Romeo and Bernadette

Valentine’s is not yet over, not until you have watched Romeo & Bernadette. 🙂

The premise of this musical is funny in itself. Romeo did not die, he was just sleeping — until he awakens in the 1960’s. He meets Bernadette in Verona, Italy (whom he thinks is his lovely Juliet) and decides to pursue her all the way to Brooklyn in America.

It’s a bit “old school” theater, but it still is very, very funny. Just imagine: Brooklyn accents, Italian melodies, Shakespearean poetry, and Gangsters in a Romantic Comedy Musical. It’s sort of a weird combination but it works.

It has audience participation like RENT’s “Moo!” scene. Here, the crowd chants, “DONNA, DONNA…” Rem Zamora gives ROMEO & BERNADETTE great comic relief, much like what Job Bautista’s portrayal of Angel gave RENT. Both musicals are set in America but in different eras — RENT is in the ’90s while ROMEO & BERNADETTE is in the ’60s.

We love it because it’s unpredictably funny, complete with a showcase of 1960’s fashion. It is a feel-good romantic play that is light and sure to please any theater newbie out there.

Romeo & Bernadette Synopsis

You just thought he was dead! Romeo, that is. No, he didn’t die when he drank that poison at the end of ROMEO AND JULIET. Because it wasn’t poison at all; just a sleeping potion that put him out for a few centuries. And when Romeo awakens, he finds himself in 1960 Brooklyn, chasing a girl he believes is his beloved Juliet. But no, it’s not Juliet, it’s Bernadette, the beautiful, sassy daughter of a local mobster.

Romeo finds himself aligned with the rival crime family and… poor Romeo! It seems he’s got what the therapist would call, “a pattern.” But unlike Shakespeare’s account of the tale, ROMEO & BERNADETTE barrels along with dames, dons and dizzy comedy to a happy ending, accompanied by some of the world’s most recognizable Italian melodies, famous from movies, television and many, many pizzerias.


The facial expressions of the cast and the comic timing were very funny. Kudos to the director of the play! 🙂

We love Rem Zamora’s gay impersonation — so hilarious.

 It is always fun to watch Cris Villonco’s portrayal of Bernadette — very classy.

It was a 1960’s fashion show all throughout the play except for…

…the lead character Romeo, who had the prince costume and then a casual outfit (of jeans) throughout the rest of the play. He was a bit overshadowed by the rest of the cast.

Romeo & Bernadette is the ultimate post-Valentine’s date this year. 🙂 It is guaranteed to make you laugh and fall in love…

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7 thoughts on “Romeo and Bernadette

  1. Me and my friend watched this musical play last Sunday afternoon. We were on the second row of the orchestra center. It was a blast. We really enjoyed watching it. The comedy, the acts, music, costumes and props were really great.

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