Chef Adrian Cuenca’s Bone Marrow and Truffles Burger!

Chef’s Burger Set Menu (P1,100 +10%sc)
. All Beef Meat Patty with Bone Marrow and Truffles, served with soup or salad, dessert, and coffee or tea.

That fateful day started with an Ateneo vs. La Salle game betting with Spanx, and ended with the celebration of La Salle’s win with Chef Adrian Cuenca’s Chef’s Burger. The burger is starting to get a cult following even if it is usually off the menu. You have to order it two days in advance (because of the bone marrow). It is carefully prepared when you arrive at Elbert’s Steak Room.

Was it worth the P1,100+ price tag? Read on.

Elbert’s Steak Room is always quite elegant, be it lunchtime or nighttime. For lunch, you can order Elbert’s Prime Rib Lunch (P1,200+ up) or the standard Elbert’s Lunch Set Menu (P750+).

They still don’t have a signboard or name outside the dilapidated building where New Bombay Canteen is located in Salcedo. Elbert actually wants to keep it that way. In fact, he does not entertain any magazine or TV feature about the restaurant to keep the privacy of the place and its guests.

It is always lovely to sit on the Eric Paras leather chairs while waiting for your friends to arrive. Its interiors transport you to a zen-like ambiance, perfect for that slow and relaxing lunch. It’s quite charming, intimate, and laid-back.

The set menu begins with a fresh serving of soft rolls with butter.

You have a choice to start your meal with:

Soup of the day. Usually a light soup, good for one person.


Salad of Tagaytay Greens with Asian Vinaigrette. Fresh greens with a light dressing.

You can opt to wait for the burger to arrive to match it with the salad.

Chef’s Burger. It is cooked medium rare like steak, but just served in burger form. The burgers are served with well-fried and dried fries. The glazed onions are sweet and juicy.

What makes this really yummy is the generous serving of big bone marrow pieces that look like bits of fat that melt in your mouth due to the creaminess. Combine that with the lingering taste of truffles — you can’t help but close your eyes to relish and imagine the flavors playing around inside your mouth.

(Caption This!)

The serving size is perfect for one. It is not too overwhelming and it gives the right satisfaction to your meat craving. We savored each bite and were pleasantly surprised to discover that the taste was consistent throughout.

They say that a good 100% beef burger has a good “burp factor” — that is, it is just right and not offensive in smell. This one felt and smelled right. 🙂

Pannacotta and Chocolate Ice Cream Dessert.

The dessert was a satisfyingly sweet finish to the Chef’s Burger Meal. You can also order coffee and tea to end your lunch. Allot about 90 minutes to enjoy your lunch @ Elbert’s Steak Room.

Thank you to Chef Adrian Cuenca for the awesome Chef’s burger! I’ve never tasted a burger this good — Spanx and I agreed it was worth every peso we paid for the Chef’s burger meal experience.

Perfect for a romantic occasion or for a celebration like La Salle’s win over Ateneo. 🙂

Elbert’s Steak Room
Unit 3A, Sagittarius Building II
111 HV de la Costa Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines 1227
Telephone: +632 339-3363

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P.S.This definitely beats the Foie Gras Burger of Lusso… What’s the ultimate burger for you?

14 thoughts on “Chef Adrian Cuenca’s Bone Marrow and Truffles Burger!

  1. Caption for Spanky’s drooling photo: LUST at first sight! At least the burger still came from a mammal! Just kidding…..

  2. Did the burger come with the blue cheese sauce or the cambozola sauce? Not sure if Chef Adrian finalized what sauce he wanted to match the burger with.

  3. How big is the burger(the weight, thickness and width)? What is the cambozola sauce? The interiors seem “stuffy”.

  4. Hi Anton. Thanks for posting this.
    The burger comes with a cambozola sauce which I basically copied from Gaita Fores’ burger at Lusso. Cambozola is a cheese that is a combination of camembert and gorgonzola. I water the cheese down with some milk so it won’t be too overpowering. I haven’t really finalized which cheese/sauce I should accompany it with. A Chef who tried it commented that the sauce was a bit overpowering and didn’t mix well with the truffle sauce that was stuffed with it. She recommended a sharp cheese like manchego. I tried using provolene which was good too. In its present form, it will still come with a cambozola sauce so at least the eater has an option of adding it.
    The burger is 200 grams, 30 grams of which is bone marrow which was soaked in salt water brine for at least 48 hours. I use the end cuts of our tenderloin which is usda select grade. The meat is hand chopped. The thickness is around 1 inch, the width is 4 inches.
    Another reason why its off menu is because I’m afraid people will start ordering it well-done if they see it on the menu. I cannot serve the burger well done for obvious reasons.

  5. Holy smoke! Looking at those pictures makes me ‘lust’ for that burger! Looks juicy and oh so yummy. I would definitely ask my boyfriend to have one of our little dates there at Elbert’s!

  6. I saw those two very clean plates and also two happy faces at your table, Anton. Thanks for telling the story that preceded that image.
    It was also my first time to try the burger and I just had one bite because it was not my order. The one who ordered it also had a very content smile after eating it. I like the hint of truffles which I could not make out initially. I thought it was the bone marrow that was just extra flavorful. I agree that the flavors all blended well. I did not find the cheese sauce though and I would think it would be perfect even without it.
    The size maybe just enough for a man but I think the women are more faint-hearted and would find it too large to finish in one sitting. But I don’t think that is a bad thing at all. We appreciate generous portions.
    The praises are not because I related to the chef. Believe me, we are harsh critics with our own, so this is really sincere.

  7. Correction: *I am related.
    But sorry I don’t agree with the victory of La Salle over Ateneo. Adrian would though. 🙂

  8. I had the same burger myself, and sister or not, I would declare that it was the BEST burger I have ever eaten! 🙂 Being a sister though, I have tried previous versions of Aids’ bone marrow burgers and I really must say, this one surpasses them all.
    I’ve heard someone say this was like eating a steak… I would say it’s even better than that. The bone-marrow and truffle flavour makes all the difference. The cheese sauce was unnecessary in my opinion, but it also provided a nice “change” to the flavour every once in a while. I think I only dipped into it about 4 times.
    I finished about 85% of the burger on my own, so ladies who might think it’s a bit too much to finish, make sure you are sitting with big-eaters as companions and I’m sure it won’t be a problem finishing off the plate!

  9. Janine, there's next time naman for Ateneo to prove themselves 🙂 Nice seeing you in Elbert's and thanks for the wonderful comment! I didn't know that you are related…

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