World Pyro Olympics ‘09 postponed

The Executive Committee of the World Pyro Olympics (WPO) ’09 announces the postponement of the WPO originally set on November 28, December 5, 12 and 19, at the Bonifacio Global City to a later date early next year.

The incessant rains and flooding during the past months have rendered the firing area almost unfit for pyrotechnics launchings, which have certain international standards to observe. The participating countries have thus agreed to postpone the event.

Ticket holders are requested to contact WPO hotline 568-6908 / 384-0239 or log on to for more details.

22 thoughts on “World Pyro Olympics ‘09 postponed

  1. This sucks! We’ve already bought tickets for our relatives who came for the vacation holidays. Spent over 15 thou and they can’t watch it? I want a refund!

  2. Hi Anna,
    Please update us if you’re able to get a refund. I’m also planning to give my tickets back. Thank you.
    This event is one of the reasons why I am excited to go back home and now I won’t be able to watch it. 🙁

  3. “The incessant rains and flooding during the past months have rendered the firing area almost unfit…” –in that case, the whole metro won’t be able to host the event. well it rains even “off-season”, so what assurance do we have that it will push thru next year? bummer.

  4. The World Pyro Olympics will surely push through in January 2010. There are just adjustments that need to be made, international standards that need to be met, which take time and rescheduling of participants. Please call our hotlines for ticketing inquiries. Purchased tickets will still be honored during the new event schedules. We apologize for the inconvenience! — WPO Committee

  5. The main issue which was not described in the official press release
    is that the soil where the fireworks are launched from are a bit soft.
    It should have been treated to give a solid foundation for the launch.
    BGC is treating the soil and it would take time.

  6. it’s too bad we’ll never know the true reason behind this… either fireworks cargos didn’t arrive, something fishy within the company, people’s attendance did not match their expectations, something fishy within the company, maybe really poor organizing cause this has happened every single wpo…. only this year’s the worse

  7. They did have a test run to assure how good the place is… If it’s that big of a deal then they would not have pushed through with germany and china’s show if it was that dangerous… The fireworks china and germany fired were of big caliber so if the soil was that soft then most of the mortars would have tilted which was not really the case. All said, i’m really just hoping that italy, japan, korea, and australia will still be in the competition 😀

  8. Sayang naman! Bought tickets na for the Dec. 5 event. Oh well! I agree with most of them… you can never blame people to think that there really is somethin’ fishy goin’ on here…. Can we get a refund kaya?

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  10. i wonder what kind of preparations were done in the first place. considering all the marketing gimmicks and logistics considerations and personalities involved, i wonder if ever the launching/firing of the shells itself was thoroughly studied and tested. for such a big event and massive hype, this was poorly planned.

  11. poorly planned and we were overcharged. wow, i paid to put myself and my family in danger of getting fired at. ondoy happened months before the event started. right after the storm. besides, why would they go through with the even knowing that the place was unfit? you can’t blame the weather because they had all the time before the event to check it! they should have tested the location again before they even started selling tickets.
    oh, and whoever hosted the first night at the fort, utang na loob, wag na siyang kuning emcee next year. learn the proper pronunciation of the foreign titles your about to announce.

  12. We dont have to wait for the World Pyro Olympics anymore since a new fireworks competition is coming up this february 14. This is the Philippines International Pyromusical Competition. Starting february 14 until March 14, every sunday 2 countries will be performing in themall of asia grounds. The following countries are joining the competition U.K., Australia, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and France. This is definitely an event worth watching out for since all competitors are award winning companies. 😀

  13. Is this by the same organizers? I wanted to call to ask but the phone numbers listed here and on their website are either not available or unassigned. I still have our tickets, too…

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