Pig Out of Town!

We finally found a unique restaurant in Nuvali worth raving about: Pig Out!


Solenad, the lifestyle area fronting the Nuvali property, is becoming the best stopover for people going to/from Tagaytay. We even saw the Magsaysay family (of Ilog Maria Bee Farm fame) dining in the area.

Pig Out! is the second locally conceived theme restaurant of the Bistro group (think Friday’s and Italianni’s). I didn’t really like Flapjacks, their first locally conceived resto, because of its overall ho-hum taste — although it tries hard to be the next Country Waffles. This is the Bistro group’s first establishment in Nuvali, and foodies are raving about the Inihaw na Spare Ribs Adobo, Curry Rice and their creative concoctions of Healthy drinks.

For Manila-based foodies who are looking for out-of-town foodie escapes, Pig Out! is a great place to try. Kanin Club has competition now (it’s sad that their Kanin Get it restaurant in Nuvali was poorly executed).

I’m always happy to come across kid-friendly restaurants. It was automatic for Pig Out!’s servers to give our boys some illustrations to color. As a parent with toddlers, I find it very important to have a lot of tricks up our sleeves to keep the kids occupied.

The boys were also entertained by the movie shown on the TV. We don’t watch TV at home (except for some DVDs), so our kids tend to focus on the TV every time they see one in restaurants.

 Check out their menu here: Pig Out! Menu | Drinks Menu

The bench-type tables are designed for a family and can fit a group of 10 at most. Although there was no back rest, we didn’t mind since it felt like we were at a picnic table where food could be easily shared. 

With a name like Pig Out!, one would expect to see lechon in the menu — but it wasn’t there. The closest dish they have is Crispy Pata. It’s not a “meat only” place; there are a lot of fish dishes and healthier options being offered.

Stalk of the Town (P95) [left drink] Blended celery stalk, apple, pineapple ring and honey.
Babe’s Favorite (P125) [right drink]. Blended fresh apple, orange and grapes with apple juice and honey.

The healthy drinks have a playful vibe. Our family fave is Stalk of the Town because of the refreshing celery taste and pineapple-honey mix. The grape flavor dominates Babe’s Favorite drink, which is dihia Joshua’s favorite. Try them out! 🙂

See full list of healthy drinks and specialty drinks menu

Tropical Slush (P145). Combination of melon, mango, pineapple ring and honey.

The Tropical Slush is just Mango juice. I think it would be better to try more interesting combinations.

See full list of healthy drinks and specialty drinks menu

Inihaw na Spare Ribs Adobo (P335 – solo, P485 – sharing).

It is worth stopping over in Pig Out! if only for this one dish. I regret just ordering the solo version above. It tastes like inihaw na liempo with BBQ Adobo sauce. Each strand of meat is tasty. It is guaranteed that you’ll eat the meat off the bones.

I think the solo version is quite overpriced for its serving size. I bet the sharing portion gives more value for money.

Curry Fried Rice (P205). Morsels of chicken with raisins and cashew nuts with a curry flavor.

This is better than the usual fried rice in Chinese restaurants. It even looks like the turmeric rice we enjoy in Batanes. The kids love it, and it’s not as spicy as we expected it to be. I like the raisins and bits of chicken, which made this rice dish a meal in itself.

Inihaw na Tuna Belly (P225 – solo, P435 – sharing). Tuna belly with garlic, chili and chili leaves.

The Tuna Belly was highly recommended as well, but we did not appreciate it as much since they burned the top and tried to cover it with the chili. The belly itself is not as tasty as the edges. I like the chili flavor as the heat reminds me of Bicol Express (only with tuna belly, in this case).

Pig Out! Crispy Pata (P325 – solo, P615 – sharing).

This was highly recommended in the menu (marked by a pig icon), but it’s really just ordinary Crispy Pata. Since they have “Pig” in their branding, it would have been good to have lechon served every Sunday brunch or at least have an innovative Pritchon offered in the menu.

Loved this!

Chocolate Cake (P180).

Don’t order the chocolate cake since it is quite dry and not fun to eat.

Fried Banana Spring Rolls (P95) with Ice Cream (+P30). Made with banana and jackfruit filling.

A better alternative for dessert is this simple Banana-Q with Ice Cream.

I noticed that the Bistro Group does not really have a good Pastry Chef. Given the group’s restaurant chain size, I would have expected more innovative options than the one above. Is this the best that they can offer?

Pig Out! Your Family Grill House
Bldg.1, Solenad Nuvali
Tel numbers: +63 49 502 6549, 502 6550
Mobile number: +63 917 509 2612
Email add: pigoutnuvali@bistro.com.ph
Call Neil Aquino +63917 582-6727

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P.S. I heard the soup/ramen in Domo Tomo is good. Have you tried this unique Japanese resto in Nuvali?  Any other resto recommendations in Nuvali? Let me know! 🙂

30 thoughts on “Pig Out of Town!

