Let’s Help Make Pinoys the Ultimate Thailand Explorers! (Please Vote!)

Congratulations to Michael Paul & Jennifer for winning a slot in the Finals in The Ultimate Thailand Explorers! They are the only Asians among the top 5 finalists and they are now in Koh Samui, Thailand exploring the island for the finals. You can follow their adventure here: www.tinyurl.com/mikejenkohsamui (Ang galing nila mag-blog about their Thailand adventure…)

Please vote for Michael & Jennifer for them to win the Ultimate Thailand Explorers Travel Competition!

You need to be logged in to vote because The Tourism Authority of Thailand is awarding TWO (2) Thailand Holiday Packages and 2 HTC Android phones to 2 voters, each valued at US$2500. You can vote once per day, and each vote is a raffle entry. Who knows, you could be lucky this Christmas?

I have no doubt that, with the Pinoys’ help, Michael and Jenny will become THE Ultimate Thailand Explorers. 🙂 Again, please vote everyday here: Michael Paul & Jennifer UTE Finalist for Koh Samui

We’re in the Finals of the Ultimate Thailand Explorers!
by Jennifer

The Philippines is officially in the finals of the Ultimate Thailand Explorers. Because of your support, young couple Michael Paul and Jennifer Caspe-Cocuaco took in the most votes for Koh Samui. They were able to garner 4,821 votes, trailing far behind were Singapore with around 3,594 votes and the United Kingdom with 3,054 votes.
The Ultimate Thailand Explorers is a travel competition organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. The event was created by the Tourism Authority of Thailand in order to publicize Thailand’s five top tourist destinations: Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Koh Samui. Teams of two from around the world, as selected by judges and online public voters, will get to explore the diverse attractions and activities in these destinations in order to showcase the reasons these destinations have earned numerous international awards.
The goal is to  inspire other travelers to visit Thailand and experience the country’s unique attractions for themselves. A total of 192 teams around the world joined the competition. Michael and Jenny were the only contestants from the Philippines who made it into the semifinals. With only 5 teams left to represent Thailand’s 5 tourist destinations, they are now the only Asians competing in the finals. The other 3 teams are from the  United States and one from France.
Michael, a travel consultant from Zamboanga City met Manila-based writer and TV producer Jenny at a singles retreat sponsored by Victory Christian Fellowship Quezon City. After 4 years of solid friendship, they got married and settled in Zamboanga in October 2008. Sharing a passion for travel and adventure, they decided to join the competition when they read about it through a website that advertised online contests and freebies called Boy Kuripot (http://boy-kuripot.blogspot.com).

The eliminations for the Ultimate Thailand Explorers started last September 1, 2009.  The couple submitted an audition video, which they themselves made in Zamboanga’s Pasonanca Nature Reserve.  Armed only with a DSLR camera and portable stool to act as their tripod, the couple  made an audition video for the competition.  Their video became a crowd favorite with over 15,000 views and they were chosen to be part of the 25 semifinalists.
For them to get into the finals, their entry had to receive the most number of votes from the public through online voting.  A campaign was made with the help of friends and family here and abroad, various internet cafes, schools, local and national newspapers, and through popular social networking websites Facebook and Twitter.
Michael and Jenny recently had the privilege of  dialoguing with global world icons like chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov, businessman Donald Trump and Live Aid founder Sir Bob Geldof during the recently concluded South East Asian Youth Engagement Summit in Kuala Lumpur, where they represented the Philippines along with 59 other youth delegates from all over the country. The day they arrived from Malaysia, they received an email from the Tourism Authority of Thailand announcing that they have been declared as the official finalists for Koh Samui.
Koh Samui, the third largest island in Thailand, is the second most popular island destination in the kingdom, thanks in part to its airport that connects the island to a number of international destinations. Koh Samui features spectacular beaches, outstanding dining and a comprehensive array of extreme sports.  Michael and Jenny will be in that island destination from Dec. 7-18.
“We can’t wait to snorkel, scuba-dive and try out the spa treatments in Koh Samui. We’re also doing some serious adventure by gliding on top of a rainforest in one of the longest zip lines in Asia! We hope to be good ambassadors of our country. Our ultimate goal is to be able to meet the King of Thailand and send him our good wishes,” says the couple.
They will share their experiences to a worldwide audience by publishing their articles, photos and videos through the internet. Even before they left for their adventure, Michael and Jenny already started chronicling their personal stories and insights about Thailand in the official blog issued by the contest organizers: www.tinyurl.com/mikejenkohsamui
So how will the final winner be determined?  The Ultimate Thailand Explorers winner will be determined by the highest number of online votes from the public.  The voting period will commence on December 1, 2009 and will end January 8, 2010.  A person may vote once a day throughout the voting period.
The good news for supporters is that two lucky voters will also have the chance to experience Thailand through a luxury travel package to be awarded by the contest organizer.  Every vote made during the competition is equivalent to a raffle entry. With more votes, you’ll get more chances of winning. The Tourism Authority of Thailand is awarding TWO (2) Thailand Holiday Packages and 2 HTC Android phones to 2 voters, each valued at US$2500.
Lately, the Philippines has been highlighted internationally with the historical win of Pacquiao over Cotto and the awarding of CNN Hero of the Year 2009 to Efren Penaflorida. Let us keep this winning streak going and show our support by voting for the Philippines’ very own Ultimate Thailand Explorers.  Cast your votes here: www.tinyurl.com/mikejenkohsamui (Reminder: You need to be logged in to vote.)

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P.S. Let’s help our fellow kababayans win the Ultimate Thailand Explorers contest. We are currently behind in the votes. Please login and vote here: Michael Paul & Jennifer UTE Finalist for Koh Samui

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