Cookie Monster Cheesecake!

ULTIMATE TASTE TEST 3.0 RATING: 3.7 out of 5.0

We got introduced to Symphony of Flavors through Jason of I actually stayed away from it because it was too rich, too sweet and too tempting — even just by looking at it.

I must admit I thought it would not make the 3.3 cut but it did very well at 3.7. A lot of people like it because it is especially made for those people who like a sweet, rich, overloaded cake. I must agree with one foodie that this would be perfectly paired with strong, black coffee (no sugar needed).

Congratulations to Symphony of Flavors! Their Cookie Monster Cheesecake is quite unique and it would stand out among other usual cakes.

What Foodies Are Saying About Cookie Monster Cheesecake

“really symphony of flavors.”
“not into cookies merged into cake. too sweet.”
“too heavy but flavorful.”
“will definitely come back for seconds – Best with coffee.”
“no cheesecake taste but the texture is good”
“Had to go back for more.”
“So Rich! Bring out the Lipitor.”
“The best dessert today!”
“nice and siksik kahit small serving.”
“dry and nothing great.”
“Ultra Rich, Good for Sugar-holics.”
“Rich but Great”
“Cookie blends well with Cheese Cake! Divine!!”
“Great for give aways.”
“The Choco Chips used is a little overwhelming.”
“I cannot distinguish the flavor of cheese cake from the cookie except for the texture.”
“This was a nice salty sweet combo!”
“Wanted to buy for my mom but not available for sale :(“
“I observed siya ang naiwan looks yummy but heavy.”
“Good. Can taste the cream cheese! Delicious!”
“Felt Guilty Eating it — Very Rich & Too Sweet.”
“Very Sinful, But Very Good!”

The Symphony of Flavors Bakeshop Story by Margie Tan-Caw

Symphony of Flavors Bakeshop started as a home-based business nine years ago. It was originally just a hobby of the owners, a mother-daughter team. After a successful fund-raising project back when I was in high school, my mom and I were inspired to make this a tandem business. Our products started from developing old-time favorites that the family were craving for such as coconut macaroons, chocolate chip cookies, revel bars, cheese cupcakes and boat tarts. These were the items in our first product list back in Christmas of 2000. Since then, there was no more looking back, we kept on creating new products to offer each Christmas Season. The home-made goodness of each product that comes out of our kitchen is guaranteed, because up until now, baking is done by mom or me, no mass production and no scrimping on ingredients.

For this year, we would like to offer something that would offer a burst of texture in every bite; hence, the Cookie Monster Cheesecake. Every bite will give you velvety smoothness, creaminess and with a little chewiness and crunchiness. Enjoy!

Cookie Monster Cheesecake (P1,000). Velvety cheesecake topped with chocolate chip cookies…smooth, crunchy, creamy!!!

Symphony of Flavors Bakeshop Price List

Bits of Pieces

Carrot Cake …with cream cheese frosting
Revel Bar …fudgy bar of oats, walnuts and chocolate chips
Food for the Gods … buttery bars of dates and walnuts
Double Chocolate Brownies …moist and chocolatey!!!
Black Forest …fudge base with cherry ganache filling and chocolate crumble topping
Cookie Dough Brownie …two all-time favorites in one….choco chip cookie on a fudgy brownie
Chocolate Banana Toffee …a combination of banana and chocolate with a twist of crunch
Mango Butterscotch …chewy butterscotch bars with pieces of mango

Box of 12: P125.00            Box of 30: P350.00
Box of 18: P200.00            Box of 48: P500.00

Cookie Jar

Mocha Truffle …truffle-like cookies packed with a flavorful punch of rich chocolate and deep mocha
Oatmeal Mango …a twisted treat for mango lovers
Symphony Cookies …packed with everything addictive…walnuts and choco chips!!!

Box of 18 (new packaging: in individual foil packs): P350.00


18 individually foil-packed bits of pieces and cookies of your choice in an elegant gold box adorned with ribbon

BITS OF PIECES: Revel Bar, Food for the gods, Double Chocolate, Mango Butterscotch

COOKIES: Oatmeal Mango, Mocha Truffle, Symphony Cookies

Parade of Pies

Three Mushroom Quiche (10”)  …a healthy option! – P650.00
Mocha Brownie Pie (9×9) …a brownie treat with a blend of coffee and cream cheese – P500.00
Apple Tart (10’”) … cinnamon-coated green apple chunks, dotted with dulce de leche, topped with streusel on a cream cheese butter crust – P550.00
Banana Cream Pie (9”) – P500.00

Take a Whole

Rum Butter Cake …a drunken buttery cake in a festive bundt pan – P550.00

Blackout  Cake …layers of deep dark chocolate cake with dulce de leche filling, frosted with chocolate ganache – P575.00

Choco Banana Cake …alternating layers of chocolate and banana cake filled with ganache topped with banana chips – P550.00

Caramel Buttercream Cake …layers of soft vanilla chiffon filled with caramel and frosted with buttercream – P550.00

Chestnut Cake …vanilla cake with luscious chestnut filling – P600.00

Swiss Toffee Cake …deep chocolate cake with toffee bits in between – P575.00

Cookie Monster Cheesecake …velvety cheesecake topped with chocolate chip cookies…smooth, crunchy, creamy!!! – P1000.00

Chicken Empanada – P30.00/pc

Symphony of Flavors Bakeshop 
Margie Doreen Tan-Caw 
Telephone: +63 922-7173737; +632 563-3029, 638-4251

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5 thoughts on “Cookie Monster Cheesecake!

  1. oh wow i had this during our graduation session! i think it was named choco chip cookie dough cheesecake pa nun hehe. i do agree that it’s best paired with coffee but for me winner talaga sya! i have a sweet tooth and this cake has my name written all over it! i wish symphony of flavors all the best!

  2. Hi anton. I ordered my christmas goodies from Symphony of Flavors 2 years ago, particularly the Mango Butterscotch & Double Chocolate Brownies. The baker, Marg (if my poor memory serves me right) was so nice to give me a free taste since her shop/condo unit was just a short walk from my clinic. It was soooo good that some of my friends opened the box and tried the pastries right after I gave it to them

  3. I got to compare this and the cheesecake from Sugarhouse that day. Both very different. The cookie dough cheesecake tends to be on the heavy and sweet side.
    The Sugarhouse cheesecake was an eye opener – good cheese taste and good balance of citrus and sweetness. I hadn’t been to Sugarhouse since I was a teen. Now, I have reason to go back. I’m getting the sugar-free version for my aunt.

  4. It’s good to also know Symphony has other products we can try. Will definitely call and give the other treats a try.

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