  1. Hi Anton! 🙂 I actually saw you and your family at Pig Out last Thursday. We were seated at the next table. 🙂

  2. hello anton, there’s also Crisostomo at Nuvali. In Paseo de Sta. Rosa, there’s a restaurant there near Kanin Club that serves delicious Bacolod chicken 🙂

  3. tried domo tomo… sarap! love the california maki! we didn’t try the ramen though… sa next visit na lang namin.
    just curious anton… why don’t you guys watch tv at home? do you think it’s bad for the kids? my kids love to watch cartoons eh.

  4. There has been a lot of studies that show watching too much TV for kids is not good for their brains. It hypnotizes them and brainwashes them. The thing is, the impact is a bit subliminal in nature. So please be very careful with TV.

  5. I agree with you anton. I also think watching too much TV would make it hard for kids to listen attentively in class because they’re so used to watching, that listening to teacher would make them feel bored and lose focus.

  6. Hi. We ate there and found the menu very expensive. There was really nothing great about the food. We more or less ordered the same food and we did not find anything to rave about or for the food to be worth the price. A Php625.00 crispy pata? That alone would be give everyone an idea on their price range. Definitely not worth it. We felt robbed after we settled our bill 🙁

  7. the prices are very expensive & the portions look very small considering that it’s supposed to be shared with family members 🙁

  8. have you tried blue corner in paseo sta rosa, it’s a basic carinderia turo turo like caruz and cris gard. But try the inihaw na bangus. It’s basically boneless bangus wrapped in foil stuffed with our local salsa (less cilantro / wansoy) plus salted egg and chili fingers and maybe a spoon or two of melted STAR margarine before placing on the sizzling hot plate.

  9. I have to agree, I ate there once and nothing on the menu really gave me a “WOW”I just had the munggo and ribs. But anyway have you gone to candelaria quezon? Before I usually go there once or twice a month. It’s a bahay kubo type i cant remeber the name but i know how to go there. “Lutong -bahay” they only serve three items a day. 1. Sinigang sa pinatuyong kamias (fish, shrimp or depends on what is available) 2. Liver steak and lastly the crispy pata. Seriously, you’ll be amazed on how it taste (although we all know how it tastes like) but the consistency is very well done. It has been properly cooked, right crispiness and meat somehow falls right off the bones. and amazingly the moisture content will still be somewhow the same when i bought one and brought it home for dinner.

  10. yeahp, its near that place. I’ll share some places ive eaten for the past 10 years. Most probably you have been there also, but i’ll share it anyway. Being in the food service indsutry is really awesome. Actually I just started my blog yesterday so i’ll be sharing a lot with everyone i hope you guys will find it interesting.

  11. I’m not good in remembering streets. I usually drive there remembering landmarks. I’ll post it on my blog on the location. If we get a chance I can bring you there with your family and my friends.
    Will post the directions hopefully with in the day.
    Thanks anton.

  12. hi!first time to comment here!:)you guys just made me realize hindi pla ako nagiisa.. my bf and I ate there for couple of months ago..i must agree, the prices are bit of overpriced nga,grabe but the quality of the food was just so so.. one of the mains we have ordered was pork bbq..the taste was like “ininit nlng”(sorry for sounding like a food critic much..lol! but i just want to share) considering the meat-medyo matigas and dry ung lasa..there.. but you should have tried beef ribs spicy seoul style.. the meat is well done and it was so tasty..yun lng ata kinain ko that time..haha.. pagka-alis nmin, para kaming nalugi..oh well,experience nlng..but made us think not to go back again:(

  13. I’d like to dine here soon. Bagay sa food blog domain name ko. Great blog! I have been reading for 2 days through your archives. 🙂

  14. Had lunch at Pig Out yesterday. We ordered their “best-seller” crispy pata which wasn’t that crispy and a sefood platter (not sure of the name). Along with our food my friend ordered their stalk of the town and I had the ampalaya drink. Through the course of our meal my friend discovered a very black thick strand of heir in her drink!! Of course we called the attention of our server Josh who was polite and kind enough to replace (but did not apologize for the hair! As if it were a normal fair) the drink but my friend coudn’t take even a single sip of the replacement. The thought of the hair just haunted her. Truly eekky, yukkyy!!!!!

  15. We ate there before and would not ever go back again as it’s very expensive. It’s not worth the size/portion and the taste of the food! Bitin at di naman masyadong masarap, mahal pa!
    rating: 1 out of 5 stars!

  16. @Foodie: I agree. Why didn’t they just call it “Turon ala mode”? These places are so pretentious they make the burgis puke.
    As usual, another overpriced joint that will close in a year or two for lack of local flavor.

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