and the Real Leaf Contest Winner is…

Our Awesome Planet’s “Shoot a Real Leaf, Win a Nano!” Winner!

Title: Carwash Babe. THE SLAVES! 
what a bossy little girl – she’s slaving the two little boys, they are “timawa” —- they will do anything for Real Leaf Green leaf! by: MAREN S. BANA-AG 

Thanks to all those who joined the Real Leaf Contest! It was fun just looking at and reading the story behind each of the photos.

I usually judge the photo contests in OAP based on three things:
1. Visual Appeal — the picture itself should tell a story and should be appealing
2. Shares the OAP advocacy — the picture showcases the awesome beauty of our natural wonders and/or the kids/family.
3. Compliance with Mechanics — the picture should be submitted on time and with the right information.

The Carwash Babe is so cute even without the thought bubble. I know it is a bit hard to choreograph one kid — what more three kids in this photo. 

Here are the other two photos I considered but the kids captured our hearts 🙂

Raw Rage’s Real Adventure. Real Thirst. Real Leaf.

Daddy Joey’s 2nd Real Leaf entry

Congrats to Maren for winning the OAP Real Leaf contest! 

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