Touring Fundacion Pacita Batanes!

Fundacion Pacita is one of the best boutique hotels in the Philippines. A Batanes experience is not complete without enjoying the “Wuthering Heights” ambiance of Fundacion Pacita — it is located on top of a cliff with a 270-degree view of the sea, mountains and the sky. Also, at this time of the year, this is one of the only places where you can feel it’s “winter” in a tropical paradise like the Philippines.

Let me give you a photo tour of the Terrace View Suites so you can visually experience Fundacion Pacita Batanes…

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The Fundacion Pacita Experience-46
As you walk into the main building, you’ll see the fresh air-cooled office of Fundacion Pacita.

The Fundacion Pacita Experience-61
The main hotel, besides having a dining and living area, is also a museum.

The Fundacion Pacita Experience-62
The blue bench chairs are a signature design of Fundacion Pacita. (They are quite heavy!)

Premium Terrace Suite

This is the best view from the “honeymoon” suite of Fundacion Pacita. It is located outside the main boutique hotel.

One queen-sized bed. Maximum of two occupants. Detached suite. With private deck.

Outside the Premium Terrace Suite is the garden dedicated to the patriarch of the Abad family.


Terrace Suite #1 (back-to-back with Terrace Suite #2)

The first two terrace suites are built beside the Premium Terrace Suite. (Caution: You can hear the muffled voices in the adjacent terrace suites.)

One queen-sized bed. Maximum of two occupants. With view deck.

Terrace Suite #2 (back-to-back with Terrace Suite #1)

This view is in between the Premium Terrace Suite and Terrace Suite #1.

One queen-sized bed. Maximum of two occupants. With view deck.


Terrace Suite #3: Upper Sunrise Suite

There are two rooms at the main dining area level. The first one on the left is the Sunrise Terrace Suite.

One queen-sized bed. Maximum of two occupants. With view deck.

For me, this is the best terrace suite because you wake up to the awesome view of the sunrise!

Terrace Suite #4: Upper Sunset Suite

On the right of the main dining area level is the Sunset Terrace Suite.

One queen-sized bed. Maximum of two occupants. With view deck.

This room has a magnificent view since it is a corner room.

Family Terrace Suite: Lower Corner and Sunrise Suite

The next best room is the lower Sunrise Family Terrace Suite.

One queen-sized bed and one single bed. Maximum of three occupants. With view deck.

Next to the Family Terrace Suite is the Luxury Terrace Suite and Terrace Suite #5.

Luxury Terrace Suite

There’s a Main Suite and an Adjacent Suite to be found here.

Main Suite Terrace View. Very spacious. This is where Pacita Abad used to paint.

The Main Suite has a king-sized bed.

The Main Suite bathroom.

The Adjacent Suite View.

The Adjacent Suite has three to four single beds. You have to pass through here to get to the Main Suite.

The Adjacent Suite bathroom.

Terrace Suite #5: Lower Corner Sunset Suite

This is the last Terrace Suite — found at the lower corner with a sunset view.

One queen-sized bed. Maximum of two occupants. With view deck.

It has its own cute little door. Good for a family with kids.

From Terrace Suite #5, you can go down all the way to the beach. 🙂

Family Loft 

One queen-size bed with option of a single bed. Maximum of three occupants. No view deck.

It is not enclosed and it overlooks the main dining area. It can get quite noisy in the morning. This is where the tour guides usually stay. There’s no air-con except for fans.

The bathroom here is quite small but it has its own bathtub.

Visit the Fundacion Pacita Website for more details. 🙂


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33 thoughts on “Touring Fundacion Pacita Batanes!

  1. your second photo could’ve been taken in any little town perched by the Mediterranean. what a beautiful place! batanes is one destination i would love to visit, but it’s even more expensive than going abroad, which is saddening. but i will go there someday.

  2. I was about to ask if Fundacion Pacita = Pacita Abad. Her style is so obvious in the rooms 🙂
    I will put this as one of my must visits for Future dates with Dodong. I just hope he comes home in time for Batanes travel season

  3. If I have a place like that I am going to stay there forever….
    I could add more income by having a livestock farm in the idle land. I could breed pot bellied pigs or ostrich and sell it in Manila and Cebu.
    Good discovery Anton, your such a lucky guy. 🙂

  4. I’m just a little bit proud that even if i dont personally know pacita abad,atleast i know that she’s one of my father’s 1st degree cousin.

  5. lovely place. it was just being renovated when we went there.
    i wonder what happened to the room that was built for Cory Aquino before she got ill. apparently, she was going to be one of the “ninangs” in an Abad wedding back in 2008 and she was supposed to stay there. is it one of these?

  6. Hi Anton,
    I will look forward the day that you and Rache will be united with me again. This time The Artist Chef Global. I am currently based for work in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I still pursue my Artist Chef, this time with bigger venue. I have my big Veranda. Just do let me know when YOu and your wife is coming =)

  7. Oh my goodness, been DYING to go here! What about the paintings?! Pacita Abad is my absolute favorite Pinoy artist. Were her paintings on display in Fundacion? I thought the Abads built it to house Pacita’s work as well, were they available for viewing??

  8. im dying to go now just seeing your post…this leads me on their website which is uber nice.wanna go there really soon!

  9. will be leaving for Batanes tomorrow. Look forward to stay at Fundacion and experience a different side of the Philippines!

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