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Taiwan Cha Chang Noodles – P68

We were a little hesitant about trying out Yen Yen because we had a bad food experience with the Yen Yen Stall along Shaw. Anyway, we decided to give it another shot after watching the Bellyfest at the PETA theater. I’m happy to say we were pleased with our decision to cap off the night at Yen Yen instead of the usual fast food (e.g. KFC, McDo, Chowking, etc.).

Yen Yen food has improved drastically compared to the now-closed Shaw stall. The Taiwanese partner moved on already and the current owners seem to have tweaked the recipe a bit to suit the Filipino palate. We liked the quality of the Cha Chang noodles together with the bean sprouts and the tasty tofu (for a healthier twist).

There’s no need to claim that it’s authentic (because it’s not); nevertheless, the food has a unique flavor that sets it apart from our usual North Park orders. Highly recommended for those looking for a cheap, unique, and yummy hole-in-the-wall around Greenhills.

YEN YEN MENURice Meals, Dimsum, Soup, Drinks | Appetizers, Noodles, Specials

Most of the menu items are less than P100, except for the noodles and rice toppings, which are less than P200.

The restaurant space is small — it can comfortably fit about 20 people only. Just imagine the scenario when Joshua started crying because he was sleepy. I think the entire place got a bit scandalized by his little tantrum.

Boiled Dumplings (6 pcs.) – P88

This looked good, but we were not able to try it because it was delivered to our table by mistake. The dumplings looked freshly boiled and not defrosted. I can usually guess how food tastes from the way it looks. As for this dish, it seems bland but I think it would go very well with the sauce.

Pork Chop Rice (Crispy or cumin) – Topping – P78

The pork chop was crispy thin, but we liked the sweet chili sauce that went with it. Yum!

Taipei Braised Beef Noodle Soup – P168

This noodle soup is good for 2-3 people. The beef soup was very interesting because it was a bit spicy-sour and braised with ginger and star anise. The noodles were of good quality and were cooked really well. The beef wasn’t consistent though, some pieces were tender and some were a bit tough.

Taipei Braised Beef Rice – P168

My wife did not like the rice topping version of the beef because the meat was tougher than usual. They should improve the quality of the beef they use (unless this is the kind of beef the Taiwanese like…).

Yen Yen Green Iced Tea – P28/glass, P140/pitcher

The Green Tea iced tea was a pleasant surprise. You can tell that it came from brewed tea versus the powder-and-sugar variants. It was a bit sweet but still refreshing. 🙂

They have a well-lit signboard around the small store. Yen Yen is located across the newly renovated Mien San along Gilmore / Granada St. 🙂

Yen Yen
Authentic (?) Taiwan Street Food using Imported Ingredients
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Telephone: +632 345-3219
Open Daily 11am – 11pm
96 Granada St. (Gilmore Ave.) Quezon City, Philippines
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P.S. I heard from my Taiwanese foodie friends that there really is no authentic Taiwanese food in Manila. I’ve never been to Taiwan (maybe in July, for the first time). If you know of any authentic Taiwanese food in Manila, please do let me know…

11 thoughts on “Yes Yes to Yen Yen

  1. saw this featured in a tv show in QTV last sunday.. as one of the top 10 budget friendly food spots 🙂 looks yummy, i love noodle soup!

  2. But if you judge a dumpling by its wrapper, they’ll all look bland right? Because all you see is the wrapper and all dumpling wrappers are bland =)

  3. I’d recommend the Taiwanese place, Mien San, Granada / Boni Serrano. Been eating there since college years. Love the food! Try the Green Onion Pancakes, the dumplings, and the brisket noodles, and the cha chang noodles. Haven’t seen Yen Yen but if it’s along Granada, then it must be near Mien San. 🙂

  4. Cant wait to try out their food! we live around 20 steps away from their store!
    oh thanks for the Suggestion KY, havent noticed Mien San anywhere near our place.. hmm

  5. Thanks Anton, I’ve been meaning to try this place since they opened, now I know what to order. I guess Mien San will now have some competition in that area of Granada St. 🙂

  6. BTW, just sharing my Taiwanese food discovery — you can try buying frozen dumplings, noodles, siopao, pastries, and many more from YA CHOU Food Shop at Sekai Center on Ortigas Ave. greenhills (near Madison). I bought a few times and their dumplings are really good. I believe Ya Chou also distributes frozen products in groceries.

  7. my gauge for any taiwanese restaurant will be their Lou Rou Fan or Braised pork rice or what we call it in Manila was Adobo rice. I am surpirsed its not one of their specialties, will try this place out and order the adobo rice and see how it fares

  8. i’m very sure that you will really enjoy the food in taiwan… night market food, food courts, street food, etc… they’re all great! if you are planning to visit taiwan you can visit
    i’ve tried Big Daddy’s Chicken @ GH. the size is smaller here but the taste is almost the same as the taiwan version.

  9. Yen Yen Taiwan Street Food has moved to a bigger and better location at Wilson cor. P. Guevarra Sts. San Juan City… with basement parking and more perimeter parking. We’ve improved our interiors, and made our best selling pork chop rice and beef noodles even better. Plus we added new things to the menu. Visit us now!!! We’re right beside Mini-Stop.

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