, magaspang pero shiny).
    I’ll be collecting one more, for my mom, and if ever I get to complete another one, for my tita naman.
    Really love their banoffee pie. 🙂

  14. I already have 2 planners! yehey! and looking forward for another one.. 😀
    as of this date, I have 11 stickers for my 3rd planner.. I hope to complete it befor january 6, next year.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!
    MANIGONG BAGONG TAON! -filipino(tagalog)
    HAPPY NEW YEAR! -english
    ANTUM SALIMOUN! -arabic
    CHU SHEN TAN! -chinese
    FELIZ ANO NUEVO! -spanish
    FELICE ANNO NUOVO! -italian
    BONNE ANNEE! -french
    PROSIT NEUJAHR! -german
    HAUOLI MAKAHIKI HOU! -hawaiian
    L’SHANNAH TOVAH! -hebrew
    Godt Nytår! -danish
    SUN LEEN FAI LOK! -hongkong (cantonese)
    BOLDOG OOY AYVET! -hungarian
    SELAMAT TAHUN BARU! -indonesian
    SALEH NOW MOBARAK! -iranian
    Godt Nyttår -norwegian
    NUPELA YIA I GO LONG YU! -papua new guinea
    FELIZ ANO NOVO! -portuguese
    S NOVIM GODOM!-russian
    A stastlivy Novy Rok -slovak
    sreèno novo leto -slovenian
    Iyo Sanad Cusub Oo Fiican! -somali
    Heri Za Mwaka Mpyaº -swahili
    SAWADEE PEE MAI! -thai
    CHUC MUNG TAN NIEN! -vietnamese
    GODT NYTTAR! -norwegian

  15. Weird encounter last night. We were lacking few of the holiday stickers for the planner and the barista said that we can have those stickers, but it’ll be punched as Christmas drinks. I didn’t get it at first but when I checked the receipt, it simply means that the price I paid for my latte was the price for a Christmas drink. I find it unfair because there’s a clause in the card that says whenever the Christmas drinks are not available, it can be substituted with the regular drinks. I can’t see the point why the barista insisted on that idea. Is it being practiced at all Starbucks stores?

  16. hi, got a such a nice review and i like your pics, as well. I’m giving u 2 thumbsUP ^_^
    I already got mine last week and I chose the final product design—the ESPRESSO ^_^. Well, I really like the design of the planner and most especially its coffee bean bookmark. It’s so cutie *_* For me, this year’s design is quite beautiful than what they have last year. I didn’t like the planner last year so I just gave it to my father except for the pen…hehe :)) Sayang coz they don’t have pen this year but it’s OK coz the COUPONS are BACK..yey!!! I missed it na, ee.
    anyways, hope you guys can also check out my blog. thanks ^_^

  17. meron p bang planner na available,i badly need to get one.i lost my sister’s 2010 planner.pls help me!where can i get one?

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